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Families covered: Sylyard of Chiddingstone, Seyliard (Sylyard) of Delaware

Ralf de la Seyliard (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Martyn de la Seyliard
2. Richard de la Seyliard
  m. Mawde de Hever (dau/heir of Hugh de Hever of Hadmoden)
  A. Richard de la Seyliard of Hadinden (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  m. Jone Norwood (dau of Roger Norwood of Shepey)
  i. Elizens de Seyliard
  m. Alis Whitinge (dau of Richard Whitinge)
  a. Isabel de Seyliard
  m. Symond de Hedynden
  ii. William de la Seyliard
  m. Isabel Le Brune (dau of Richard Le Brune)
a. Robert Seyliard (3rd son)
  m. Margaret Burgherst (dau of William Burgherst in Surrey)
  (1) Gilbert Seyliarde
  m. Christian Stanford (dau of Richard Stanford)
  (A) William Seyliarde
(i) John Seyliarde of Seyliard in Hever, Kent, later of Delaware (a c1400)
  BEB1841 identifies John (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413) as the ancestor of the Baronets of Delaware, reporting that he acquired that estate through marriage with Eleanora, only dau/heir of William Paulin. Visitation names her ...
  m. Christian Pawyln (dau/heir of William Pawlyn of Delaware by Christian More)
  (a) John Seyliard
  ((1)) John Seyliard
  ((2)) Peter Seyliard
  ((A)) Isabel Seyliard
  m. William Darkenhell
  (b) Robert Seyliard
  m. Elinor Gabriell (dau/heir of Henry Gabriell)
  ((1)) John Seyliard
  ((A)) John Seyliard - continued below
  m. Margaret Mysell (dau of Thomas Mysell)
  (2)+ other issue - Robert, Symon
  b.+ other issue - John, Richard
  iii. John de la Seyliard



John Seyliard - continued above
m. Margaret Mysell (dau of Thomas Mysell)
1. John Seyliard
2. John Seyliard (2nd of that name)
  m. John Thebault (dau of John Thebault)
A. John Seyliard
  m. _ Frankelyn (dau/heir of Richard Frankelyn)
  i. William Seyliard of Delaware (in Bradsted, Kent) (a 1574)
  Visitation ends with this generation. It is a presumption that William, identified by Visitation as 'of Delaware', was father (possibly grandfather) of the following Thomas but it is noted that BEB1841 reported that the 1st baronet was lineally descended from the above-mentioned John Seyliard who married the heiress of Delaware. Although the next then mentioned by BEB1841 was the 1st baronet, TCB identifies his parents as ...
a. Thomas Seyliard or Sylyard of Delaware in Bradsted, Kent
  m. Elizabeth Beaumont (dau of Francis Beaumont of Grace Dieu)
  (1) Sir John Sylyard of Delaware & Chiddingstone, 1st Bart of Delaware (b c1613, bur 19.12.1667)
  m. Mary Glover (bur 25.10.1685)
  (A) Sir Thomas Sylyard, 2nd Bart of Delaware & Chiddingstone (b c1648, bur 04.05.1692)
  BEB1841 identifies Sir Thomas's first wife as Frances, dau of Sir Francis Wyatt of Boxley, but TCB identifies her as ...
  m1. (mcrt 12.1670) Frances Wyatt (b 1650-1, bur 12.06.1686, dau/heir of Henry Wyatt of Boxley Abbey (son of Sir Francis Wyatt of Boxley) by Jane, dau of Sir Edward Duke of Capington
  (i) Sir Thomas Sylyard, 3rd Bart of Delaware (b c1673, bur 11.01.1700/1)
m. (by 1696) Elizabeth Fortescue (dau of Sir Sandys Fortescue of Fallapit by Elizabeth Lenthall)
  (a) Sir Thomas Sylyard of Boxly, 4th Bart (bpt 25.07.1700, bur 23.09.1701)
  (ii) Eleanor Sylyard or Seyliard (b 1682-3, d 04.05.1726) probably of this generation
  m. Robert Paynter (b 1676-7, d 18.08.1731)
  m2. (by 1690) Margaret Wharton (dau of Philip, Lord Wharton, relict of Major Dunch of Pusey)
  (B) Jane Sylyard probably of this generation
  m. (1667) Ralph Petley of Riverhead (b 1645, d 25.07.1704)
  B. William Seyliard
  m. John Todde (dau/heir of Silvester Todde of Rutland)
  C. Nicholas Seyliard (4th son)
  Visitation ends with this generation but this may possibly be the Nicholas Suliard of Bradsted shown as first in Visitation (Kent, 1619, Suliard). Note that this is wholly speculative.
  i. Henry Suliard of Ightam
  m. Elizabeth Listed (dau of Edward Listed of Kent)
  a. Dorothy Suliard
  m. _ Draynor of Ightam
  b. Hester Suliard
  m. William Hodsole
  c.+ other issue - Henry of Ightam, John, Nicholas
  D.+ other issue - George, Thomas, Robert, Richard, Thomas

Main source(s): Visitation (Kent, 1574, Seyliarde) with input from TCB (vol III, Seyliard Sylyard or Suliard of Delaware), BEB1841 (Sylyard of Delaware)
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