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Families covered: Walleys of Glynde

The name 'Walleys' (possibly derived from Galleius, with many variations such as Walleis & Wallis) is believed to imply that this family originated in either Wales or the Cymbric (Cimbric) kingdom of Strathclyde which at one time covered much of the middle-western half of Great Britain. 'The Archives', referred to below, provides a generation before the first mentioned by Visitation or Berry, being the following Robert. We have yet to obtain 'a feel' for the reliability of that archive and so show entries that come solely from that source in italics.
Robert Waleys (Walensis) in Sussex (a 1171) possibly father of ...
1. Sir Richard Walleys of Glynde & Buxted, Sussex
  m. Dyonise, heiress of Glynde (m2. Ralph Ardern)
  A. Sir Godfrey Waleys of Glynde, (West) Tarring & Patching (Sussex) & Thanington & Newenden (Kent) (a 1210, 1233)
  Godfrey and his son Godfrey are mentioned by 'The Archives' but not by our other sources.
  i. Sir Godfrey Waleys of Glynde (d c1267)
  m. Joan le Sauvage (dau of Robert le Sauvage)
  a. Sir Richard Walleys of Glynde
  m. Joan Gates (dau of Thomas Gates of Newenden, m2. Robert de Sevaunz or Septvans)
  (1) Sir Richard Walleys of Glynde (dsp) named Sir John by Berry who shows a Sir Richard in the next generation
  (2) Sir Godfrey Walleys of Glynde
  Visitation & Berry show just one wife for Godfrey, Margaret Bassingbourne, shown as mother of John. Provisionally we follow 'The Archives' which identifies Margaret as the 2nd wife, with the 1st wife (and mother of John) being ...
  m1. _ Tregoz (d by 1305, dau of Sir Henry Tregoz)
  (A) Sir John Walleys of Glynde, Sheriff of Sussex & Surrey (d 1375)
  Visitation shows 2 wives for John, Nichol Metsted (mother of Andrew & William) & Allic Aspell (mother of Richard) but does not say which came first, albeit indicating that William was "of Glynde" so was likely to have been older than. Berry shows m1. Alice Aspale, m2. _ Helsted, with the latter being mother of William. Provisionally we follow Visitation which is supported by 'The Archives' in showing the marriages as follows.
  m1. Nicole Medestede (dau of Sir Andrew Metsted of West Firle possibly by dau/heir of Augustine de Bale)
  (i) (Sir) Andrew Walleys (dsp 1378)
  (ii) Sir William Walleys of Glynde, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (d 1409)
m. Margaret St. Clere (dau of John St. Clere of East Grinstead)
  (a) John Walleys of Glynde (d 1418)
  m. Joane Turke (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Turke of Aspendon by Beatrix, sister of Thomas (vicar of Mildenhall) & Edward, dau (by Isabel Cobham) of Sir Edward Kendal son of Sir Robert (by _ Bond) son of Sir Jordan (by _ Colvill))
  ((1)) John Walleys of Glynde (dsp 1422)
  ((2)) Beatrix Walleys
  m. Reginald Cockayne of Hatley
  ((3)) Joan Walleys
m. Nicholas Morley of Glynde
  ((4)) Agnes Walleys
  Visitation & Berry show Agnes as m. _ Bury of London. 'The Archives' provides the following:
  m1. John Burgh of London
  ((A)) Joan Burgh (d 1497)
  m1. Ralph Grey of Burnt Pelham (d 1492)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Grey
  m. Anthony Walgrave/Waldegrave of Feriers in Brewers
  m2. Edward Goldesborough of Cransley (a 1489, Baron of the Exchequer)
  m2. John Padyngton
  ((5)) Joyce Walleys
  m1. Robert Leventhorp of Sawbridgeworth
  m2. Robert Lee of Sussex
  (b) William Walleys
  ((1)) William Walleys of Glynde (dsp by 1460)
  m2. (1305) Alice Aspale or Aspell of Devonshire
  (iii) Richard Walleys
  (a) John Walleys in Devonshire
  (iv) Hugh Walleys
  (B)+ other issue - William, Thomas, Godfrey
  m2. Margaret Bassingbourne (dau of (Sir) John Bassingbourne of Hoddesdon)
  b.+ other issue - John, William, Thomas, Godfrey John shown as Richard's brother by Visitation & Berry but not mentioned by 'The Archives'
  ii. Agnes de Baddeby
  B. John Wallise

Main source(s): Visitation (Sussex, 1563+1613, Morley), CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p173+) with support from a schedule kindly provided to us by a contributor (OWC, 30.07.13) apparently based on 'The Glynde Place Archives' (referred to above as "The Archives")
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