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Families covered: Whiddon (Whyddon) of Chagford, Whiddon of Whiddon

_ Whiddon
m. _ Chagford (dau/heir of _ Chagford of Chagford)
1. Henry Whiddon of Chagford, Devon
  m. Jane Wray of London (heir)
  A. Richard Whiddon of Chagford
  i. Simon Whiddon of Chagford
  m. Margaret Wykes (dau of Richard Wykes of Coketry (Weeks of Cockatree))
  a. John Whiddon of Chagford
Westcote shows John as married to a dau of Rugge of Chalford and having a sister Joan, married to Joan Alford. Provisionally we follow Vivian who shows as follows but he may have confused 2 generations of Johns with brother & sister.
  m. Jone Alford
  (1) John Whiddon of Chagford
  m. _ Rugg of Chagford
  (A) Sir John Whiddon of Chagford (d 27.02.1575-6, judge)
m1. Ann Hollis (dau of Sir William Hollis)
  (i) Joane Whiddon
  m. John Ashley of London
  m2. Elizabeth Shilston (dau/coheir of William Shilston (son/heir of William by Constance, dau/heir of Thomas Wrey of Wrey (Wray of Wray)) by Alice, dau/heir of James Upcott son of John by Elizabeth, dau/heir of John Culley of Culley)
(ii) William Whiddon of Chagford (dvpsp)
  m1. Mary Langdon (dau of John Langdon of Keverell)
  m2. (19.07.1568) Eleanor Basset (dau of John Basset of Umberleigh, m2. Christhoper Chichester of Frithelstock)
  (iii) Edward Whiddon of Whiddon (of Chagford) (b c1537, bur 17.12.1598)
m. Anna (probably not Elizabeth) Chudleigh (dau of William Chudleigh, widow of James Coffin)
  (a) Sir John Whiddon of Chagford (b c1574, bur 06.11.1633)
  m. Blanch Ashford (bur 13.074.1629, dau of Roger Ashford of Ashford)
  ((1)) Roger Whiddon in South Tawton (b c1602, a 1641, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Jane ## see here ##
  ((2)) Margaret Whiddon (b c1599, bur 11.03.1673-4)
m. (c04.1628) Valentine Pomeroy
  ((3))+ other issue - William (b c1601, dsp bur 18.08.1638), John (b c1607, bur 06.03.1629-30), Elizabeth (b c1598, a 1630), Frances (b c1600, a 1630), Katherine (b c1604, a 1630)
  (iv) Francis Whiddon 'of Chagford' (d 25.04.1606, 4th son)
  m. Margaret Carew (a 1619, dau of Thomas Carrew of Haccombe, m2. Arthur Ayre or Eyre)
  (a) Oliver Whiddon of Sidbury (b c1584, d 06.12.1619)
m. (20.07.1607) Margaret Crymes (bur 24.02.1651-2, dau of William Crymes, widow of Arthur(not John) Coplestone)
  ((1)) Rowland Whiddon of Whiddon (b c1607, bur 07.06.1656)
  m. Frances Copleston
  ((A)) Margaret Whiddon (bur 30.07.1696)
  m. (20.08.1655) John Whiddon of Chagford @1@ below
  ((B)) Mary Whiddon (bur 11.05.1711)
  m. (14.06.1659) Edward Nosworthy (bur 29.09.1721, rector of Diptford)
((C)) Elizabeth Whiddon (bur 19.10.1689)
  m. (c08.1664) Rowland Whiddon of Ipplepen @2@ below
  ((D))+ other issue (a 1655) - Oliver (bur 24.04.1724), Francis (bur 08.09.1670)
  ((2)) Margaret Whiddon (bpt 10.09.1609)
  m. (31.01.1628-9) Robert Burgoyne
  ((3)) Mary Whiddon (d 04.10.1641)
  (b) Francis Whiddon (bpt 11.03.1591-2, d 05.01.1656-7, rector of Moreton Hampstead)
  m1. (11.09.1622) Anne Southmeade (dau of William Southmeade)
  ((1)) Anne Whiddon (bpt 19.10.1628)
  m. (30.07.1649) Rev. Robert Snowe
  ((2)) Margaret Whiddon (b 01.10.1630)
  m. (14.02.1653-4) John Lydstone (rector of St. Mellion)
((3))+ other issue - Francis (b 11.08.1625, bur 10.01.1633-4), John (b 08.12.1626, bur 22.12.1635), Mary (d 29.01.1656-7)
  m2. (c02.1634-5) Frances Haydon (dau of Gideon Haydon)
  ((6)) Francis Whiddon (b 19.09.1635, d 1679, vicar of Totnes)
  m1. (31.12.1659) Judith Allyn (dau of John Allyn of Plymouth)
  ((A))+ issue - Ffrancis (bur 31.08.1664), Thomas (bur 26.01.1671-2), Barbaa (bur 18.03.1677-8)
  m2. (22.01.1677-8) Joan Hayne (bur 31.12.1691, dau of John Hayne of Dartmouth)
  (c) Sir John Whiddon (bur 05.02.1685-6) - continued below
Sir John is shown alongside Oliver & Francis but is not connected. The inference taken is that he was possibly of this generation (but perhaps more likely of the next generation) but his exact connection to this family has not been proven other than through a reference, given in a note alongside his daughter Frances, that identifies Frances as cousin of Elizabeth, wife of her nephew Rowland Whiddon.
  (d) Jane Whiddon
  m. (31.01.1600-1) James Knapman
(e) Margaret Whiddon
  m. (31.08.1600) John Hore
  (f) Grace Whiddon
  m. (13.05.1611) Balthazar Ayre
  (g) Dorothy Whiddon
  m. (1610) Humphry Venner of Chittlehampton
  (h) Mary Whiddon
  m. (12.01.1607-8) Anthony Prowse
  (i) Susan Whiddon
m. John Hore (sb John Luxton of Brushford?)
  (v) Lawrence Whiddon (bur 17.07.1616) had issue
  m. Alice (bur 05.02.1631-2)
  (vi) Anne Whiddon
  m. Alexander Knapman (not Knapton)
  (vii) Mary Whiddon
  m. George Kelley of Spryton
  (viii) Alice Whiddon
  m. Thomas Dunning
  (ix) Margaret Whiddon
  m. (31.08.1564) Philip Howgood
  (x) Jane (Joan) Whiddon (a 1576)
  m. John Hooper
  (xi)+ other issue - Oliver (dsp 1580, archdeacon of Totnes), Nicholas (bur 17.05.1593, rector of North Bovey), Elizabeth, Earthe (a 1576)



Sir John Whiddon (bur 05.02.1685-6) - continued above
1. John Whiddon of Chagford
  A. John Whiddon of Chagford had issue
  m. (20.08.1655) Margaret Whiddon (dau of Rowland Whiddon) @1@ above
  B. Rowland Whiddon of Ipplepen (bur 04.12.1719)
  m1. (c08.1664) Elizabeth Whiddon (dau of Rowland Whiddon) @2@ above
  i.+ issue - Edward (bur 03.11.1673), John (a 1712), Rowland (a 1712), Elizabeth (a 1712)
  m2. Sarah Drake (a 1720)
2. Frances Whiddon (bur 05.02.1683-4)
  m. _ Webber
3. Elizabeth Whiddon (d unm before 06.09.1680)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Whiddon of Chagford', p781+) with support from 'A View of Devonshire' (Westcote, 1845 edition, 'Whyddon', p581)
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