Parked domains



The above-mentioned domains are all owned by Stirnet Limited and have been parked with In due course we may use one or more of them to support the provision of multi-page advertisements or reports, or for mini-sites for customers, either in support of The Stirnet Portal or for someone who is interested in Advertising with Stirnet. If this might interest you, please contact us. Even if we have not yet started a new site with one of the above domains, we may be able to host pages for customers within itself. If this interests you, let us know.


How much would this cost?
There would probably be a modest set-up charge (which will depend mainly on the amount of work required of us) and perhaps also a small periodic charge (but perhaps not). Whatever, we would certainly aim to keep all charges very low and may waive them altogether if some ‘quid pro quo’ help for our site was being provided.