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Families covered: Thornton of Brockhall (Brookhole or Brockhole), Thornton of Newnham (Newenham)

John Thornton of Newnham
m. Lettice Newnham (sister/heir of Thomas Newnham of Newnham (Newenham of Newenham))
1. ?? Thornton
  A. John Thornton of Newnham (Newenham) & Brockhall (Brockhole), Northamptonshire (b 24.06.1553, d 29.04.1632, of Lincoln's Inn) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. (03.12.1582) Elizabeth Acres (b 21.12.1564, d 27.08.1604, dau/coheir of Henry Acres of Chilvers Coton)
  i. John Thornton of Newnham (Newenham) & Brockhall (b 14.02.1588-9, d 15.10.1637)
  m. Anne Thornton (bur 08.03.1671-2, dau/coheir of Robert Thornton of Downham)
  a. John Thornton of Brookhall (Brockhole), Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b 04.01.1615-6, d 11.07.1692)
  m1. Hesther Prestley (dau of William Prestley of Esingdon (Prisly of Wildhill in Hatfield & Essenden))
(1)+ issue (d unm) - William (bpt 30.01.1646-7, d 17.11.1667), Samuel (bpt 28.10.1649, bur 22.10.1656), Anne (bpt 08.10.1648, bur 25.10.1650)
  m2. (12.10.1660) Mary Palmer (d 19.06.1713, dau of Edward Palmer of Stoke Doyle (Stoake Doily), widow of John Combes of Daventry)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Daniell (b 17.07.1662, d 02.03.1684-5), Stephen (b 13.01.1663-4, bur 08.04.1672)
  b. Samuel Thornton of London (bpt 13.05.1623, d 09.03.1695-6, 5th son)
  m. Frances Parsons (b c1627, d 29.12.1697, dau of Thomas Parsons of Milton)
  (1) Thomas Thornton of Brookhall, Sheriff of Northmptonshire (b 27.12.1654, d 28.10.1719)
  m. (01.12.1692) Elizabeth Ward (b 02.11.1674, d 04.121737, dau/heir of William Ward of Brafield-on-the-Green, m2. William Trimnell (Dean of Winchester))
  (A) Thomas Thornton of Brookhall (b 17.08.1698, d 15.03.1783)
m. (16.05.1722) Frances Lee (b 11.04.1704, d 09.08.1791, dau/heir of William Lee of Cold Ashby by Frances, dau of Robert Apreece of Washingley)
  (i) Thomas Lee Thornton of Brookhall (bpt 30.07.1726, d 22.01.1790)
  m. (23.04.1774) Mary Reeve (d 17.02.1811, dau of William Reeve of Melton Mowbray)
  (a) Thomas Reeve Thornton of Brookhall, Sheriff of Northmptonshire (b 14.02.1775, d 25.01.1862)
  m. (31.01.1799) Susannah Fremeaux (d 02.05.1846, dau/heir of Peter John Fremeaux of Kingsthorpe)
  ((1)) Thomas Cook Thornton of Brookhall (b 03.08.1801, d unm 26.03.1884, cleric, 2nd son)
  ((2)) William Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall & Tunbridge Wells (b 22.07.1806, d 20.05.1881) had issue
  m. (19.02.1846) Anne Georgiana Frances Anson (dau of Gen. Sir William Anson of Birch Hall, 1st Bart)
((3))+ other issue - John (d unm 15.11.1851), Edward of London, Maria, Eleanor
  (b) Lee Thornton of London (dsp 1862, 3rd son)
  m. (07.1833) Susannah Fellowes (dau of Robert Fellowes of Shottesham)
  (c)+ other issue - John (d unm 1856), Philip (d unm 09.07.1869, rector of Brookhall), Henry Thornton (d 1856, Lt. Colonel, had issue), Mary (d 09.01.1830), Lucy (d 12.02.1870)
  (ii) William Thornton (b 1728, d 1782, Major General)
  m. Mary Trimnell (dau/coheir of David Trimnell, Archdeacon of Leicester)
  (a)+ issue (d unm) - William of London (d 1841, Lt. General, MP), Robert 9d 1822, vicar of Cold Ashby & Weedon Beck)
  (iii) Frances Thornton (b 1731, d 1799)
  m. (02.03.1763) Robert Andrews of Harleston
  (B) Mary Thornton (b 24.09.1695, bur 13.6.172)
  m. (28.01.1716-7) Matthew Panting (d 12.02.1738-9)
  (C)+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 31.07.1693, bur 28.10.1693), John (bpt 21.02.1696-7, bur 02.05.1697), Elizabeth (bpt 07.12.1699, d 28.12.1737)
  (2) Ann Thornton (b 31.01.1656-7, bur 17.11.1722)
  m. (after 1680) Alexander Lorimer of London
  (3) Catherine Thornton (b 25.03.1660)
  m. John Combes (of the Middle Temple)
  (4) Elizabeth Thornton (b 26.06.1667, dsp 04.09.1689)
  m. (after 1680) John Travell (son of John of Northampton)
  (5) Rebeccah Thornton (b 27.01.1668-9, a 1697)
  m. John Man of London (a 1697)
  (6)+ other issue - Frances (b 18.03.1663, d 07.04.1664), Frances (b 01.11.1664, d 19.12.1664)
  c. Anne Thornton
  m. (15.10.1640) Thomas Flint (Serjeant-at-law, of Gray's Inn)
  d. Elizabeth Thornton (bpt 16.04.1626, d 27.12.1712)
  m. Daniel Dun of Garnish Hall (b 1722-3, bur 06.06.1712)
  e. Rebeccah Thornton (bpt 04.10.1633)
  m. George Tipping of Draycot
  f.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 26.01.1614-5, d unm bur 23.03.1637-8), Samuel (bpt 15.06.1617, d young), Robert (bpt 05.07.1618, d unm 24.04.1679), Joseph (bpt 27.03.1628, d young), Nathaniell (bpt 24.03.1630-1, bur 22.04.1641)
ii. Henry Thornton of London (b 15.03.1593-4, bur 10.02.1662-3, 3rd son)
  m. (1640) Elizabeth Hinde (bur 25.09.1652)
  a.+ issue - Elizabeth (bpt 23.10.1641, bur 02.11.1641), Anne (bpt 22.12.1642), Rebecca (bpt 11.07.1646)
  iii. Edward Thornton of London (b 11.09.1597, d c1637)
  m. (c02.1635-6) Margaret (widow of _ Colt of London)
  a. Anne Thornton
  m. Edmund Palmer of Coventry
  iv. Susan Thornton (b 16.02.1587-8, d 19.04.1655)
  m. (30.05.1607) William Bucknell of Creke (bur 02.12.1624)
  v. Hesther Thornton (b 07.07.1591)
  m. (31.05.1607) Edward Hart of Brill
  vi. Elizabeth Thornton
  m. (22.04.1634) Richard Thornton of Little Munden (b 1600)
  vii.+ other issue - Absolom (b 11.05.1590, a 1626, d unm), Mary (b 29.04.1585, bur 20.01.1635-6), Anne (b 22.06.1603, d unm bur 27.07.1629)

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Thornton of Brockhall'), Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681+additions, 'Thornton of Brockhall')
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