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Families covered: Sydney (Sidney) of Stoke D'Abernon

Sir William Sydney
This is presumably the Sir William Sydney who is reported by BE1883 (Sydney) to have been Chamberlain to King Henry II (who r. 1154-1189). This pedigree is brought into doubt by TCP (Leicester) which reports: "The family descends from John de Sydenie, a Surrey yeoman, who lived on a farm at Alford in the reign of Edward I. When, however, Sir Henry, father of the first (Sydney) Earl of Leicester, instructed Robert Cooke, the "rascally King of Arms", to prepare his pedigree, such a descent was not thought fine enough, and various high-placed apocryphal ancestors were invented, beginning with a William de Sidne, Knight, in the service of Henry II, and continuing through a long line of knights whose existence was established by various grants and deeds which the ingenious but unprincipled Clarenceux forged." Consequently, the whole of this page should be viewed with some scepticism!
1. Sir Simon Sydney
  m. Margaret Deleamare
  A. Sir Roger Sydney (b 1239)
  m. Eleanor Soplan
  i. Sir Henry Sydney (b 1268)
  m. Maud D'Abernon
  a. Sir Henry Sydney (d 1306)
  m. _ Hussey (dau of Ralph Hussey)
  (1) Sir William Sydney
  m. Elizabeth Ashburnham
  (A) William Sydney
  m. _ d'Alteripa (dau of John d'Alteripa)
  (B) John Sydney (d infant)
  (C) John Sydney
  m. Helen Batisford
  (i) Sir William Sydney
  m. Joan Brockhall
(a) William Sydney 'of Penshurst'
  m. Alice Clumford
  ((1)) William Sydney
  m. Cecily Mitchell
  ((A)) William Sydney of Stoke D'Abernon (d 1454, MP)
'TUDOR' shows this William as having married Isabel then Thomasine as shown below but there may be some confusion between his wives and/or those of his father and/or his son (and/or another William Sydney or Sidney) as some other web sites show Elizabeth's mother as Elizabeth (sb Jane?) Norbury.
  m1. Isabel St. John (dau of John St. John)
  ((i)) William Sydney
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Sydney
  m. John Hampden of Hampden (d 24.08.1498)
m2. Thomasine Barrington
  ((iii)) Nicholas Sydney of Penshurst (d 1512)
  m. Ann Brandon (dau of Sir William Brandon)
  ((2)) Mary Sidney shown as of this generation by various web sites
  m. John Michelgrove of Michelgrove
  ((A)) Elizabeth Michelgrove
  m. John Shelley (d 03.01.1526)
  ((3))+ 3 daughters
  (b) John Sydney
  Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Apsley) supports the following but shows this John as brother of William "a quo Viscount Lesley" with both being sons of John Sidney by Margaret, dau of Robert Ore of Ore.
  ((1)) John Sydney of Alford, Surrey
  m. Isabel Payteuine or Patuine (dau of Richard Patuine)
  ((A)) Joan Sydney
  m. William Appsley
  ii. Simon Sydney
  iii. daughter
  m. Sir John Wales

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