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This section first uploaded 24.05.12.
Thomas Dacre of Lanercost, Cumberland (d 1565)
1. Christopher Dacre of Little Croglin (d 16.06.1593)
  m. (1563) Alice Knyvett (dau of Henry Knyvett of Horsley by Anne Pickering)
  A. Henry Dacre of Rossgill (b c1577, d 06.10.1623)
m. (07.11.1599) Mary Salkeld (dau of George Salkeld of Rosgill by Barbara Salkeld)
  i. Sir Thomas Dacre (bpt 22.01.1607, d before 1674)
  m. Dorothy Braithwaite (dau of Thomas Braithwaite of Warcop by Elizabeth Dalston)
  a. Henry Dacre of Lanercost (bur 20.12.1696)
  m1. (1662) Mary (probably dau of Henry Sibson)
  (1) Dorothy Dacre
  m. (16.11.1686) Joseph Appleby
  The family's estates passed into the Appleby family, some members of whom assumed the name Appleby-Dacre or Dacre-Appleby.
  m2. Margaret Charlton (dau of William Charlton of Longtee by Mary Errington)
  (2) William Dacre of Leonard Coast Abbey (d 1705)
  m. Troath Swinburne (dau of Sir John Swinburne of Capheaton, Bart, by Isabel Lawson)
  (A) Margaret Dacre (d infant)



This section first uploaded 24.05.12.
Sir Robert Deyncourt
1. Sir Roger Deyncourt
  A. Roger Deyncourt
  i. Sir John Deyncourt
  a. Sir Roger Deyncourt
  m. Mawde
  (1) Johan Deyncourt
  m. Sir John Revell
  (2) Alice Deyncourt
  m. Sir Nicholas Longford of Longford (a c1300?)



This section first uploaded 24.05.12.
Sir Norman Solney
1. Sir Alured Solney
  A. Sir William Solney
  i. Sir Alured Solney
  a. Sir John Solney (dsp)
  b. Agnes Solney
  m. Sir Edmund Appleby (a c1350?)
  c. Hermetrude Solney
  m. Sir Robert Lathbury



This section first uploaded 04.06.12.
VCH (Lancashire, vol 7, 'Townships: Broughton') implies that, unlike the Broughtons of Broughton in Staffordshire, the Broughtons of Broughton Tower in Lancashire were not the lead family there, that being the Singleton family.
John Broughton of Broughton Tower, Lancashire
m. Margaret Copland (dau/heir of Sir Allan Copland)
1. Sir Thomas Broughton of Broughton Tower (d Stoke 16.06.1487)
2. Robert Broughton
  A. Richard Broughton
m. Joanne Massey of Lancashire
  i. Richard Broughton in Staffordshire
  a. Elizabeth Broughton
  m. George James of Braiston
  b.+ son, Margaret
  ii. Mark Broughton of Seton, Rutland
  m. Margaret Dudley (dau of William Dudley of Clopton, widow of Edward Wymark of Luffen Lane)
  a. Richard Broughton of Seton (a 1613)
  m. _ Agard
  b. Elizabeth Broughton
m. Lawrence Thurkington (Torkington) of Stewkley Magna (d 1627)
  iii. Edmund Broughton of Stewkley Magna & Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire
  m. Constance Rowse (dau of Edward Rowse of Badingham by Christiane, sister of Sir Walter Stoner of Stoner)
  a. Philip Broughton in Staffordshire
  m. _ Aldridge of Leicestershire
  b. Edmund Broughton of Godmanchester (a 1613)
  m1. Johanna Kemble (dau of William Kemble of Wedhill)
  (1)+ issue (a 1613) - Edmund (b c1601), Margaret (b c1599)
  m2. (by 1613) Maria Burdett (dau of Humphrey Burdett of Bramcott by Susan, dau of Sir Thomas Englefield of Englefield)
  We have not yet found the connection for Maria to the Burdetts of Bramcote so provisionally show the link to the Englefield family.
  (3) Anna Broughton (b c1607, a 1613)
  c. Dorothea Broughton
  m. Robert Stibbing of Cantio (Kent?) then Bedfordshire ?
  d. Johanna Broughton
  m. Henry Croftes of Godmanchester
  e. Anna Broughton
  m. Richard Stephenson of Godmanchester
  f. Christiana Broughton
  m. _ Lilly of Lincolnshire
  g.+ other issue - William, Laurence, Thomas, William (dsp), Elizabeth (dsp)
3.+ other issue - Launcelott, 8 daughters



This section first uploaded 13.06.12.
James Saunders of Bridgwaer, Somerset seen identified on a web site as possibly father of ...
1. Sir Charles Saunders (b c1715, dsp 07.12.1775, Admiral, CIC Mediterranean)
  m. _ Buck (dau of James Buck) identified on a web site
2. Anne Saunders sister of Sir Charles
  m. Peter Kinsey
  A. Jane Kinsey
  m. Richard Huck, later Huck-Saunders
  i. Anne Huck or Huck-Saunders (d 09.1841)
  m. (08.1796) Robert Dundas, later Saunders-Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville (b 1771, d 1851)
  ii. Jane Huck or Huck-Saunders (b 1779-80, d 26.03.1857)
  m. (24.03.1800) John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland (b 1759, d 1841)



This section first uploaded 14.06.12.
James Taylor of Swords, co. Dublin
1. Robert Taylor
  m. Elizabeth Golding (grand-dau of Lord Howth)
  A. ?? Taylor
  i. ?? Taylor
  a. Robert Taylor of Dublin
  (1) Alice Taylor ("only child")
  m. James Kenney of Grange (b 1653, d 09.01.1679, Captain)



This section first uploaded 02.07.12.
BLG1886 reports that "The family of Hamlyn is of great antiquity both in Devon and Cornwall. That branch of it which stills survives at Paschoe, was resident in Exeter early in the15th century." We presume that this family was connected to that shown on Hamlyn1 but the arms were very different, indicating that a connection to that other family may have never been proved.
Christopher Hamlyn
m. (1611) Joanna Tuckfield (dau of John Tuckfield of Raddon)
1. Daniel Hamlyn 'of Paschoe', Devon
m. Zenobia Lethbridge
  A. Daniel Hamlyn
  m. Elizabeth Avery
  i. John Hamlyn
  m. _ Conant
  a. Robert Paschoe Hamlyn of Paschoe
  m. Gertrude Mills
  (1) Christopher Hamlyn of Paschoe (d 1815)
  m1. Elizabeth Mary Calmady (b 1749, d 1777, dau of Vincent Calmady by Elizabeth, dau/heir of John Pollexfen)
  (A) Calmady Pollexfen Hamlyn of Paschoe & Leawood (b 18.01.1775, d 07.1846) had issue
  m. (27.06.1805) Fanny Bedford Cross (d 1855, dau of Richard Cross of Duryards)
  m2. (sp) Frances Marshall

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