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Families covered: Woodcock of Halesowen, Woodcock of London, Woodcock of Moor Place, Woodcock of Newtimber, Woodcock of Shinfield
[We are not aware of any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.]

Born at Holmes Chapel in Cheshire was ...
Ralph Woodcock, Sheriff of London (d 01.09.1586)
m1. Eleanor Collyer of Staffordshire
1. William Woodcock
  m. (06.09.1573) Katherine Bower
2. Elizabeth Woodcock (d 1608)
  m. (23.09.1577) Thomas Antrobus of Lincoln's Inn & Heath House in Southamptonshire (d 01.05.1611)
3.+ other issue - Ambrose, Timothy
m2. Good Bower of Wiltshire (bur 29.06.1573)
5. Thomas Woodcock of London (d by 1600)
  m. Susan Ayliffe (dau of Sir John Ayliffe, m2. Sir Edward Bellingham of Newtimber)
  A. Thomas Woodcock of Newtimber, Sussex (d 13.09.1665)
  m. (c10.1613) Ursula Bellingham (bur 27.06.1670, dau of Sir Edward Bellingham of Newtimber, sister/coheir of Thomas)
  i. Sir Thomas Woodcock of Lewes (Sussex), Governor of Windsor Castle (a 1662)
  m. Barbara Gratwick (heir)
  a.+ issue - Edward, John, Ursula
  ii. Edward Woodcock (bpt 26.11.1617, bur 21.02.1659)
  m. Mary Barker (dau of Thomas Barker of Chiswick)
  a. Mary Woodcock (b 16.11.1657)
  b. Ursula Woodcock (b 20.05.1659) who apparently married ...
  m. (21.08.1678) Sir Pury Cust (dvp 21.02.1698-9)
  iii. Francis Woodcock (bpt 18.10.1625)
  m. _ Ratcliffe
  iv. Mary Woodcock (bpt 27.05.1624)
  m. William Hartridge
m3. Eleanor Gosbright (d 07.08.1582, dau of Elias Gosbright of Holland)
6. Frances Woodcock (bpt 28.11.1576)
  m. John Colt of Rickmansworth (b 1577-8, d 29.04.1610)
m4. Mary Colt (b c1540, dsp 07.10.1613, dau of Robert Colt of Hertfordshire, widow of John Johnson of London, m3. Miles Sands of Latimer)



Robert Woodcock of Hartley Battle (a 1424) presumed father of ...
1. ?? Woodcock
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Woodcock
  i. Richard Woodcock of Moor Place in Shinfield, Hartley Pellitot & Diddenham (Sussex) (a 1540) succeeded by ...
  a. George Woodcock of Moor Place in Shinfield
  m. Anne Hyde (dau of William Hyde of South Denchworth) succeeded by ...
  (1) Robert Woodcock of Moor Place. (d 1630)
m. Margaret widow of Robert, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Thomas Woodcock of Moor Place (d before 1657) succeeded by ...
  (i) Samuel Woodcock of Moor Place (d before 1666)
  m. Hannah
  (a) Samuel Woodcock of Moor Place (dsp)
  (b) Mary Woodcock
  m. John Spier of Huntercombe (d by 1676)
  B. Margery Woodcock (d before 19.06.1523) possibly fits here
  m1. Thomas Humfrey
  i. John Humfrey
  ii. Joan Humfrey
  m. Oliver Wellysburne
  a.+ issue - Margery, Frysworth, Joan
  m2. James Braybrooke of Suffolk
  m3. Richard Harcourt (d before 1523)



Walter Woodcock of Halesowen (d 03.1794)
m. Frances (Lea) (sister/coheir of Ferdinando, Lord Dudley)
1. Walter Woodcock of Ridgeacre, later of Dove House Fields, near Halesown (dsp bur 01.03.1821)
  m. Frances Smith (dau of William Smith of Halesown Grange, cousin)
2. Ferdinando Woodcock of Quarry Hill (dsp)
  m. Mary Crane (dau of John Crane of Halesowen, sister of Jane)
3. Mary Woodcock (b c1750, d 06.01.1816)
  m. (1783) Benjamin Smart of Halesowen
  A. Joseph Smart of Halesowen (b c1785, d 05.09.1855) had issue
  m. (01.1812) Susanna Hall (b c1785, d 14.11.1865)
4. Anne Woodcock
  m. William Wilmot of Halesowen (son of Rev. Charles of Oddingley)
5. Elizabeth Woodcock
  m. John Green of Halesowen
6. Frances Woodcock (dsp)
  m. Joseph Green of Dudley
7 Katharine Woodcock (d unm)
8. Sarah Woodcock
  m. Thomas Hughes of Colwall Green (cleric)

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