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Families covered: Wollascott of Brimpton, Wollascott of Shalford, Wollascott of Shinfield, Wollascott of Sutton Courtney, Wollascott of Tidmarsh, Wollascott of Wolhampton, Wollascott of Wollascott

Roger de Stanwardine in Bosco, Shropshire
1. William Stanwardine
  m. Margery (dau/heir of William de Wolascote (son of Alan de Wolascote son of Alan le Power by Amicia, dau/heir of Vivian de Rossale & Wolascot), m2. Roger Gesenoke)
  A. William Stanwardine of Stanwardine and Wolascote (Shropshire)
  i. Richard de Wolascote
  a. William de Wolascote
  (1) William de Wolascote
  (A) William de Wolascote
  m. Margery Bowdlers (dau/heir of Jo. Bowdlers of Ashford Bowdlers)
  (i) William Wollascott of Wolascott
  m. (Elizabeth) Sturrey (m2. ?? Plowden)
  (a) William Wollascott of Wollascott
  m. Jane Dale (dau/(co)heir of William Dale of Dale son (by Elizabeth, dau of Richard Davers) of Thomas (d 1500-1) son of Thomas (b 1406-7) son of Thomas son of Sir Thomas)
  ((1)) William Wollascott of Wollascott & Shalford - continued below
  m. Susan Wait (dau/coheir of William Wait or Wayte of Southamptonshire)



William Wollascott of Wollascott & Shalford (d 1618) - continued above
m. Susan Wait (dau/coheir of William Wait or Wayte of Southamptonshire)
1. William Wollascott of Wollascott, Shalford & Shinfield (d 09.05.1637)
  m. Anna Martyn (dau/heir of Edward Martyn of Shinfield)
  A. William Wollascott of Wollascott (d 1660)
  The following comes from Visitation (Berkshire, 1665, Wollascott of Shinfield) with some support from VCH (Berkshire, vol 4, Brimpton).
  m1. Susan Frier (dau of Thomas Frier or Fryar or Freer of London)
i. William Wollascott of Wolhampton (dvp?)
  m. Dorothy Paston (dau of Katherine Paston of Norfolk (?))
  a. William Wollascott (d young)
  b. Katherine Wollascott
  m. Thomas Wollascot of Sutton Courtney @@ below
  ii. Mary Wollascott
  m. John Hawkins of Nash
  m2. Susan Clarke (dau of Sir Edward Clarke or Clearke of Ardington)
  B. Martin Wollascott of Shinfield (b 1594-5, a 03.1665)
  C. Edward Wollascott
D. Maria Wollascott
  m1/2. Henry Winchcombe (son/heir of Francis of Burgulbury/Buckhilbery)
  This may have been the Mary who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Thomas Englefield (dvpsp)
2. Edmund Wollascott of Tidmarsh, Berkshire (a 1623)
  The following comes from Visitation (Berkshire, 1665, Wollascott of Sutton Courtney).
  m. Maria Hulse (dau of John (probably not Thomas) Hulse of Sutton Courtney)
  A. Thomas Wollascott of Tidmarsh 'of Sutton' (b c1601, d c1650)
  m. Elizabeth Fettiplace (dau of Alexander Fettiplace of Swincombe)
i. Thomas Wollascott of Sutton Courtney (b 1629-30, a 03.1664)
  m. Katherine Wollascot (dau/heir of William Wollascot of Wolhampton) @@ above
  a. Martin Wollascott of Wolhampton & Brimpton (b 1661, d 1713)
  The following comes from VCH (Berkshire, vol 4, Brimpton).
  m. (Mary) Throckmorton (d 1708, dau of Sir Francis Throckmorton of Coughton)
  (1) William Wollascott of Wolhampton & Brimpton (d 09.01.1757)
  m. Henrietta Maria Conyers (dau of Sir Baldwin Conyers)
  (A) Henrietta Maria Wollascott (d 12.04.1808)
  m. (1755) Arthur James Plunkett, 7th Earl of Fingall (b 1731, d 1793)
  b.+ other issue (a 03.1664) - Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary
  ii. James Wollascott
  m. Frances Eldrington (dau of Ralph Eldrington of London)
  iii. Mary Wollascott probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Richard Betham of Rowington (b c1630)
  iv.+ other issue - Edward, Francis, Martha, Jane
  B.+ other issue - Edmund (dsp), Dorothy (d young), Susanna (d young)
3. Richard Wollascott

Main source(s): Visitation (Berkshire, 1623, Wollascott of Woolhampton) with input as noted above
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