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Families covered: Sterne of Barkway, Sterne of Elvington, Sterne of Malton (Malden), Sterne of Mansfield, Sterne of Nuthamsted, Sterne of Orwell, Sterne of Stokequi, Sterne of Woodhouse, Sterne of York

FMG does not give a coat of arms for this family but 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p215), which provides some support for the following, shows an undescribed coat of arms which looks the same as that of the family shown in the next section below except that the chevron appears not to be engrailed.
Simon Sterne of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
m. (22.09.1591) Margery Walker (dau of Gregory Walker (or Waller) of Mansfield, m1. Charles Cartwright of Mansfield)
1. Gregory Sterne of Mansfield & Worksop
  m. (31.10.1654) Ann Cromwell
  A. Susan Sterne (d 18.08.1674)
2. Richard Sterne, Archbishop of York (bpt 10.04.1597, d 18.06.1683)
  m. Elizabeth Dickenson (b c1621, d 06.03.1674, dau of Edward Dickenson of Farnborough)
  A. Richard Sterne of York & Kilvington (bur 29.01.1715)
  m. (c 02.1666-7) Mary Loveland (bur 29.03.1724, dau of Joseph Loveland)
B. William Sterne of Mansfield
  m. Frances Cartwright (dau of William Cartwright of Normanton)
  C. Simon Sterne of Elvington & Woodhouse (bur 17.04.1703)
  m. Mary Jacques (dau of Sir Roger Jacques of Elvington by Margery, dau of Laurence Rawden)
  i. Richard Sterne of Elvington & Woodhouse (b c1680, d 09.10.1732)
  m1. (16.11.1703) Dorothy Priestley (dau/heir of Thomas Priestley of Halifax, relict of Samuel Lister of Shipden Hall)
  a. Richard Sterne of Elvington & Woodhouse (b c1707, d 14.11.1744)
  'The Pedigree Register' shows that., in 1734, Richard was due to marry Mary Swain. FMG, which generally provides more details on the family, shows that he had the following family.
  m. Ann (or Mary) Thompson of Bradford
  (1) Richard Sterne (bpt 28.02.1738-9, bur 05.10.1791)
  m. Mary Waine of Beverley
  (2) Mary Sterne (bpt 21.08.1735, bur 18.03.1745)
  b. Mary Sterne (b 04/7.08.1704, dsp bur 05.09.1786)
m. (18.12.1739) Thomas Pulleyne of Burley
  c. Anne Sterne (b 21.09.1705, d unm bur 10.04.1738)
  m2. (09.09.1714) Esther Booth (dau of Timothy Booth)
  d. Timothy Sterne of Woodhouse (b c1719, d 11.12.1746)
  m. Ann Wigglesworth
  e. Frances Sterne (d 1801)
  m. (13.08.1734) Jeremiah Rawson of Bradford
  f. Dorothy Sterne
  m. William Lister of Shipley
  (1) William Lister (b c1739, d 1756)
  (2) Dorothy Lister (b c1740, d 1814)
  m1. Samuel Lister of Horton (d 1769)
  m2. (14.04.1779) Richard Hodsden of Bradford & Woldingham
  (A) Frances Hodsden
  m. George Carroll of Macduff, co. Wicklow
  ii. Roger Sterne (d 03.1731 in Jamaica)
  m. (25.09.1711) Agnes (dau (or dau-in-law or step-dau) of _ Nuttle, widow of Captain Herbert)
  a. Laurence Sterne (b 24.11.1713, d 18.03.1768, priest & author)
  m. (30.03.1741) Elizabeth Lumley (bpt 13.10.1714, d 01.1773, dau of Rev. Robert Lumley of Bedale (by Lydia, dau of Anthony Light of London), widow of Thomas Kirke of Cookridge)
  (1) Lydia Sterne (b/bpt 01.10.1745, bur 02.10.1745)
(2) Lydia Sterne (b/bpt 01.12.1747)
  m. (28.04.1772) Alexander Arme De Medalle (d c1773)
  b. Mary Sterne (b 10.07.1712)
  m. _ Wemans
  b.+ other issue - Joram (b 1715, d 1719), Anne (b 23.09.1719, d c1722), Devijeher (b 1720, d c1723), Susab (d infant?), Catherine (b 1724)
  iii. Jaques Sterne (d 09.06.1759, precentor of York)
  m. Catherine Goodrick (b c1679, d 2601.1741, dau of Sir Henry Goodrick)
  iv. Mary Sterne
  v. Elizabeth Sterne
  m. _ Palliser (Colonel) ## see here ##
  vi. Frances Sterne
  m. (10.08.1715) Rev. G. Fairfax
  a. George Fairfax
  m. Emma Loddington
  b. Cecil Jaques Fairfax
  D. John Sterne (cleric) had issue in Ireland
  m. Anne Gilbert
  E.+ 9 others including Anne (b c1652, bur 25.03.1669)
3. Simon Sterne



(1) Visitation describes the coat of arms of the following family as: "Or, a chevron engrailed between three crosses flory sable".
(2) "descended of Sterne of Stapleford (Cambridgeshire)" was ...
Henry Sterne of Stokequi, Cambridgeshire
1. William Sterne of Stokequi (a 01.1554)
  m. Emme Ransford (dau of Robert Ransford of Yorkshire)
  A. John Sterne of Stokequi (a 1619)
  m. Rachell Pamplin (dau of William Pamplin of Hartford)
  i. Edward Sterne of Stokequi
  m. Anne Grange (dau/heir of Thomas Granfe of Swaffham Bulbeck)
  a.+ issue - John, Thomas, Edward
ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Edward
  B. William Sterne
  i.+ issue - John, William
  C. George Sterne
  D. Margaret Sterne
  m. William Tompson
  E. Bridget Sterne possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Ventris of Witlesford (a 1619)
2. Robert Sterne
  A. John Sterne of Stokequi
  m. Rose Wolstan or Wilson of Stokequi
  i. George Sterne of Cartling (a 1619)
  m1. Drakes Hughes (dau of David Hughes)
  a. Margaret Sterne
  m2. Elizabeth Rowse (dau of Martyn Rowse of Cambridgeshire)
  b.+ other issue - Henry, George, John, Edward, Grace
  ii. Henry Sterne of Cambridge
  m. E;ianor Anger
  a.+ issue - John, William, Elizabeth, Dennis, Rose, Allice
  B. William Sterne



Visitation describes the coat of arms of the following family as: "Or, a chevron sable between three crosses flory of the last".
John Sterne of Melborne
m. Lucy Harvye (dau of Nicholas Harvye)
1. William Sterne of Malton (Malden), Cambridgeshire
  m. Frances Caldecott (dau of William Caldecott)
  A. Robert Sterne of Malton
  m. Beatrice Bolnest (dau/heir of _ Bolnest of Knesworth)
  i. Thomas Sterne of Orwell, Cambridgeshire
  m. Mary Pratt (dau/heir of _ Pratt of Meldreth)
  a. Thomas Sterne of Orwell (a 1639)
  m. Mary Clarke (dau of Rev. Gosselyn Clarke of Meldreth)
  (1)+ issue - John, Frances
  ii. Edward Sterne of Hodsdon or Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire (a 1634, draper, youngest son?)
  Edward is reported in Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Sterne of Hoddesdon') as having arms as: "Or, a chevron between three crosses patonce Sable".
  m. Mary Blackman (dau of Richard Blackman, widow of William Pedley)
a.+ issue - Robert, Frances
  iii. Frances Sterne
  m. John Layer of Shepreth
  iv.+ other issue - William (Captain), Robert, John (a 1639, Colonel)
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - Clement, Alexander, Anne
2. Thomas Sterne of Meldreth, Cambridgeshire
  m(1). _ Hagger (dau of John Hagger of Boune)
  A. Catherine Sterne
  m. Sir William Ayloffe, Bart (b 1563, d 1627)



The following branch of the family is reported in Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Sterne of Hoddesdon') as having the same arms as Edward of Hoddesdon above. CountyGen (Hertfordshire, Berry, p227) identifies the following John as "descended out of Cambridgeshire".
John Sterne of Barkway, Hertfordshire
m. Elizabeth Felton of Suffolk
1. William Sterne of Barkway (bur 16.06.1594)
  m. Bridgett Gill (dau of George Gill)
  A. William Sterne
  B. Francis Sterne of Barkway (a 1634)
  m. Thomazin Gent (dau of William Gent)
  i. Barbara Sterne
  m. Richard Ward
  ii.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Catherin
  C. William Sterne of Nuthamsted
  m. Mary Halfhead (dau of Richard Halfhead)
  i. William Sterne of Nuthamsted
  m. Sarah Goff (dau of Christopher Goff of Essex)

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