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This section first uploaded 04.09.09.
BLG1886 reports that this family "claims descent from the Seymours of Wilts." and that Thomas & John went to Ireland "as Officers in the English army, and settled in Connaught" during the reign of William III (who r. 1689-1702).
?? Seymour
1. son (dsp)
2. Thomas Seymour in Connaught
  m. (1735) Belina O'Madden (dau of A. O'Madden of Clare Madden)
A. Joseph Seymour
  m. (1760) Susanna (widow of A. Thomas)
  i. Thomas Seymour of Ballymore Castle, co. Galway (d 17.06.1821)
  m. (1786) Jane Thompson (d 1847, dau/heir of David Thompson of Banagher)
  a. Thomas Seymour of Ballymore Castle, Sheriff of King's County (b 12.1793, d 1881) had issue
  m. (07.1822) Matilda Margaret Lawrence (dau of Walter Lawrence of Lisreaghan)
  b. David Seymour (Rev.) had issue
  m1. Eliza Bindon (dau of S. Bindon of Cloona)
  m2. (sp?) Sarah Butler (dau of R. Butler of co. Carlow)
  c. Henry Seymour had issue
  m. Eliza Drought (dau of Robert Drought of Ridgemount)
  d. Eleanor Seymour (d 1828)
  m. (1810) Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen
  e. Charlotte Seymour
  m1. Giles Eyre Blake of Moorfield
  m2. William Grome of Sycamore Hill
  f. Lavinia Seymour (d 1832)
  m. Richard Galbraith of Cappard & Belgair
  ii. Charles Seymour (vicar of Kilronan)
  m. Beata Langley (dau of Fergus Langley of Knockanure)
  a. William Digby Seymour (a 1865, MP for Sunderland then Southampton)
  m. (1849) Emily Wright (dau of Joseph J. Wright)
b.+ other issue
  iii. Robert Seymour of Clonfert, co. Galway
  iv. Eliza Seymour
  m. Robert Drought of Ridgemount
  v. Charlotte Seymour
  m. William Bird of Birdville
  B. Catherine Seymour
  m. Samuel Harrison of Spruce Hill
  C. Belinda Seymour
  m. Robin Cooke of Galway
3. John Seymour in Connaught identified as ancestor of the Seymours of Somerset in Galway
  A. ?? Seymour presumed intermediary generation, father or grandfather of ..
  i. Charles Seymour of Somerset, co. Galway (Colonel)
  a. Katherine Isabella Seymour
  m. (1828) Robert Henry Persse of Castleboy (b 07.12.1806, d 1884)
4. daughter
  m. _ Sadleir (Colonel)



This section first uploaded 07.09.09.
Identified by BP1934 as "the sole representative of that ancient family" was ...
George Gervis or Jarvis (b 1635, d 1718)
1. Lydia Gervis of Hinton Admiral (dsp 06.04.1751)
  m. Sir Peter Mews (MP for Christchurch. son of Peter, Bishop of Winchester)
2. Agnes Maria Gervis (d 06.01.1726)
  m. William Clerke of Buckland & Cromer Hall
  A. Benjamin Clerke (d 11.02.1758)
  m. Elizabeth Hill (dau of J. Hill of Knavistock)
  i. Joseph Jarvis/Gervis Clerke of Hinton Admiral (dsp)
3. Catherine Gervis
  m. Richard Tapps (d 10.05.1774) @1@ just below



This section first uploaded 07.09.09.
Richard Tapps (d 10.05.1774)
m. Catherine Gervis (dau of George Gervis) @1@ just above
1. George Gervis Tapps (d 1735?)
  m. Mary Buck (d 1735?, dau of T. Buck)
  A. George Gervis Tapps of HInton Admiral (d 10.05.1774)
  m. Jane Ivison (dau of J. Ivison of Carlilse)
  i. Sir George Ivison Tapps (of Hinton Admiral), 1st Bart (b 05.01.1753, d 15.03.1835)
  m. (29.07.1790) Sarah Buggin (dau of Barrington Buggin) @2@ below
  a. Sir George William Tapps 'of Hinton', later Tapps-Gervis, 2nd Bart (b 24.05.1795, d 26.08.1842) had issue
  m. (26.09.1825) Clara Fuller (d 12.1831, dau of Augustus Eliott Fuller of Rosehill & Ashdown House by Clara Meyrick, heiress of Bodorgan)
  Their eldest son inherited Bodorgan and assumed the name Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick.
  ii. Jane Gervis
  m. Sir George Buggin (son of Barrington) @3@ just below



This section first uploaded 07.09.09.
Barrington Buggin
1. Sir George Buggin 'of Marylebone' (b c1760, d 12.04.1825)
  m1. Jane Gervis (dau of George Gervis Tapps) @3@ just above
  m2. Cecilia Letita Gore, later Underwood, later Duchess of Inverness (dau of Arthur (Gore), 2nd Earl of Arran, p/m2. HRH Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex)
2. Sarah Buggin
  m. (29.07.1790) Sir George Ivison Tapps (of Hinton Admiral), 1st Bart (b 05.01.1753, d 15.03.1835) @2@ above



This section first uploaded 16.09.09.
A "direct descendant of Sir John Wogan, Chief Governor of Ireland in 1295 and 1310" was ...
John Wogan of Rathcoffey, co. Kildare
m. Judith Moore
1. Nicholas Wogan of Rathcoffey (d before 19.12.1770, Colonel)
  m. Rose O'Neill (dau/heir of Sir Neill O'Neill, Bart)
  A. John Wogan of Rathcoffey
  m. Helen Browne (d 1784, sister of Lord Kenmare)
  B. Frances Wogan
  m. John Talbot of Malahide
  C. Catherine Wogan
  m. Michael Browne of Castle Browne (d c1778, Colonel, cousin)
2. Judith Wogan (2nd dau)
  m. Stephen FitzWilliam Browne of Castle Browne (d 03.07.1767)



This section first uploaded 27.06.16.
"descended of Norfolk of Cold Hindley" was ...
Robert Norfolk of Barnsley
1. Elizabeth Norfolk
  m. Robert Norfolk of Misterton & Barnsley
  A. Ann Norfolk
  m. (02.06.1611-2) Abel Buckley (son of Thomas of Buckley by Grace, dau of Arthur Ashton of Clegg)
2. Jane Norfolk
  m. James Thrift of Barnsley
  A. Percical Thrift
3. Isabel Norfolk
  m. Thoms Clarke of Hodroyd
  A. Ann Clarke
  m. Thomas Walker of Shafton
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - Jonas, Catherine

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(1) For Seymour of Ballymore Castle : BLG1886 (Seymour of Ballymore Castle)
(2-4) For sections on Gervis, Tapps & Buggin : BP1934 (Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick)
(5) For Wogan of Rathcoffey : BLGI1912 (Wogan-Browne of Castle Browne)
(6) For Norfolk : FMG (vol 3, MS433, 'Norfolk-Buckley', p998+)
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