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Families covered: Kings/Lords of Gwent, Family of Llanfoist, Price of Llanfoist

Ynir, King of Gwentland
|(1) Siddons identifies Ynir as "paternally descended from Ynir, the second son of Holy Kydwaladir (Cadwaladr), King of the Britains, which Kydwaladir built Abergevennt and the castle thereof." This Ynir may have lived in the 11th century as his wife's possible brother-in-law, Rhys, Prince of South Wales, died in 1093.
(2) It appears that there are inconsistencies as to the number of generations shown for some of the lines given below. For example, the date of death given for William Price of Llanfoist (by 1635) appears to be inconsistent with the fact that 6 generations below Arnhalt (al Gwilim ap Meiric), shown below, was Sir Nicholas Arnold (b c1509, d 13.04.1580).
m. Nest (dau of Jestin ap Gwrgan, King of Glamorgan)
1. Meirick, King of Gwentland
  m. Elinor (dau of Ednived ap Jorwerth "of the House of Trevor")
  A. Ynir Vichan, King of Gwent
  m. Gladice (dau of Rees Goch ap Maenerch of Ystradyw)
  i. Caradoc, lord of Gwent
  m. Nest (dau/heir of Sir Rydhereck le Gros)
  a. Gwarin
  m. Joan (dau of Griffith Gethin)
  (1) Sir Foulk FitzWarin of Drewen
  Siddons notes "This is incorrect. The Fitzwarins were of Whittington from before 1170 ... Their ancestor Warin is said to have come from Metz."
  (2) Jorerth of Llanfoyst, Monmouthshire
  m. Annest (dau/coheir of Howell ap Maradoc (Maredudd) ap Cradoc ap Jestin)
  (A) Hoell of Llanfoist
  m1. Joan (dau/heir of Howell ap Rees ap Griffith of Anglesey "said to descend from Hwfa ap Cynddelw")
  (i) Griffith of Llanfoist
  m. Gwyrvill (dau of Jevan ap Rees ap Kynelhin ap Rees Goch)
  (a) David of Llanfoyst
  m. Margaret (dau of Watkin ap Henry)
  ((1)) Gwilim of Llanfoist
  m. Gwenllian (dau of John ap Rosser of Llanfrynach (not Llanvihangell) "descended of Brychan")
  ((A)) Thomas
  ((i)) Howell
  ((a)) William
((B)) Jenkin
  m. Nest (dau of Rees ap David Goch)
  ((i)) Rees of Llanfoist
  m. Jane (dau of John ap Thomas of Court, "descended of Eenon Sais"))
((a)) William Prise (ap Rees) of Llanfoist
  m. Anne (dau of Thomas Bodenham of Roderwas (Rotherwas))
  (((1))) William Price of Llanfoist (d by 1635)
  m2. Jane (dau of Hoell ap Rees ap Gwillym of Brychan (Brycheiniog))
  (ii) Hoell
  (a) Gwenllian
  m. Gwilim ap Jenkin of Werndhuy
  (iii) Jevan - continued below
  m. Gladice (dau of Owen Gethin)
  b. Dyfnwall, lord of Gwent
  m. Joyes (dau of Hamlet ap Sir Drue, Duke of Balladon in France)
  (1) Sytsylht
  m. (dau/heir of Sir Peter Russell of Kentchurch)
(A) Arthen
  m. Jane (dau of Llewelin ap Moreidhec (Moreiddig) Warwyn of Cantrselyn (Cantref Selyf))
  (i) Meiric (Meirick)
  m. Annest (dau of Cradoc ap Einionap Golhwyn)
  (a) Owen (ap Meircik ap Arthan)
  (b) Gwillim
  m. Jane (dau/coheir of Yvor ap Syssylht, lord of Llys Tal y bont)
  ((1)) Arnhalt (ap Gwilim ap Meiric)
  Siddons places "q." in front of the entry for Arnhalt which we presume means that showing him as son of the above Gwilim (ap Meiric) is likely but has not been fully proven.
  m. Jonet (dau of Philip Fleming)



Jevan - continued above
m. Gladice (dau of Owen Gethin)
1. Jevan (Vychan)
  m. Margaret (dau of Llewlin ap Jevan of Radyr)
  A. George
  m. Jane (dau of Griffith ap Rees ap Gwillim "of Ynir King of Gwentland")
  i. Griffith
m. Ellen (dau of Llewelin ap Hoell Hen)
  a. Gwillim
  m. Jane (dau of Jevan ap Gwilim Gunter)
  (1) David
  m. Lucy (dau of John Havard Her)
  (A) David (Vychan)
  m. Joan (dau of Jevan ap Morgan ap Sir David Gam)
  (i) Jenkin
  m. Margaret (dau of Jevan ap Jevan Vychan)
  (a) David
  m. Krisby (dau of Hugh Kemes son of William Kemes)
  ((1)) Jenkin (a 1683?) had issue
  m. Blanch (dau of William ap John ap Jenkin Lloyd)

Main source(s): Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (1996, 'Visitations by the Heralds in Wales'), Monmouthshire, 1683, 'Arnold', p199+)
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