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Families covered: Waltham of Brenton, Waltham of Kenn, Waltham of Trehill

Richard Waltham of Brenton in Exminster
m. Magelle Bowey (dau of Roger Bowey or Bowhay, sister/coheir of Gerens of Bowey, m2. John Ridgway)
1. George Waltham of Brenton
m. Janor Paddon of Kennt (widow of _ Whitborow of Dunchideock)
  A. John Waltham
  m. Elizabeth Stevens (dau/heir of Richard Stevens of Exminster)
  i. George Waltham of Brenton (d before 1632)
  m. (22.07.1581) Margerie Ball (dau of Giles Ball of Mamhead)
  a. John Waltham (bpt 13.04.1582, bur 23.10.1634)
  m. Bridget Geare (dau of John Geare of Kenne)
  (1)+ issue - Bridget, Elizabeth, Margerie
  b. Thomas Waltham (bpt 23.04.1585, d before 21.06.1656)
  m1. Elizabeth Helliar of Culliton (bur 09.06.1634)
  (1) George Waltham of Kenn (b c1617, bur 23.03.1650-1)
  m. Mary Northleigh (a 1655)
  (A)+ issue - Mary (a 1651), Johan (bpt 10.12.1640, a 1651), Elizabeth (bpt 30.09.1641, bur 12.10.1641), Elizabeth (bpt 10.07.1645, a 1651)
  (2) Thomas Waltham (b c1618, d 1655)
  (A) Mary Waltham
  (3) John Waltham (b c1619, bur 02.02.1652-3)
  m. (c07.1672) Catherine Ilbert (dau of Peter Ilbert of Buckfastleigh)
  (A) Katherine Waltham (bpt 17.09.1673)
m. (19.02.1689-90) William Savery of Slade
  (4) Susan Waltham (bpt 15.04.1621, a 1655)
  m. Thomas Eastchurch of Kingsteignton (a 1655)
  (5)+ other issue - Richard (a 1637, bur 12.05.1642), Elizabeth (b c1615, bur 31.07.1631), Joan (bpt 21.09.1623)
  m2. Agnes (a 06.1656)
  c. Richard Waltham 'of Sowton' of Trehill (bpt 30.09.1594, d 02.03.1636-7)
  m1. (01.09.1623) Dorcas or Katherine Geare (dau of John Geare of Kenne, widow of ?? Peard of Barnstaple)
  m2. (c08.1635) Joan Gilbert of Diptford (m2. Warwick Hele of Whitstone)
  (1) Richard Waltham (bpt 28.07.1636, bur 30.10.1637)
  d. George Waltham of Blackawton (a 1632)
  m. (c09.1617) Grace Langley of Kings Steignton (widow of John Hernaman of South Tawton)
  (1) Richard Waltham (a 1637, bur 28.12.1684))
  The following comes from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Waltham', p857 (in Addenda)).
  m. (16.10.1655) Mary Hawkins (d before 24.10.1691, dau of Thomas Hawkins)
  (A) George Waltham (bpt 17.08.1656, d before 1690)
  m. Jone
  (i) John Waltham (bpt 12.06.1682)
  m. (02.03.1709-10) Jone Sprot
  (a)+ issue - George (bpt 1711), John (bpt 1714)
  (ii) Miriam Waltham (bpt 30.04.1685)
  (B) Richard Waltham (bpt 16.01.1658-9, bur 09.01.1684-5)
  m. Margaret
  (i) Richard Waltham (bpt 12.05.1685)
  (a) Richard Waltham of Nether Stowey (d 04.10.1795)
  m. Ann
  ((1)) Thomas Waltham of Spaxton (bpt 12.06.1763, d 03.1847) had issue
  m. (03.01.1799) Sarah Hawkins
  ((2))+ other issue - Joan (bpt 06.03.1750, d 01.04.1781), Ann (bpt 07.09.1760)
  (ii) Mary Waltham (bpt 26.01.1680-1)
  (C) Thomas Waltham (bpt 17.01.1669-70, 4th son)
  (i)+ issue - Mary (bpt 030.1.1695-6), Jane (b 22.03.1702, bur 08.04.1714), Elizabeth (bur 11.04.1717)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 10.10.1666, d infant), John (bur 23.07.1685), Mary (bpt 08.07.1661, bur 25.03.1664), Elizabeth (bpt 12.07.1671, bur 23.07.1685)
  (2) George Waltham (a 1637)
  e. Anne Waltham
  m. John Wuosh or Coysh of Kenne
  f. Elizabeth Waltham (bpt 01.03.1583-4, a 1655)
  m. James Taylor of Pinhoe
  g. Catherine Waltham
m1. (10.10.1611-2) Otho Wheaton of Exeter
  m2. Thomas Samson of London
  h. Johanna Waltham
  m. (c07.1614) Thomas Vilvaine of Braod Clist
  i. Margerie Waltham (bpt 21.04.1598, a 1655)
  m. (after 1620) John Cowling of Washfield
  ii. Jeffrie Waltham, Mayor of Exeter (bpt 10.10.10558, d 26.04.1626)
  m. Katherine Dux or Duke (sister of Nicholas Duke (recorder of Exeter))
  a. Jeffrie Waltham (dsp 1620)
b. Elizabeth Waltham (a 1626)
  m1. Richard Belamy (Bellamy) of Exeter
  m2. James Tucker of Exeter (a 1632)
  (1) Richard Rucker (b c1618, a 1620)
  iii. Richard Waltham of Trehill in Kenn (bpt 09.08.1560, dsp 05.08.1632, recorder of Exeter)
  m1. Anne Longe (dau of John Longe of Axminster, widow of _ Reynolds of Exeter)
  m2. Elizabeth Southcott (dau of Thomas Southcott of Calverley, m2. John Bampfeild of Poltimore)
  B. Katherine Waltham (bur 19.02.1613-4)
  m. (17.10.1557) Phillip Westcott of Rodden (Raddon)
  C. Agnes Waltham
  m. William Verdure
  D. daughter
  m. William Fryer of St. Thomas

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Waltham of Trehill', p772) with support from 'A View of Devonshire' (Westcote, 1845 edition, p584)
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