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Families covered: Wreyford (Wreford) of Bow, Wrayforde of Hennock, Wreyford of Morchard, Wrayford (Wreyford) of Sandford, Wrayford of Silverton

Vivian starts with the following John "whose ancestors are said to have come out of Cornwall".
John Wrayforde of Wreyforde of Hennock in Devon
1. Roger Wreyforde of Hennock & Sandford (b c1465, d by 1537)
  m. Margerie (d before 15.07.1541)
  A. Roger Wreyford of Sandford (b c1495, a 1541)
  m. Margaret (d before 24.03.1579)
  i. Thomas Wrayford of Sandford & Modbury (b c1520, d 20.02.1594-5)
  m. Johane
  a. William Wrayford of Silverton (b c1550, d before 1624)
  m. Pentecost Floyer (d before 20.06.1651, dau of Thomas Floyer of Floyer Hayes by dau of Sir Thomas Pomeroy)
  (1) Silvanus Wrayford of Silverton (d before 10.06.1658)
  m. Joan (bur 22.01.1684)
  (A) William Wrayford of Silverton (b before 1626, dsp bur 30.10.1700)
  (B) John Wrayford of Bickleigh (b before 1626, dsp before 01.09.1670)
  m. Anna (a 1670)
  (C) Edward Wrayford (bpt 06.06.1633, dsp bur 09.11.1691)
  (D) Johan(na) Wrayford (bpt 06.09.1629, a 1684)
  m. _ Galerd
  (E) Anne Wrayford (bpt 27.10.1636, a 1700)
  m. Andrew Holmes
  (F) Grace Wrayford (bpt 06.09.1629, a 1700)
  m. Richard Bryanne
  (2) John Wrayford (a 1641)
  (3) Thomas Wrayford (b 07.09.1601, d 09.11.1678, rector of Dunterton)
  m. (c12.1633) Mary Halse (bur 21.02.1679, dau of Richard Halse of Kenedon)
  (A) Thomas Wrayford (d by 1663, rector of Warleggan in Cornwall) had issue
  m. Judith (a 1663)
  (B) John Wrayford of Beer Ferris (d before 27.08.1683) had issue
  m. Elizabeth
  (C) William Wrayford of London (bpt 13.06.1641, bur 19.05.1694) had issue
  m. Ann (bur 05.11.1708)
  (D) Matthew Wrayford of Lezant, Cornwall (bpt 13.12.1645, bur 16.06.1714) had issue
  m. Mary (1714)
  (E) Jane Wrayford (bpt 01.05.1643, a 1678)
  m. Henry Sergeant
  (F) Mary Wrayford (bpt 13.02.1647, a 1678)
  m. John Dawe
  (G) Honoria Wrayford (bpt 16.11.1650, a 1678)
  (4) Frances Wrayford
  m1. (23.06.1614) Henry Eastchurch
  m2. (c08.1628) John Lande
  b. Katharine Wreyford (a 1595)
  m. Thomas Pearse
  c. Mary Wreyford (a 1595)
  m. Henry Sweet
  ii. Clement Wreyforde of Burington (d before 08.11.1614) had issue
  m. Alice (a 1614)
  iii. Katharine Wreyford
  m. (15479) Gilbert Boraidge
  B. John Wreyford of Crediton (b c1500, bur 20.03.1578) ancestor of Wreyford of Crediton
  m. Elizabeth (bur 10.05.1585)
2. Peter Wrayforde of Hennock & Crondleigh (b c1468, bur 27.02.1538) ancestor of Wreyford of Moretonhampstead
  m. Charities (bur 16.041538)
3. John Wrayforde of Nepton in Hennock (b c1470, bur 30.11.1547)
  A. William Wrayforde of Nepton (d by 1543) ancestor of some of the Wrayfords of Hennock
  B. John Wrayforde of Tottaford (b c1495, bur 24.10.1556)
  i. Peter Wrayforde (b c1520)
  m. (09.06.1541) Anne Samson (dau of John Samson)
  a. Michael Wrayforde (bpt 20.08.1546)
  m. (10.10.1569) Isote Lone (dau of John Lone)
  (1) Edmond Wreyforde alias Cann (bpt 11.01.1573, bur 25.06.1650) had issue
  m. (25.08.1600) Tyffany Aller
  (2) Richard Wreyforde alias Cann (bpt 17.06.1579, bur 05.05.1620) had issue
  m. Margery (a 1620)
  (3) Anthony Wreyforde (bpt 17.08.1582) had issue
  m. (11.02.1608) Arminell Wedlow
(4) Isote Wreyforde (bpt 13.08.1570)
  b. Mathewe Wrayforde (bpt 29.06.1548, d before 15.01.1623-4)
  m. Rabidge (bur 19.01.1633-4)
  (1) Richard Wreyford of Morchard (b c1580, bur 25.04.1644)
  m. Julian (bur 19.04.1644)
  (A) Mathew Wreyford of Morchard (a 1623, bur 10.12.1671)
  m. Margaret (bur 08.01.1681-2)
  (i) Mathew Wreford of Middlecott in Morchard (bur 06.11.1698, 2nd son)
  m. Bridget Chidley (b 1648-9, bur 29.04.1729, dau of Robert Chidley)
  (ii) William Wreford of Upcot in Morchard (dsp bur 03.3.1696-7)
  m. Frances Gater (bur 03.01.1715-6, dau of William Gater, widow of Felix Comyns)
  (iii) Johan Wreford
  m. (05.12.1668) John Blackmore
  (iv) Dorothy Wreford
  m. (21.07.1674) Robert How
  (v)+ other issue - Richard (dvpsp bur 22.11.1670), Elizabeth (bur 29.09.1688), Mary (bur 09.09.1683)
(B) Michael Wreyford (a 1623, bur 23.07.1687) ancestor of Wreford of Lapford
  (2) John Wreyford (dsp bur 18.03.1664)
  m1. (20.10.1622) Mary Reed
  m2. Johan (a 1666)
  (3) Roger Wreyford of Bow (bur 20.09.1659)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 30.04.1680)
  (A) Roger Wreford of Bow (bur 11.06.1665) ancestor of Wreford of Uffculme
  m. Alice (bur 11.01.1664-5)
  (B) William Wreford of Clannaboro Barton, Middlecott in Morchard & Broadfield (b c1629, d 13.10.1683)
  m. (c1653) Agnes Tucker (bur 15.05.1707, dau of William Tucker)
  (C) Elizabeth Wreford (bpt 02.12.1632, a 1670)
  m. Robert Cobley
  (D)+ other issue - Matthew (a 1670, dsp), Arminell (bpt 26.05.1639)
  (4) Rabidge Wreyford (a 1623)
  m. William Hodge
  (5) Frances Wreyford (a 1623)
  m. (c1610) Henry Gater
  c. Johanna Wrayforde (b 20.09.1542)
  ii. Edward Wrayforde had issue
  m. (30.07.1542) Johanna Prowse
  iii. John Wrayforde (bur 03.09.1572) ancestor of some of the Wrayfords of Hennock

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Wreford of Morchard Bishop and Clannaborough)
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