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Families covered: Tristram of Bampton, Tristram of Belbroughton, Tristram of Brookfield, Tristram of Moorhall

Edward Tristram "of the Welsh Marchesm nr. Ludlow" (a c1472)
m. Filia or Filicia Talbot (dau of John Talbot of Grafton)
1. Richard Tristram
  A. Thomas Tristram of Oswaldtree near Ludlow
  i. Thomas Tristram of Belbroughton, Worcestershire (b 05.1580, d 19.12.1640, minister)
m1. Mary Vernon (dau of Rev. Richard Vernon of Hanbury)
  a. Richard Tristram of Belbroughton & Moorhall (b 19.05.1613, d 13.02.1691, rector of Belbroughton)
  m1. (1637) Anne Perrott (dau of James Perrott of Bell Hall)
  (1) Mary Tristram (b 1641)
  m. Roger Waldrom of Gildehouse in Welbroughton
  (A) Mary Waldrom
  m. (1692) William Tristram of Old Swinford @@ below
  m2. (1651) Anne Hemming (d 1668, dau/heir of John Hemming of Hanbury by Anne Yardley)
  (2) John Tristram of Moor Hall, Belbroughton (b 1658, d 1734)
  m. Elizabeth Nicholls (d 1708, dau/heir of Launcelott Nicholls of Alveley by Margaret, dau of George Shepheard of Bitterley)
  (A) John Tristram in London then Wocestershire (b 07.08.1679, d 1736, physician)
  m1. (1707) Maria Parker Eyre (dsp 1708, dau of Peter Parker Eyre of London)
  m2. (1716) Letitia Jones (d 1738, dau/heir of Thomas Jones of London & Chelsea by Hester, dau of John Stowe of Abbots Langley)
  (i) John Tristram of Moorhall, Sheriff of Worcestershire (d 1786)
  m1. Betty Bennett (d 1757, dau/coheir of Nicholas Bennett of The Breach in Belbroughton by Anne, dau of Thomas Baker of Borley)
  (a) John Tristram of Moorhall (b 1719?, d 786)
  m. Elizabeth Russell (d 1799, dau of John Russell of Greenwich & Rainham)
  ((1)) John Tristram of Moorhall & The Breach (b 1783, d 1824) had issue
  m. (1812) Sarah Wilbraham (dau of Richard Wilbraham of Cheshire)
  m2. Mary Gardner (widow of John Winnall)
  (b) Elizabeth Tristram
  m. George Scott
  (c) Mary Tristram
  m. Nathan Glover
  (ii) Matthew Tristram of Brookfield in Belbroughton & Stourbridge (b 1723, d 04.04.1796, rector of Barkston, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Bennett (d 1756, dau/coheir of Nicholas Bennett of The Breach, sister of Betty)
  (a) Thomas Tristram of Brookfield (d 04.04.1796, rector of Barkston)
  m. Louisa Barrington (d 1838, dau of Major General John Barrington, m2. Thomas Cooke)
  ((1)) Thomas Barrington Tristram (d 17.01.1838, Captain, 3rd son) had issue
m. (19.04.1825) Caroline Price (d 04.1862, dau of Rev. Robert Price, widow of Capt. Francis Baker)
  ((2)) Barrington Tristram had issue
  m1. (1822) Helen Bellasis (dau of Maj. Gen. John Bellasis of Dorset, widow of Henry Fawcett (MP))
  m2. (1841) Isabella Pruen (widow of James Fawcett)
  ((3)) Henry Baker Tristram (b 09.09.1795, vicar of Edlingham) had issue
  m. (1820) Charlotte Jocelyn Mary Smith (d 03.08.1830, dau of Thomas Smith by Mary, dau of John Hely-Hutchinson, Baroness Donoughmore)
  ((4)) Jane Tristram (b 16.01.1788, d 20.07.1871)
  m. (21.12.1813) Rev. Octavius Piers (d 23.02.1848, son of Sir Pigott William, 5th Bart)
  ((5))+ other issue - William Barrington (dsp 30.06.1807), Samuel Barrington (dsp 1812, Captain RN)
  (b) Anne Tristram
  m. Rev. Lloyd Baker of Boreley (cousin)
  (c) Catharine Tristram (d 1815)
  (iii) Esther Tristram
  m. Thomas Whippy of Belbroughton
  (iv) Letitia Tristram (dsp)
  m. Rev. _ Perkes
  (v) Catherine Tristram
  m. William Lea of Kingswinford
  (vi)+ other issue - Humphrey (dsp), Elizabeth
  (B) Thomas Tristram of Bewdley, Worcestershire (b 03.10.1682, dsp)
  m. (1717) Sarah Oakley
  (C) Elizabeth Tristram (b 29.10.1684)
  m. W. Winnal of Kingsford, Wolverley
  (D) Anne Tristram (b 18.10.1692)
  m. Humfrey Powel of Dardale in Belbroughton
  (E)+ other issue - Launcelot (b 31.08.1687, to Spain), George (b 25.03.1695), Richard (d young), William (d young), Margaret (d young)|
  (3) Anne Tristram
  m. Thomas Taylor of Winterford, Chaddesley Corbett
  (4) Elizabeth Tristram (b 1653)
m. John Perkes of Stoke Prior
  (5) Sarah Tristram (b 1657)
  m. Francis Pierce (vicar of Haleswoen, rector of Ruschock, schoolmaster of Hartlebury)
  (6)+ other issue - Richard, William, Thomas, Edward (had issue)
  m3. (1673) Rebecca (widow of Justice Russell of Birmingham)
  b. Thomas Tristram of Worcester (clothier)
  (1) Richard Tristram (a 1735, vicar of Feering & rector of Colne Waters in Essex)
  m. ?? Luckyn (dau of Sir William Luckyn, 1st Bart of Little Waltham)
  c. Elizabeth Tristram
  m. Henry Townshend of Elmley Court
  d. Frances Tristram (d young)
  m2. _ Blicke of Bromsgrove
  e. John Tristram of The Lydgate (physician)
  m. Margaret
  (1) Henry Tristram (d 23.06.1698, rector of Belbroughton)
m. (1686) Bridget White Lovett (dau of Emley Lovett)
  (A) Henry Tristram (d 1731, rector of Belbroughton)
  (B) Bridget Tristram
  m. Francis Severn (rector of Belbroughton)
  f. William Tristram (engineer)
  (1) William Tristram of Old Swinford, Stourbridge, Worcestershire
  m. (1692) Mary Waldrom (dau of Richard Waldrom of Gildehouse by dau of Rev. Richard Tristram) @@ above
  (A) William Tristram (b 1699, d 29.10.1755)
  m. Elizabeth Waldron (cousin)
  (i) Mary Tristram (b 1733)
  m. (20.08.1765) Thomas Lloyd
  (B) Thomas Tristram (b 1666, d 1723, rector of Allesley)
  m. Dorothy Dun (dau/coheir of Daniel Dun)
  (i) Thomas Tristram (d 1738, rector of Castle Combe, vicar of Hampton)
  (C) Elizabeth Tristram (bpt 19.01.1687)
  (D) Mary Tristram
  m. William Penn of Hardbrowe
  g. Andrew Tristram (vicar of Clent, later a physician)
  m. (1650) Alice Cox (dau/heir of William Cox of Clent Hall)
  (1)+ issue - Benjamin (vicar of Fillongley), Anne, Abigail, Rebecca
  ii. Matthew Tristram
  iii. Mary Tristram (a 02.01.1619)
  m. William Prestland of Prestland & Warley (bur 29.01.1606)
  B. John Tristram (a 1589, rector of Easton in Gordano, Somerset)
2. William Tristram (d 1537, rector of Quantock's Head, Somerset)
3. Edward Tristram in Devon (a c1507)
A. John Tristram of Bampton, Devon (d 1544)
  m. Magdalen (d 1547)
  The following is mostly supported by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Tristram of Bampton', p737).
  i. Stephen Tristram of Bampton
  m. Elizabeth Sidenham (dau of John Siderham (Sidenham) of Dulverton, sister of John of Dulverton, widow of Humphry Cruse)
  a. John Tristram of Dunall in Bampton (b 1556)
  m. Elizabeth Raymond (dau of Thomas Raymond of Chard)
  (1) John Tristram of Dunall in Bampton (b 1584) this generation omitted by Vivian
  (A) Henry Tristram (b 1607) had issue
  ii.+ other issue - Margaret, Grace

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Tristram formerly of Belbroughton')
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