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This section first uploaded 15.02.20.
Henry Leke of Southwark (d 1559, "a native of Germany", brewer)
1. Henry Leke or Leake of Southwark & London (d 1563)
  m. Alicia Bromfield (d 26.03.1610, dau of Thomas Bromfield of London) @1@ below
  A. Henry Leake of Southwark & Bromley (d 15.09.1622)
  m. Bridget Spencer (dau of John Spencer of Groaton)
  i. Bridget Leake
  m. Thomas Cranley of Oxenbourne
  ii. Ann Leake
  m. William Greene of Lynne
  iii. Susa Leake
  m. Philip Bowring
  iv. Frances Leake
  m. George Burgh of London
  v.+ other issue - Henry, Edward, Prudence, Martha, Alice, Katharine
  B. Lucy Leake
C. Katharine Leake
  m1. Barnabas Hilles of London
  m2. Sir Robert Clarke (Baron of the Exchequer)
2. Joan Leake
  m. Martin Van Kurnebeck (Dr.)
  A. Genevieve Van Kurnebeck
  m. William Dade of Witton
  B.+ other issue - Symon, Henry
3. Katharine Leake (d 28.09.1604)
  m. (1550) Francis Barty (d 05.06.1611)
  A. Francis Barty
  B. Lucie Barty
  m. Arnold Oldesworth of Bradley, Gloucestershire @2@ below



This section first uploaded 15.02.20.
Thomas Bromfield of London
1. Alicia Bromfield (d 26.03.1609/10)
  m1. Henry Leake of London (d 1563) @1@ above
  m2. William Cox of London
  A. Hester Cox
  m. Francis Good
  B. Judith Cox
  m1. _ Hereson
  m2. John Markham
  C. Mary Cox
  m. Richard May of Stifford
  m3. Sir John Spencer, Lord Mayor of London



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Nicholas Oldesworth of Pultens Court, Gloucestershire
1. Thomas Oldesworth
  m. Margaret Hardkin (dau of Richard Hardkin of Essex)
  A. Joseph Oldesworth
i. Edward Oldesworth
  m. Tavye Porter (dau of Arthur Porter)
  a. Arnold Oldesworth of London (a 1604)
  We suspect that this was the same person as Arnold Oldesworth of Bradley, Gloucestershire, who is shown by CTG (vol 5, 1838, 'Pedigree of Leake', p51) as having the following family.
  m. Lucie Barty (dau of Francis Barty by Katharine Leake) @2@ above
  (1) Elizabeth Oldesworth
  m. Alexander Baynham of Westbury
  (2)+ other issue - Edward, Michael



This section first uploaded 17.02.20.
There are pedigrees on Gorram families, apparently connected to each other and to the following family, on CTG (vol 5, p329+), CTG (vol 5, p182+), CTG (vol 6, p284+) & CTG (vol 8, p81+), but the exact connection is not clear. It is certainly possible that further digging into those pages would identify the connection(s) but we leave that to further research "in due course" and, for the moment, just show the easy-to-follow pedigree on CTG (vol 5, p345).
William de Gorham (a 1150) probably father of ...
1. Henry de Gorham of Cransley & Flore (Northamptonshire) and Wingrave & Rolvesham (Buckinghamshire) (a 1208) probably father of ...
  A. William de Gorham of Cransley, Flore, etc. (a 1233) probably father of ...
  i. William de Gorham of Cransley & Flore (a 1296) probably father of ...
  a. Sir Hugh de Gorham of Churchfield & Whaplode in Lincolnshire (d 1325)
m. (before 1281) Margery Angevin (d 1331, dau/heir of Sir William Angevin of Whaplode) @@ below
  (1) William de Gorham, last of Churchfield (a 1338) had issue
  m. (c1312) Isabella (a 1338)
  (2) Thomas de Gorham of Whaplode (a 1338)
  (A) ?? de Gorham
  (i) Thomas de Gorham (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  (a) Margaret de Gorham, heiress of Goram
  m. (c1400) Sir John Littlebury
  (3) William de Gorham



This section first uploaded 17.02.20.
William Angevin of Churchfield, etc. Northamptonshire (d before 1199)
m. Ismena (a 1202) probably parents of ...
1. William Angevin of Whaplode, Lincolnshire (a c1250)
  A. Sir William Angevin of Whaplode (d c1270)
  m. Alicia (d before 16.03.1276)
  i. Margery Angevin (d 1331)
  m. (before 1281) Sir Hugh de Gorham @@ above



This section first uploaded 17.02.20.
Edward Rigby of Mistley Hall, Essex (d 1711)
1. Richard Rigby
  A. Richard Rigby (d 1758, "Commissioner of Trade and Plantations, &c.")
  B. Martha Rigby
m. John Hale
2. James Rigby (d in Jamaica 1741)
  m. Elizabeth Bragg
  A. Anna Maria Rigby
  m1. _ Inglis
  m2. Daniel Brodbelt
  i. Francis Rigby Brodbelt of Jamaica (b 09.10.1746, d 09.12.1795, MD)
  m. (01.01.1770) Ann Gardner Penoyre (dau/coheir of Thomas Penoyre of Spanish Town, Jamaica (nephew of Thomas of The Moor))
  a. Francis Rigby Brodbelt of Batheaston (Somerset), later Stallard-Penoyre 'of The Moor' (a 1824)
  m. (1803) France Milward (b 1786, dau of Lt. General John Gardner Milward of Spanish Town)
  (1) Anna Maria Milward (b 27.01.1804, a 1872, only child)
  Rev. William Timothy Napleton, later Stallard-Penoyre (d 11.1856, son of Rev. Timothy of Powderham)
  B.+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Elizabeth (d 1747), Frances (d unm)
3. daughter
  m. John Ashton

Main source(s):
(1)(2) For Leake & Bromfield : CTG (vol 5, 1838, 'Pedigree of Leake', p51)
(3) For Oldesworth : Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, 'Oldesworth')
(4)(5) For Gorham & Angevin : CTG (vol 5, 'Pedigree of De Gorham of Northamptonshire and of De Gorham and Angevin of Lincolnshire', p345)
(6) For Rigby-Brodbelt : Robinson (Hereford, 'Penoyre of The Moor, Clifford', p77)
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