Pen Profiles

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This page is to be used to provide pen profiles (brief histories) of selected individuals or groups of individuals. I am NOT going to try to cover all famous figures. Instead, the selection of subjects will be somewhat arbitrary, covering people who happen to have attracted my attention for some whim or fancy. At the moment, a common theme is that I am looking for stories which add to our appreciation of how different are the lives that different people have. I may develop other themes in the future, one being thought of is ‘Slebs & Celebrities’.

Ref. Content
Set 1 Polymaths
– James Crichton, “The Admirable Crichton” (1560-1585/6) **
– James Napier, “Marvelous Merchiston” (1550-1617) **
Set 2 ‘Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters, of Remarkable Persons from the Revolution in 1688 to the End of the Reign of George II’, “collected from the most authentic accounts extant” by James Caulfield (published in London in 1819-20 in four volumes).


** Profile includes a link to the person in the Families Database.