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Families covered: Tilston of Huxley, Tilston of Tilston, Tylston of Whitchurch

John Tilston of Tilston, Cheshire
m. Ellen de Mulneton (dau of William de Mulneton by Dionysia, dau of John de Huxley)
1. Robert Tilston of Tilston
  A. Roger Tilston of Tilston (a 1448)
  m. _ Hulgreve
  i. Thomas Tilston of Tilston (a 1448)
a. Hugh Tilston of Tilston
  m. _ Hulgreve (dau of _ Hulgreve or Hulgrave of Hulgreve/Hulgrave Hall)
  (1) Richard Tilston of Tilston
  m. Ellen Bird (dau of _ Bird of Huxley)
  (A) Peter Tilston of Tilston & Huxley
m1. Ellen Aldersey (dau of Robert Aldersey of Aldersey)
  (i) Raffe Tilston of Huxley (d 1599)
  m. Katharine Bostock (natural dau/heir of Raffe Bostock of Huxley)
(a) Henry Tilston of Huxley (dsp 08.11.1613)
  (b) John Tilston of Northam, later of Huxley
  m. Mary Charleton (dau of Andrew Charleton of Appley, widow of Joshua Clive of Huxley)
  ((1)) Mary Tilston
  m. Jonathan Bruen of Bruen Stapleford (d 1676)
  ((2)) Hannah Tilston (bur 01.07.1694) possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Walthall of Wistaston (b c1619, bur 01.10.1691)
  (c)+ other issue (dsp) - Rowland (dvp?), Raffe of Huxley
  (ii)+ other issue - Richard, Hugh, Robert
m2. Jane Massey (dau of Robert Massey of Egerley)
  (v)+ other issue - Peter, Thomas, Paul
  partner unknown
  (2) John Tilston
  (A) John Tilston of Chester (d 1613, alderman)
  m1. Ann Aldersey (dau of Thomas Aldersey, Mayor of Chester)
  (i) Valentine Tilston (a 1613)
  m. Ellen Puleston (dau of John Puleston of Hafoddwern)
  (ii) Ann Tilston
  m. Edward Bruerton of Marchwiel
  (iii) Cicely Tilston
  m. Edward Owen of Wrexham
  m2. (sp) Cicely Jones (dau of Robert Jones of Chester)
  b. Robert Tilston
  m. Maude Bostocke (dau of Richard Bostocke of Huxley)
  (1) Thomas Tilston
  (A) Richard Tilston
  (i) John Tilston of Chester
  (2) Roger Tilston
  (A) Raffe Tilston of London
  (i)+ issue - Peter, John
  (B)+ other issue - John, Randell of London
  (3) Raffe Tilston of Newport, Salop
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, William, Thurston/Tristram, Raffe of Gouldston/Goldeston



John Tylston of Whitchurch & Chester (d 1699, MD)
m. Catherine Henry (dau of Rev. Philip Henry)
1. Thomas Tylston
  m. _ Holland
  A.+ issue - John (d unm), Maryr, Catherine (d unm)
2. John Tylston
  m. (1725) Elizabeth Colley of Churton Heath
  A. Elizabeth Tylston
m. Adam Lightbody
  i. Elizabeth Lightbody
  m. Thomas Hodgson of Liverpool
  a. Isaac Hodgson
  m. _ MacMurdo
  b. Adam Hodgson
  m. _ Champoly
  c. Elizabeth Hodgson
  m. J. Fletcher of Liverpool
d.+ other issue - Agnes, Mary
  ii. Elizabeth Lightbody (d 31.08.1812)
  m. (1781) John Pares of Leicester
  iii. Ann Lightbody (d 1828)
  m. Samuel Greg of Quarry Bank (son of ?? of Belfast)
  a. Robert (Hyde) Greg 'of Norcliffe Hall & Coles Park' (d 1875, 2nd son)
  m. (1824) Mary Philips (dau of Robert Philips of the Park)
  b. Elizabeth Greg
  m. _ William Rathbone of Liverpool
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Samuel, William, Mary Anne, Agnes, Sarah, Hannah Mary, Helen
  B. Ann Tylston
  m. William Mitchel
  C.+ other issue (d unm) - John, William
3.+ other issue (d unm) - Catherine, Hannah (a 1752), Mary

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 08.02.16) : FMG (vol 1, MS158, 'Tylston', p366)
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