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This section first uploaded 04.08.20.
BEB1841 reports that this family is descended from Lewis of Ffrwdgrech.
Lodowick Lewis of Trewalter, co. Brecon (d 1614)
m. Elizabeth Watkins (dau/coheir of William Watkins of Llangorse) @1@ below
1. Sir William Lewis of Llangorse, Sheriff of Brecon, Governor of Portsmouth, Bart (b 26.03.1598, d before 28.11.1677, MP)
m. (c.02.1621/2) Mary Calton (bur 22.02.1635/6, dau of Robert Calton of Goring, widow of Sir Thomas Neale of Warneford)
  A. Lodowock Lewis of Llangorse (dvp, MP) who married ...
  m. ?? Buckle (dau of Sir Christopher Buckle of Burgh in Banstead)
  i. Elizabeth Lewis (d 1734)
  ## TCB reports that one of the daughters "was ancestress of the families of Pryse and Loveden, later Pryse, by whom, in 1806, the greater part of the Llangorse estate was sold." BEB1841 identifies that it was Elizabeth, "(from whom) sprang Lewis Pryse, esq.who inherited the Gogerddan estate, and was father of Margaret Pryse, the wife of Edward Loveden Loveden, esq. of Buscot Park". It is not clear how Elizabeth (or possibly one of her sisters) was mother (possibly grandmother if she and a daughter were both teenage brides) of that Lewis Pryse (b 1716, d 1779, ## see here ##) given that ("John Lewis of Coedmor") shows that she married ...
  m. (1680) John Lewis of Coedmore (b c1660, bur 26.01.1720) @2@ below
  ii.+ 2 daughters
  One of the daughters married ...
  m. Lewis Buckle (cousin)
  B.+ 2 daughters



This section first uploaded 04.08.20.
Sir John Lewys of Abernantbychan & Coedmore (d 1655/6)
m. (1600) Bridget Pryse (d 04.10.1643, dau of Sir Richard Pryse of Gogerthan (Gogerddan), Cardiganshire)
1. James Lewis of Abernanybychan (Plad Glynarthen in Penbryn), later of Coedmore in Llangoedmore, Cardiganshire (b c1602, d 1668, MP, eldest son)
  m1. (div by 1637) Mary Lloyd (da/heir of Lewis Lloyd of Abemad)
  A.+ issue - John (dvpsp), daughter
m2. (c1641) Mary Wogan (dau of John Wogan of Wiston, widow of David Lloyd of Cilciffeth)
  C. James Lewis of Coedmor, Cardinganshire (d 1669)
  m. Catherine Harrison (dau of Richard Harrison of Hurst)
  i. John Lewis of Coedmore (Cardinganshire), Sheriff of Brecon then Cardiganshire (b c1660, bur 26.01.1720, MP)
  m. (1680) Elizabeth Lewis (d 1734, dau/coheir of Lodowock Lewis, younger of Llangorse) @2@ above
  a.+ issue - son (dvp), 4 daughters
  D.+ 3 sons



This section first uploaded 04.08.20.
William Watkins of Llangorse
1. Elizabeth Watkins
  m. Lodowick Lewis of Trewalter (d 1614) @1@ above
2. Catharine Watkins probably of this generation
  m. James Penoyre of The Moor (a 1603)



This section first uploaded 05.08.20.
Reginald Forester or Forster of Rodington, Salop
m. Blanche Williams (dau of Reginald Williams of Willaston)
1. Sir Reginald Forster formerly of Watling Street (Salop), later of East Greenwiche, Kent, 1st Bart (b c1618, bur 27.06.1684)
  m1. Blandina Acton (bur 09.11.1665, au of John Acton of London by Blandina, dau of John Penuen of Badgeworth)
  A. Sir Reginald Forster of East Greenwich, 2nd Bart, Sheriff of Warwickshire (b c1640, d 11.08.1705)
  m1. (by 1675) Mary Nash (bur 17.06.1677, dau/heir of Captain Edward Nash of Greenwich)
  i. Edward Forster (bur 11.04.1675)
  ii. Jane Forster
  m. Franclyn Miller
  a. Jane Miller
  m. William Norcliffe of the Temple, London
  b.+ 3 other children
  m2. ?? ("an heiress from co. Warwick")
  m2. (??) (c01.1667/8) Alice Hayward (b c1618, widow)
  m3. (24.11.1668) Anne Briggs of Bow (b c1623, d by 1674, widow)



This section first uploaded 12.08.20.
Thomas Pembrock
"Came to Ireland with his brother William, from Cambridgeshire, and settled in Cork."
1. William Pembroke 'of Exeter' of Cork (d 30.12.14707)
  m. Mary Wheadon (Vereker?) (b 1645, d 17.02.1723)
  A. Thomas Pembroke, Sheriff of Co. Cork, then Mayor of Cork (b 11.01.1683, dsp 19.09.1754)
m. (18.04.1711) Sarah Murphy (b 23.04.1691, d 07.12.1750, dau of Hugh Murphy)
  B. Elizabeth Pembroke (b 18.09.1677, d 06.09.1741)
  m. (21.12.1691) David Rochford (b 1664, d 17.10.1727)
  i. Patrick Rochford of Cork
  a. David Rocford
  C. Bridget Pembroke (b 23.03.1679, d 15.10.1744)
  m. (21.01.1702) Benjamin Winthrop of Cork (b 1678, d 30.11.1729)
  D. Mary Pembroke (b 06.08.1686, d 01.06.1758)
  m. (06.02.1713) Richard Rylands of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford (d 31.03.1751)
  i. Mary Rylands (d 12.02.1749)
  m. (11.06.1740) Robert Grove of Ballyhimock
  E.+ other issue - William (b 1675, d young), Peter, Margaret



This section first uploaded 12.08.20.
Identified in BIFR1976 ('Bence-Jones', p650) as father of Richard (m. Mary Winhtrop) was ...
Richard Baldwin
1. Richard Baldwin of Rathclaren (d 22.11.1742, rector of (Rathclaron in) Bandon)
  m. (24.05.1728) Mary Winthrop (b 16.11.1703, dau of Benjamin Winthrop of Cork by Bridget, dau of William Pembroke of Cork))
  A. Charles Winthrop Baldwin of Bath (dsp 1817)
  B. Bridget Baldwin
  m. (13.04.174*) Henry Wrixon of Glenfield & Blossomfort, co. Cork @3@ below
  C. Anne Baldwin
  m. (20.04.1749) George Sealy of Burleysfield & Gortnahona
  i. George Sealy, later Baldwin (dsp, rector in Cork & Inchigula)
  m. Alicia Lane (dau of Anthony Lane)
  ii. Mary Sealy
  m. William Maunsell of Caherdavin & Flag House
  At first sight, this seems to be a match with the marriage ## shown here ## but the dates look wrong.



This section first uploaded 12.08.20.
BIFR1976 (Bence-Jones', p651) shows successive generations of Winthrops married to a Wrixon, first (in 1733) William to Alicia (dau of Robert) then (in 1757) their son Stephen to Katherine (dau of Yeamsns son of Henry of Glenfield). We speculate that they were connected as follows.
?? Wrixon
1. Robert Wrixon of Kilroe
  A. Alicia Wrixon (b c1704, d 21.12.1795)
  m. (24.01.1733) William Winthrop, Sheriff then Mayor of Cork (b 28.05.1705, d 30.11.1765, son of Benamin Winthrop of Cork)
2. Henry Wrixon of Glenfield
  m. Mary Yeamans (sister of John Yeamans) parents of Yeamans, perhaps also of ...
  A. Henry Wrixon of Glenfield & Blossomfort
  'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 23 (December 1912), 'Pembroke: Rochford: Winthrop, etc.', p322) provides the following.
  m. (13.04.174*) Bridget Baldwin (dau of Richard Baldwin of Rathclaren by Mary, dau of Benamin Winthrop of Cork) @3@ above
  i. John Wrixon (Vicar Choral of Cork Cathedral)
  m. (1750) Catherine White (sister of Rev. Thomas White of Kilnaglory)
  a.+ issue - Thomas, Anne
  B. Yeamans Wrixon
  i. Katherine Wrixon
  m. (06.10.1757) Stephen Winthrop (Captain, son of William Winthrop by Alicia Wrixon)



This section first uploaded 04.06.24.
Christopher Russell (d 1729, Lt. Colonel)
BLG1886 ('Colthurst of Dripsey') identifies Elizabeth, (below) as dau of Col. Christopher Russell, Governor of Minorca, and great-granddau of _ Hook, Bishop of Worcester. Thanks to a contributor (PS, 18.05.15) for pointing out that Lt. Col. Christopher Russell (d 1729) was never Governor of Minorca (though it is possible that he was an Acting/Deputy Governor for a time) and that there was no Bishop Hook of Worcester. Thanks to PS again (03.06.24) for drawing our attention to the other connections shown below and noting that other sources also wrongly refer to Christopher as though he had been Governor of Minorca ("it is I suppose possible that Russell may briefly have been acting Governor of Fort St Philip in the absence of his Colonel"). He is also sometimes (wrongly) identifed as a full Colonel rather than a Lieutenant Colonel.
1. Elizabeth Russell (d 1775)
  m1. James Colthurst of Dripsey Castle, Sheriff of co. Cork (d 1757)
  m2. (07.08.1763) Joseph Oates of Kilnahone (Green Hall), Sheriff of Cork (d before 12.1780)
2. Katharine Dorothea Russell (d 1778)
  m. (1739) Hovell Farmar of Mount Hovell, co. Cork (b 1701, d 1770)

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