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This section first uploaded 08.05.09.
Roger de Newburgh
m. Matilda de Glastonia
1. Robert de Newburgh (b c1175, d 1220)
  A. Robert de Newburgh (d 1246)
  m. Lucy?
  i. Henry de Newburgh of Winfrith, Dorset (a 1276)
m. Matilda?
  a. John de Newburgh of Winfrith
  m. Margery?
  (1) Robert de Newburgh of Winfrith (d 1338)
  m. Margaret?
  (A) Thomas de Newburgh (d 1365)
  m. Hawise?
  (i) Sir John Newburgh of Lulworth
  m. (1370) Margaret Poyntz (dau of Nicholas Poyntz, 4th Lord)
  (a) John Newburgh
  m. Joan Delamere (dau of John Delamere)
  ((1)) Alice Newburgh
  m. John Fitzjames of Redlynch



This section first uploaded 09.05.09, expanded 13.11.11.
William Davies of 'Bosworgy', St. Erth (b 1637, bur 25.02.1690/1)
m1. (09.03.1671) Catherien Cole (bur 05.02.1678)
1.+ issue
m. (21.07.1679) Catherine Noye (d 06.1714, dau/heir of Colonel Humphrey Noye by Hester, sister/coheir of Edwin, 8th Lord Sandys of the Vine)
2. Henry Davies of Bosense (bpt 02.1681, d unm bur 15.10.1737)
3. John Davies (b 02.1686, d 29.05.1737)
  m. Elizabeth Phillips (b 1695, d 04.1775, dau/coheir of Mathew Phillipps of Tredrea)
  A. Henry Davies of Tredrea (dsp 1760)
  B. Catherine Davies (b 17.01.1728, d 03.02.1803)
  m. (07.03.1765) Rev. Edward Giddy (b 16.12.1734, d 06.03.1814)
  i. Davies Giddy (b 16.03.1756, d 21.07.1756)
  ii. Davies Giddy of Tredrea, later Gilbert of Eastbourne (b 06.03.1767, d 24.12.1839) had issue
m. (18.04.1808) Mary Anne Gilbert of Eastbourne (b 29.02.1776, d 26.04.1845, dau/heir of Thomas Gilbert)
  iii. Mary Phillipa Davies Giddy (b 31.01.1769)
  m. (28.12.1804) John Gullemard
  C.+ other issue - Phillippa (b 1729-30, d 18.08.1755), Mary (b 1731-2, d 02.01.1740)
4. Esther Davies (bpt 06.8.1680)
  m. Francis Cole of Perran Uthnoe
  A. Catherine Cole (dsp)
5. Catherine Davies
  m. Rev. (Richard) Trewren of Constantine



This section first uploaded 12.05.09, reviewed & expanded 31.10.19.
(1) It seems that there were different Bradshaw Halls - one in Cheshire as well as the one in Lancashire. Either that or either Ormerod or Dugdale made errors or, of course, that we are missing something. Relevant suggestions would be welcome! St. George shows a number of Bradshawes of earlier generations but, whilst they identify a few connections between certain individuals, they do not provide any real help.
(2) St. George identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, two bends, sable". Dugdale identifies them as "Argent, two bendlets, sable".
Alexander Bradshaw of Bradshaw, Lancashire
m. _ Orrell (dau of _ Orrell of Turton)
1. John Bradshaw of Bradshaw
m. _ Grenehalgh
  A. John Bradshaw of Bradshaw (a 1613) the first mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Isabel Ashton (dau of Peter Ashton of Chaderton)
  i. John Bradshaw of Bradshaw (b c1583, a 09.1664)
  m1. Alice Leicester (dau of Sir George Leicester of Toft)
  a. John Bradshaw (b 01.06.1614)
  m. Margaret Atherton (dau of John Atherton of Atherton)
  (1) John Bradshaw 'of Bradshaw' (b 01.05.1646)
  Dugdale ends with this generation. We assume that this was the John (will dated 15.03.1693) who sold Bradshaw Hall to Henry Bradshaw of Marple Hall.
(2)+ other issue - Thomas (b 10.01.1657), Robert (b 04.04.1663), Margaret (b 12.12.1647), Alice (b 10.02.1648), Elianor (b 06.03.1650), Dorothy (b 20.10.1653), Anne (b 01.11.1655), Katherine (b 03.02.1659), Elizabeth (b 26.12.1661), Jane (b 20.04.1664)
  b. Thomas Bradshaw of Wolstenholme, Lancashire
Dugdale shows Thomas as the 6th son. We have been advised by a contributor (CV, 09.05.09) that the Thomas who is mentioned in VCH (Lancshire, vol 5, Townships : Tottington) as 'of Bradshaw' was the 7th son of a John of Bradshaw. We suspect that he was this Thomas who was (therefore) husband of ...
  m. (c1660) Elizabeth Rawstorne (dau/heir of Edward Rosthorne or Rawstorne of Lum)
  (1) Thomas Bradshaw
  (A) Rawsthorne Bradshaw of Lum (b 1689, a 1725)
  c.+ other issue - Henry (in the West Indies), George, Hugh, Edmund in Dublin, William in Ireland
  m2. Anne Tale (dau of John Tale of Northamptonshire)
  m3. Jane Butterworth (dau of ?? Buttterworth of Belfield)
  ii. Mary Bradshaw
m. John Hickson of Greenwich
  iii. Cassandra Bradshaw
  m. William Ashurst of Ashurst
  iv. Margery Bradshaw
  m. Bernard Townley (not "of Townley")
  v. Anne Bradshaw
  m. Daniel Bernard of Alkingcotes
  vi. Alice Bradshaw
  m. John Hartley of Strangeways ## see here ##
  vii.+ other issue - Robert of London, Elizabeth



This section first uploaded 23.09.13.
William Wybbe
1. John Wybbe
  A. Henry Wybbe
  i. Thomas Wybbe (dsp(vp?))
  B. Alice Wybbe
  m. Thomas Jennetts
  i. Maud Jennetts
  m. John Stafford
  a. Agnes Stafford
  m. Richard Andrews of Hambury
  C. Sybell Wybbe
  m. Thomas Haukeslow ('Hawkeslowe of Hawkeslowe')
  i. Anne (Agnes) Haukeslow
  m. Thomas Mydlemore

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(3) For Bradshaw : Visitation (St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Bradshaw'), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, 'Bradshaw of Bradshaw')
(4) For Wybbe : Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Andrews)
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