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1. Rotheachta
  A. Firarda, prince of Ireland
  i. Cas Clothach, prince of Ireland
  a. Muinhearnhoin (d 961BC)
  (1) Aildergoidh (d 934BC)
  (A) Cas Cead Caingniodh, King of Munster
  (i) Failbhe, King of Munster
  (a) Roan or Ragna, prince of Ireland
  ((1)) Rotheachta (d 797BC)
  ((A)) Elli Molli Naghta (d 796BC)
  ((i)) Art Imleach (d 765BC)
  ((a)) Breasrigh (d 736BC) - continued just below
Breasrigh (d 736BC) - continued just above
1. Seadhna Jonaroia, King of Ireland (d 695BC)
  A. Duach Fionn or Dongh Fin (d 668BC)
i. Lughaedh Jardhoim (d 659BC)
  a. Eochaidh Uaircas (or Eoghai Goir Gheas, d 631BC)
  (1) Luighaidh Lamhdhearg (d 619BC)
  (A) Art, King (d 603)
  (i) Oiliall Finn (d 587BC)
  (a) Eochaidh (d 580BC)
  ((1)) Lughaidh Laighe (d 540BC)
  ((A)) Reachta Righdhearg (d 451BC)
  ((i)) Cobhthaig Caomh, King of Munster
  ((a)) Modhchorb (d 357BC)



Eanbhethath, prince of Ireland
1. Smiorgill, princeof Ireland
  A. Fiachadh Labhraine, prince of Ireland (d 1083BC)
  i. Aongus Ollbhuagach, King of Ireland (d 1043BC)
  a. Maoin, prince of Ireland
  (1) Rotheachta (d 991BC)
  (A) Den or Dein, prince of Ireland
  (i) Siorna Saoghalach (d 804BC)
  (a) Oliolla Olchaoin, prince of Ireland
  ((1)) Giallchadh (d 787BC)
  ((A)) Nuadha Fionn Fairl (d 745BC)
  ((i)) Simon Breac, King of Ireland (d 689BC)
  ((a)) Muireadhoch Balgreach - continued just below
Muireadhoch Balgreach (d 680BC) - continued just above
1. Fiachadh Tolghrach (d 596BC)
  A. Duach Laighrach (d 547BC)
  i. Eochaidh Buaidhaig, prince of Ireland
a. Ugaine More 'the Great' (d 421BC)
  m. Ceafenir Crutbach (dau of King of Franks)
  (1) Laoghair Lorch (d 419BC)
  (A) Oilioll Aine
  (i) Maoin
  (2) Cobhthaig Caolbreag, King (d 289BC)
  (A) Meilge, prince of Ireland
  (i) Haran Gleofathach (d 331BC)
  (a) Conla Cruaidh Cealgach (d 316BC)
  ((1)) Oilioll Caishiaclach (d 291BC)
  ((A)) Eochadh Foltleathan (d 275BC)
  ((i)) Aongus Tuirimheach (d 233BC)
  ((a)) Eanda Aighnach (d 193BC) HJRY

Main source(s): 'Royal Genealogies' (NB. The above information was recorded from notes taken. The font used in the book 'Royal Genealogies' was not always easy to read so it is very likely that there are several spelling mistakes and other transcription errors.)
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