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Families covered: Wight of Blackland, Wight of Braboeuf, Wight of Murrays, Wight of Wimbledon

Thomas Wight of Martin Abbey, Surrey
1. William Wight of Blackland in Wimbledon, last of Wight's Manor the first mentioned by BLG1863
  A. Thomas Wight of Wimbledon
  i. Thomas Wight of Wimbledon
  a. John Wight of Blackland in Wimbledon
  This appears to be the John (a 1573) who is shown by BLG1863 as father of Rice, Thomas & Ralph by Agnes, dau of Robert Kemp by the heiress of the Braboeuf estate (apparently descended from Geffery de Braboeuf (a 1231)). Visitation identifies his wife as Ann, dau/heir of Robert Bray. BLG1894 identifies her as ...
  m. Anna Bray (dau/heir of John Bray of Braboeuf by Johanna, dau/heir of Sir John Jenyns son of Thomas (son of Thomas) by Margaret, dau/heir of Robert Danhurst of Braboeuf grandson of Robert de Danhurst by Agnes, dau/heir of Andrew de Braboeuf son of Andrew son of Geoffrey (a 1231))
  (1) Rice Wight of Braboeuf (Braybeff), Surrey (bur 11.1601)
m. Elizabeth Needler (bur 13.01.1626-7, dau of Henry Needler of Horley)
  (A) John Wight of Braboeuf (near Guildford) (d 05.11.1656)
  BLG1863 shows John's 2 marriages but is unclear which wife was mother of his children. Visitation just shows his marriage to Ann Austen and identififes her as mother of Rafe, Thomas "& others". Provisionally, because the dates given by BLG1863 are so much later than the date it gives for the first marriage, we show the children mentioned by Visitation (1623) as of the 1st marriage and the children mentioned by BLG1863 as by the 2nd marriage. This is partly supported by Visitation (Surrey, 1662-8, 'Wight') which shows John's marriage to Anne, dau of Henry Beedle of Puttenham, with their children as John, Rice, Anne & Margaret.
  m1. (23.06.1600) Ann Austen (dau of George Austen of Shalford)
  (i) Rafe Wight of London
  m. Catherine Rowley (widow of John Dutton of Thistlewoolf)
  (a)+ issue - Richard, Thomas
  (ii)+ other issue including Thomas
  m2. Ann Beadle (dau of Rev. Henry Beadle of Puttenham)
  (iv) John Wight of Braboeuf (bpt 13.11.1632, bur 17.01.1707-8, 2nd child of this marriage)
  m. Cornelia Bowles (dau of Sir William Bowles)
  (a) William Wight of Braboeuf (bpt 19.05.1673, 2nd son)
  m. _ Patterson
  ((1)) Thomas Wight of Braboeuf (bur 09.05.1768, d in Ireland)
  m1. Jane White of Dublin
  m2. Barbara Sawbridge of Winchester
  m3. Mary Field (dau of James Field of Stoke)
  Not clear wife was mother of ...
  ((A)) John Wight of Braboeuf (d 16.10.1817)
  m. Sarah Spencer
  ((i)) Arthur Wight of Braboeuf (b 04.01.1787, d 09.05.1847, Major, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Jane More Molyneux (dau of More Molyneux of Losely, m2. Rev. Henry Shrubb)
  ((ii)) William Wight (b 01.04.1788) had issue
  m. Jane Stokes
  ((iii)) Sarah Wight (b 03.07.1792)
  m. W. Hibbet
  ((iv))+ other issue - John Tempest (b 21.02.1786, d 20.03.1807), Henry, Susan
  (b) Arthur Wight (bpt 07.12.1676, d 08.11.1745, 2nd son)
  m. Martha Wilshaw (dau of Thomas Wilshaw of Badlow)
  ((1)) John Wight (d 10.1745) had issue
  m. Jane Arnold (dau of Daniel Arnold)
  ((2))+ other issue - Cornelia, Martha
  (c) Margaret Wight
  m. William Tempest
  (d)+ other issue - John (bpt 19.11.1670, d infant?), Francis (bpt 16.05.1674), Henry (bpt 29.08.1678), Rice (bpt 07.07.1680), Cornelia (bpt 13.10.1681), Ann (bpt 27.05.1686, bur 11.02.1747)
(v) Rice Wight (bpt 26.02.1633-4, bur 05.08.1665)
  m. Elizabeth Stukeley (dau of Thomas Stukeley)
  (a)+ issue - John, Abigail mentioned by Visitation (1662)
  (vi)+ other issue - Henry (bpt 20.02.1630-1, bur 06.12.1633), George (bpt 12.06.1636, bur 20.08.1654), Ann (bpt 22.01.1639-10, bur 30.04.1672), Margaret (bpt 18.05.1644)
  (B) Rice or Richard Wight
  BLG1863 identifies Rice as "ancestor of the Wights of Berkshire".
  (C) Thomas Wight mentioned by Visitation but not by BLG1863
  (D) John Wight mentioned by BLG1863 but not by Visitation
  BLG1863 identifies John as "ancestor of the Wights of Ireland".
  (2) Thomas Wight
BLG1863 identifies Thomas, who is not mentioned by Visitation, as "ancestor of the Wights of Essex" but does not follow his line. The following comes from BLG1894.
  m. (c1559) Janet Cockburn (dau of John Cockburn of Ormiston)
  (A) John Wight of Murrays (d c1626)
  (i) John Wight of Murrays (d c1650)
  (a) Robert Wight of Murrays (d c1670)
  m. (02.10.1647) Barbara Calderwood (dau of John Calderwood of Pittedy)
  (b) John Wight
  m. (1639) Elspeth Hunter
  (c) Marion Wight
  m. (1638) John Warrender
  (d) Agnes Wight
  m. (1643) James Crumble
  (ii) Alexander Wight of Glengelt "ancestor of the Wights of Glengelt, Iver Hartside, &c"
  (iii) Adam Wight
  m. _ Belsis (dau of Hugh Belsis of that ilk)
  (a) Robert Wight later of Ballydeane, Roxburghshire (b 16.09.1627)
  BLG1894 reports that from Robert "the Wights of Hallydeane and the south of Scotland are descended".
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas Hugh in Edinburgh (d 1625), Rudolph
  (3) Ralph Wight
  (A) ?? Wight
  (i) William Wight (a 1664)
  (4) Elizabeth Wight
  m. _ Armstrong of London
  (5) Joane Wight
  m. William Phillipott of Wimbledon
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, William, Walter
  B. Walter Wight

Main source(s): Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Wight'), BLG1863 ('Wight of Braboeuf Manor'), BLG1894 ('Wight-Boycott of Boycott and Rudge')
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