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Families covered: Musgrave of Crookdale, Musgrave of Musgrave Hall
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Sir John Musgrave (d 1515) ancestor of Musgraves of Musgrave Hall
m1. Johanna Crackenthorpe (dau of John Crackenthorpe)
1. Launcelet Musgrave
m2. Margaret (or Dorothy) (sister of Lord Dudley)
2.+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, Oliver, Margaret, Anne



William Musgrave (d 10.03.1487)
m1. Felys or Felice Filliol (dau of William Filliol (William Covel of Hayton Castle?))
1. Cuthbert Musgrave
  m. Jone Lauder (dau of Richard Lauder)
  A. Mongoo (Mungo) Musgrave
  m. _ Hooton (dau of John Hooton of Hooton John)
  i. Cuthbert Musgrave of Crokdale (Crookdale), Cumberland
  m1. _ Eglenby
  a.+ issue - Cuthbert, William, John, Anne
  m2. (Mary) Penrodoke (Penruddock)
  ii. William Musgrave
  m. _ Orington
  a.+ issue - John, Cuthbert, Edward, Mungo, Anne
  iii. Thomas Musgrave
  B. Cuthbert Musgrave
  m. _ Dalston (dau of _ Dalston of Dawston Hall, Cumberland)
  C. Jane Musgrave
  m. _ Curwen
  D. Elsabeth Musgrave
  m. _ Swynborne
  E. Phelyp (Philippa) Musgrave
  m. _ Brysco
  F. Mary Musgrave
2.+ other issue - George, Gylbert, Marmaduke, Leonard, Rychard
m2. Margaret Thornton
7. William Musgrave

Main source(s):
(1) For Musgrave of Musgrave Hall : Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4+1584/5, Musgrave)
(2) For Musgrave of Crookdale : Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Musgrave)
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