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Families covered: Vassall in Jamaica, Vassall (Vassal) in Massachussetts, Vassall of Stepney

(1) Commoners reports that "The family of Vasall derives from the ancient house of "De Vassall, Barone de Gourdon, in Querci, Perigord" and starts with the following John. This family appears to have produced many descendants in North America, the West Indies, etc. so that there are several web sites which contain information on them, some spelling the family name with one 'L' rather than two. It is variously reported that the father of the following John sent John to England to escape religious persecution in France (or that his grandfather sent John's father who took John with him).
(2) This family gives us a bit of trouble in keeping to our constraint in only covering British & Irish families as some generations were based in North Amercia or the West Indies but later produced people who returned to the UK. As a result we show some people who lived in North America or the West Indies who we would normally exclude.
(3) The dates provided by different web sites are remarkably consistent with each other but some show dates of birth/death whilst others give the same dates as dates of baptism/burial. We recognise that it was common (but by no means done consistently) for babies to be baptised immediately after birth but it was less common for people to be buried on the same day as they died. We suspect that there has been some confusion. So as not to 'take sides' on this, we omit the exact day of births & deaths.
(4) Shown by at least one site as son of John (Jean) Vassall of Caen, Normandy, was ...
John Vassall of Ratcliffe in Stepney, Essex (b 1544, d 09.1625, alderman of London, to England from France)
m1. (25.09.1569, sps) Anne Hewes
m2. (04.09.1580) Anne Russell of Rattcliffe (d 05.1593)
1. Samuel Vassall of Stepney (b 06.1586, d 09.1667, alderman of London, 2nd son)
  m. Frances Cartwright (dau of Abraham Cartwright)
A. John Vassall (b c1625, d 07.1688)
  m. Anna Lewis (d 02.1719/20, dau of John Lewis of Genoa)
  i. Florentius Vassall (6th son?)
  At least one web site shows Florentius as son (by Sarah) of William son of John & Anna Lewis.
  m. Ann (either dau of _ Beckford or dau of Julines Herring of Jamaica)
a. Florentius Vassall in Jamiaca (b 1709, d 1776)
  m. (16.09.1729) Mary Foster (b 1713, dau of John Foster of Egham & Jamaica)
  (1) Florentius Vassal (b 04.1732, d 05.1732)
  (2) Richard Vassal 'of Jamaica' (b 1733, d 02.1785)
  m1. Elizabeth Brooks (b c1750, dau of Col. Christopher Brooks by Deborah Hay)
  m2. Mary Clarke (dau of Thomas Clarke of New York)
  (A) Elizabeth Vassal (b 1770, d 11.1845)
  m1. (26.01.1786, div) Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart (b 1719, d 1800)
  m2. (06.07.1797) Henry Richard Fox, later Vassall-Fox, 3rd Lord Holland (b 11.1773, d 10.1840)
  (3) Elizabeth Vassal (b 1734)
  m. John Barrington (b c1722, d 1764, Major General)
  (4) Anna Maria Vassal (b 1782, d 02.1836)
  m. William Rawsthorn Russell (of Barningham Hall?) (d before 1836)
  a. Bathsheba Vassall
  ii. Leonard Vassall (b 07.1678, d 06.1737, younger son)
  m1. Ruth Gale
  a. Lewis Vassall (b 08.1709, d 09.1743, 4th son) had issue in Massachussetts
  m. Dorothy MacQueen
  b. John Vassall (b 09.1713, d 11.1747, 7th son?)
  m1. (10.10.1734) Elizabeth Phipps (dau of Spencer Phipps by Elizabeth Hutchinson)
  (1) John Vassall of Boston (New England) then Charles Lodge (Wiltshire) & Bath (b 06.1738, d 10.1797)
  m. Elizabeth Oliver
  (A) John Vassall
  m. Elizabeth Athill
(i) John Vassall (dsp 23.03.1827)
  (B) Spencer Thomas Vassall (b 1766-7, d 07.02.1807, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (10.07.1795) Catherine Brandrigh Backhouse Evans (dau of Rev. D. Evans)
  (i) Spencer Lambert Hunter Vassall of Milford (Southamptonshire) & Jamaica (b 17.05.1799)
  (ii) Rawdon John Popham Vassall (Captain)
  (iii) Honora Mary Georgina Vassall
  m. Rev. E.P. Henslowe
  (iv) Catherina Spencer Alicia Beresford Vassall
  m1. Thomas Le Marchant Saumarez (son of James, Lord De Saumarez)
  m2. Eardley Wilmot Marshall (rector of Bury, Sussex)
  (C) Elizabeth Vassall
  m. John Gustavus Lemaistre
  (D) Marry Vassall (dsp)
  m. John Gyttins Archer
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas Oliver (dsp), Robert Oliver in Jamaica, Leonard (dsp)
  (3) Ruth Vassall (b 07.1737, d 01.1774)
  (4) Elizabeth Vassall (b 09.1739, d c1807)
  m. (11.06.1760) Thomas Oliver b 01.1733/4, d 11.1815, (son of Robert by Anna Brown)
  m2. (after 1739) Lucy Barron (dau of Jonathan Barron)
  (5) Lucy Vassall (b 11.1747)
  m. John Lavincount of Antigua
  c. William Vassall (b 11.1715, d 05.1800) had issue
  m1. Ann David
  m2. Margaret Hubbard
d. Henry Vassall of Cambridge (Massachussetts) (b 12.1721, d 1769, Colonel) had issue (1 dau)
  e. Anna Vassall (b 01.1706/7, d 02.1729/30)
  m. (02.01.1728/9) Joseph Russell
  f. Ruth Vassall (b 08.1712, d 11.1770)
  m. (05.06.1734) Benjamin Stedman
  g.+ other issue
  m2. (16.04.1734) Phoebe Penhallow (dau of Samuel Penhallow of Portsmouth, widow of Thomas Grosse, m3. Thomas Greaves of Charlestown, m4. Francis Borland)
  h. Anna Vassall (b 04.1735)
  m1. (1749-50) John Borland (son of Francis by Jane Lindall)
  m2. (1784) Wiliam Knight of Portsmouth
  iii.+ other issue - John, William, Lewis, Samuel, son
  B.+ other issue - Francis, William, Henry, Samuel
2. William Vassall (b 08.1592, d 07.1655 in Barbados)
  m. (09.06.1613) Anne King (b 12.1592, d 04.1670, dau of George King by Jean Lorran)
  A. John Vassall
  At least one web site shows this John as the one who married Anne Lewis and was father of Florentius, Leonard, etc.. We follow Commoners and other web sites in showing that the John who did that was his cousin, shown above as son of Samuel.
  B. Judith Vassall (b 1619, d 04.1670)
  m1. Edward Winslow
  m2. Resolved White (son of William by Susannah)
  C. Frances Vassall (b 1623, d 1670)
  m. James Adams (b 1622-7, d 01.1652/3, son of John by Ellen Newton)
  D. Ann Vassall (b 1628-9, d before 1655)
  m. (07.1655) Nicholas Ware (b 1629, d 06.1662, son of Peter by Mary Hicks)
  E. Margaret Vassall (b 1633, d 04.1656)
  m. (25.04.1656) Joshua Hubbard or Hobart (b 1629)
  F.+ other issue - Samuel (b 06.1624, d 11.1624), William and/or John, Anna (b/d 09.1614), Mary (b 06.1624, d young?), Mary (b c1634)
3. Judith Vassall (b 03.1582, d 04.1625)
  m. John Freeborne
4.+ other issue - John (b 04.1584, d 10.1585), John (b 03.1588/9, d 08.1591), Ann (b 1594)
m3. (23.05.1594) Judith Borough (dau of Stephen Borough of Stepney (by Joan Overye), widow of Thomas Scottt of Colchester)

Main source(s): various web sites with some support/input from Commoners (vol I, Vassall of Milford)
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