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Families covered: Thorpe of Ashwellthorpe, Thorp of Fundenhall, Thorp of Thorp (Norfolk)

(a) Thorpe is a common place-name, and hence a common family name, in the regions of England that formed part of the Danelaw. According to 'The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names' (4th Edition 1960, ISBN 0-19-869103-3), in Old Danish 'thorp' means "a smaller village, due to colonization from a larger one" but goes on to indicate that it was used often not so much for villages as "outlying, dependent farms belonging to a village".
(b) BHO reports that, soon after the Conquest, the manor of Thorpe belonged to ...
William of Norwich apparently father of ..
1. Roger
A. Sir Robert FitzRoger of Massingham-Parva, Thorp, etc. (d before 1209)
  m. Eda (a 1209)
  i. Sir Hugh (FitzRobert) of Massingham, Thorp, etc. the first mentioned by TCP
  a. Sir John (FitzRobert) de Thorp of Ashwellthorp (Thorpe), Fundenhall, etc. the first mentioned by Banks
  m. Margaret Creke (dau of Robert de Creke of North Creake & Combs, sister/coheir of Bartholomew)
  (1) Robert (FitzJohn) de Thorpe of Thorpe by Ashwell or Ashwellthorpe (d before 20.07.1304)
  m. Maud (d before 05.1316, possibly niece of Richard de Eye)
  (A) John de Thorpe of Ashwellthorpe, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk, 1st Lord (b c1270, d 15/6.05.1324)
  m1. Agnes
  (i) Robert de Thorpe, 2nd Lord (b c1294, d 08.04.1330)
  m. (before 1316) Beatrice de Hengrave (d 04.07.1361, dau of Thomas (probably not Edmund) de Hengrave by isabel)
  (a) John de Thorpe, 3rd Lord (b c1315, dsp 23.10.1340)
  m. Joan (a 04.1349, dau/coheir of Roger AtteAshe)
  (b) Edmund de Thorpe, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk, 4th Lord (b 29.08.1319, d before 12.05.1393)
  m1. Joan (dau of John Ashpod or Aspall)
  m2. (before 1343) Joan Baynard (d 1399/1400, dau of Robert Baynard of Colkirk and Gateley)
  TCP reports just one marriage for Edmund, to Joan Baynard, mother of Edmund. Visitation (Sussex, Echingham) shows 2 marriages: to Joan (dau/heir of John Ashpod), mother of Edmund, and Joane (dau of Thomas Bannard), mother of John and Elizabeth. Visitation (Norfolk, Tilney) shows just 1 marriage: to dau/heir of Sir John Aspall, mother of Edmund. The dates for Joan Baynard are as given by TCP, leading us to presume that any marriage to the other Joan must have been earlier.
((1)) Edmund Thorpe of Ashwellthorpe, 5th Lord (d before 31.08.1422)
  m1. (06.10.1368) Margaret de la Rivere (dau/coheir of Richard de la Rivere by Maud, sister/heir of John son of John le Breton of Sporley)
  m2. (c1387) Joan de Northwood (d 03.01.1414/5, dau/heir of John (probably not Robert or Roger) de Northwood, relict of Roger, Lord Scales)
  ((A)) Joan Thorpe
  m1. (sp) Sir Robert Echingham
  m2. Sir John Clifton of Old Buckenham (d 1447)
  ((B)) Isabel de Thorpe (d 10.11.1436)
  m. Philip de Tilney of Boston (d 30/1.10.1453)
  ((C)) Elizabeth de Thorpe (d before 01.1414/5)
  ((2)) John Thorpe
  m. Mary Argentyne (dau of Sir John Argentyne of Hallesworth)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Thorpe
  m. John Corbett of Aston
  ((A)) Sir Robert Corbett of Aston
  (c) William de Thorpe (Chief Justice) mentioned by Banks as probably of this generation
  (ii) George de Thorp mentioned by BHO
  m. Elizabeth
  m2. (after 12.11.1297) Alice (d before 1346, relict of Sir William Mortimer)
  (B)+ other issue - Richard, Alice

Main source(s): TCP ('Thorpe (of Norfolk)'), BHO (''An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', vol 5 (1806), 'Hundred of Depwade: Thorp') with some support from Banks 'Baronies in Fee' (vol 2 (1843), 'Thorpe', p142+)
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