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Families covered: Thicknesse (Thicknes) of Balterley, Thicknes of Beaumaris, Thicknesse of Farthinghoe, Thicknesse of The Oaks, Thyknes of Thyknes, Thicknesse-Touchet Lords Audley

Radulphus de Thyknes of Thyknes (b before 1250, Bailiff of Newcastle-under-Lyme)
m. Margaret de Bokenhale (dau of Thomas de Bokenhale)
1. Nicholas de Thyknes of Thyknes (d 1308)
  A. William de Thyknes (b c1296, a 1382)
  m1. Elizabeth de Corey (dau of W. de Corey of Weston Coyney)
  m2. Katherine de Swynnerton
  m3. Marjorie d'Audley
2. ?? de Thyknes
  Visitation shows the following James as son of Henry (of B.) son of Richard (of B.) son of Thomas.
A. James Thicknes of Balterley (a 1345)
  m. Elinor Tunstal (dau of _ Tunstal of Tunstal)
  i. Laurence Thicknes of Balterley (a 1385)
  m. Mary Rugdeley (dau of James Rugdeley)
  a. Ralph Thicknes of Balterley
  m. Elizabeth Swetenham (dau of Randle Swetenham or Swettenham of Somerford)
(1) Ralph Thicknes of Balterley (a 1422)
  m. Isabel Mainwaring (dau of Charles Mainwaring of Croxton)
  (A) Ralph Thicknes of Balterley
  m. Anne Barber (dau of Robert Barber or Barbour of Stafford Green)
  (i) Rawffe Thicknes of Balterley (bpt 07.06.1545)
  m. (1610) Catherine Wolferston (dau of Humphrey Wolferston of Statfold)
  (a) Ralph Thicknes of Balterley (bpt 08.09.1616, d after 1640) - continued below
  m. Margaret Middlemore (dau of Richard Middlemore of Whitley)
  (b) Frances Thicknes (b c1613, bur 1697) presumably the Frances who married ...
  m. Robert Middlemore of Stanton by Dale (b 1609/10, d 04.1660)
(c)+ other issue - Anne (b c1612), Catherine (b c1614)
  (ii) George Thicknes
  (iii) Mary Thicknes
  m. _ Molens (Archdeacon) duplication below? shown here by BLG1952
  (iv) Ursula Thicknes
  m. John Garnett of Audley
(v) Katharine Thicknes
  m. Thomas Chetham of Manchester
  (vi) Jane Thicknes possibly of this generation
  m. George Venables of Crewe
  (B) Robert Thicknes of Whittington, Staffordshire
  m. Anne Osbaldeston (dau of Osbaldeston of Chadlington)
  (i)+ issue - Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Susan
  (C) Thomas Thicknes of London had issue
  m. Elizabeth Michell of Devon
  (D) Catherine Thicknes married Anthony Chetwin, presumably ...
  m. Anthony Chetwynd of Rudge
(E) Elizabeth Thicknes
  m. _ Smith
  (F) Anne Thicknes
  m. Thomas Story of Litlehales
  (G) Elizabeth Thicknes
  m. John Mollins (archdeacon of London) duplication above? shown here by Visitation
  b. Robert Thicknes of Beamorrys (Beaumaris in Anglesey)
  (1) Rowland Thicknes of Beamorris (Beaumaris)
  m(1). ?? ## possibly Elizabeth Bulkeley?? ##
  (A) Rowland Thicknes of Bewmorris (Beaumaris)
  m2/p. ??
  (B) William Thicknes (Captain)



Ralph Thicknes of Balterley (bpt 08.09.1616, d after 1640) - continued above
m. Margaret Middlemore (dau of Richard Middlemore of Whitley)
1. Ralph Thicknesse of Balterley (b 1640)
  m. (1663) Bridget Egerton (dau of Sir John Egerton, 2nd Bart of Wrinehill)
  A. Ralph Thicknesse of Balterley and The Oaks (b 1663)
  m. Elizabeth Stockton (dau of Thomas Stockton of The Oaks)
  i. Ralph Thicknesse of Balterley and The Oaks (b 1693)
  m. Alethea Bostock (dau of Richard Bostock of Whicksale)
  a. Ralph Thicknesse of The Oaks (b 28.10.1718, physician)
  m. Dorothy Bostock
(1) Ralph Thicknesse of Beech Hill (d 06.10.1842)
  m. Sarah Woodcock (dau of John Woodcock of Newborough House)
  (A) Ralph Thicknesse of Beech Hill (d 22.08.1854) had issue
  m. Mary Ann Woodcock (dau of Thomas Woodcock of Newborough House)
  B. John Thicknesse (vicar of Farthinghoe)
  m. Joyce Blencowe (dau of Thomas Blencowe of Hayes)
  i. Philip Thicknesse of Farthinghoe (d 23.11.1792, Lt. Governor of Landguard Fort)
  m1. ??
  m2. Elizabeth Touchet (dau of James Touchet, Earl of Castlehaven)
  a. George Thicknesse, later Thicknesse-Touchet, 19th Lord Audley (b 04.02.1758, d 24.08.1818)
  m1. (19/21.05.1781) Elizabeth Delaval (d 11.07.1785, dau of Sir John Hussey Delaval, Lord)
  (1) George John Thicknesse-Touchet, 20th Lord Audley (b 23.01.1783, d 14.01.1837) had issue
  m. (18.04.1816) Anne Jane Donelly (d 18.08.1855, dau of Admiral Sir Ross Donelly)
  (2) John Thicknesse (d Copenhagen 02.04.1801)
(3) Elizabeth Susannah Thicknesse
  m. (11.1805) John Cossins
  m2. (02.05.1792) Augusta Henrietta Catherina Boisdaune (b c1762, d 04.1844, dau of Rev. Andrew Boisdaune)
  m3. (27.09.1762) Anne Ford (dau of Thomas Ford)
  b.+ other issue
  C. Frances Thicknesse
  m. Charles Fletcher of Balterley (Batterley)
  i. John Fletcher of Lichfield probably of this generation
  a. Mary Fletcher (coheir)
  m. John Muckleston of Merrington
  D. Elizabeth Thicknesse
  m. John Hough of Betley

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Thicknesse formerly of Beech Hill) with a little input from BE1883 (Touchet of Audley), TCP (Audley), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583+1614, Thicknes of Balterley)
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