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Families covered: Wiggett of Geist (Guist), Wiggett of Norwich, Wygot of Woodalling, Bulwer of Heydon Hall

(1) Commoners reports that "This family - originally Wigotus, and subsequently Wygott - descends from an ancient house, many centuries resident at Geist, in Norfolk."
(2) Commoners starts its report on this family with mention of John Wiggett who, with his wife Agnes, was "seised of lands in Geist" in 1590. Commoners then mentions Roger father of the Peter who m. Alice Bulwer. Campling starts with ...
Roger Wygott of Woodalling (d c12.1521)
m. Katherine (d before 089.12.1539)
1. Roger Wiggot of Woodalling (a 03.1562/3)
  m. Katherine (d before 02.03.1593/4)
  A. Thomas Wiggett of Woodalling (d 03.1602) had issue
  B. Peter Wigote of Guist or Geist
  m. Alice Bulwer (dau of Simon Bulwer of Woodalling)
  Commoners identifies Peter as grandfather of the following William but Campling shows him as William's father.
  i. William Wiggett of Guist/Geist
  m. (20.10.1616) Ann Sheringham
  Campling disagrees with Commoners & BLG1952 over the next few generations. Commoners & BLG1952 show that William and Ann had 2 children, William (m. Elizabeth, dau of Edward Davy, and had an only daughter Ann Rachael who married Thomas Lobb Chute) and James (m. Frances Mackarell or Mackerell). Provisionally, we follow Campling who shows that William & James were both descended from William & Ann's son James. We are uncertain on the order of the following sons.
  a. Peter Wiggett of Norwich (d 22.07.1677, alderman)
  m. Bridgit (d before 16.04.1712)
  (1) John Wiggett of Norwich (d 1720)
  m. Abigail (b c1653, d 1719)
  (A)+ issue - James of Calthorpe (b c1681, d 1734), Peter (a 1707)
  (2) Peter Wiggett of Norwich (a 1696)
  m. Margaret
  (A)+ issue - William, John of Norwich (a 1718), Sarah, Bridget
  (3) Margaret Wiggett
  m. _ Jubbs
  (4) Susan Wiggett
  m. Thomas Aide of Norwich
  b. John Wiggett of Norwich (d 1692, alderman)
  c. James Wiggett (bpt 1624)
  (1) James Wiggett of Norwich (d before 20.04.1723)
  m. Mary
  (A) James Wiggett of Norwich
m. Frances Mackerell (dau of Charles Mackerell of Norwich)
  (i) James Wigwell of Crudwell, Wiltshire (rector of Crudwell & Hankerton)
  m1. Rachel Lyde (d 1802, dau/heir of Samuel Lyde of Ayot)
  (a) William Lyde Wiggett, later Chute-Wiggett of The Vyne (Hampshire) & Pickenham Hall (Norfolk), Sheriff of Norfolk (b 16.06.1800, d 06.07.1879, 2nd son) had issue
  William inherited The Vyne & Pickenham Hall from a 2nd cousin, son of his father's cousin Ann Rachael Wiggett. He assumed the name Chute-Wiggett whilst his son(s) took the name Chute.
  m. (01.06.1837) Martha Buckworth (d 13.05.1888, dau of Theophilus Russell Buckworth of Cockley Cley Hall)
  (b) Anna Maria Wiggett
m. Roger P(eter) Western
  (c)+ other issue - James Samuel (b 12.07.1797, rector of Moulton), Frances Rachael, Mary Ann (d unm), Emmeline (d unm), Caroline
  m2. ??
  (h) Edward Humphrys Wigwell (b 1817)
  (ii)+ other issue - Mary, Frances, Ann
  (B) William Wiggett, Mayor of Norwich (d 1768)
  m. Elizabeth Davy (dau of Edward Davy of Mileham)
(i) Ann Rachael Wiggett
  m. Thomas Lobb Chute of Pickenham Hall (d 1791)
  Commoners suggests that Ann was William & Elizabeth's only daughter but Campling also mentions ...
  (ii) Rachel Wiggett
  d. Robert Wiggett of Guist (b c1632, d 16.11.1697)
  m. Dorothy Wicks (d 1722, dau of Rice Wicks)
  (1) Rice Wiggett of Guestwick (d 01.09.1749)
  m. Sarah Bulwer (d 1771, dau of William Bulwer of Woodalling (Wood Dalling), niece/heir of William)
(A) William Wiggett, later Bulwer of Wood Dalling & Heydon Hall (a 1748)
  m. (02.06.1756) Mary Earle (dau of Augustin Earle of Heydon, sister/coheir of Erasmus)
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Bulwer of Heydon), Commoners (vol 1, Bulwer of Heydon, p445) & BP1934 (Lytton).
(i) William Earle Bulwer of Wood Dalling & Heydon Hall (d 1807, Brigadier General)
  m. (1798) Elizabeth Barbara Warburton-Lytton of Knebworth (b 1773, d 19.12.1843)
  (a) William Earl Lytton Bulwer of Heydon Hall (b 28.04.1799, d 21.07.1877) had issue
  William's father-in-law is identified only as General Gascoyne, MP for Liverpool. A look at HoP suggests that his wife was ...
  m1. (11.12.1827) Emily Gascoyne (d 12.1836, dau of General Isaac Gascoyne of Roby Hall (MP for Liverpool))
  m2. (15.03.1841, sp) Elizabeth Green (dau of William Green of Forty Hill)
  (b) Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer, Lord Dalling & Bulwer (b 13.02.1801, dsp 23.05.1872, ambassador)
  m. (09.12.1848) Georgina Charlotte Wellesley (d 02.08.1878, dau of Henry, 1st Lord Cowley)
  (c) Edward George Earl Bulwer, later Lytton-Bulwer, 1st Lord Lytton of Knebworth (b 25.05.1803, d 18.01.1873) had issue
  m. (29.08.1827) Rosina Doyle Wheeler (b c1803, d 12.03.1882, dau of Francis Wheeler of Lizzard Connell by Anne, dau of Rev. Nicholas Milley Doyle of Clonmell)
  Their son was Viceroy & Governor-General of India, 1876 to 1880, and was created Earl of Lytton in 1880.
  (ii)+ other issue - Augstine, John, Frances, Mary, Sarah
  (B) Harriot Wiggett
  m. Edward Fuller
  ii. Henry Wiggett
  C. Agnes Wiggett
  m. John Blome of Norwich
  D. daughter
  m. _ Munford
  E.+ other issue - William, Robert
2. Peter Wiggett of Saxlingham (dsp before 02.08.1565)
  m. Helen
3.+ other issue - Robert, Simon, Margaret

Main source(s): Visitation (Arthur Campling, 1939, East Anglian Pedigrees, Wiggett of Guist, co. Norfolk), the section on 'The Family of Wiggett' within Commoners (vol I, Wiggett-Chute of The Vine) with some support from BLG1952 (Chute of The Vyne) and with some input as reported above
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