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Bealdeagus (or Baeldeg) (b 243)
1. Brond (or Brandius)
  A. Benac or Bernic
  i. Beorns reported by 'Royal Genealogies' but not by 'RoyalData'
  a. Weybrand reported by 'Royal Genealogies' but not by 'RoyalData'
(1) Ingebrand reported by 'Royal Genealogies' but not by 'RoyalData'
  (A) Alusa or Aloc
  (i) Angengent or Angenwit
  (a) Ethelbert ('Royal Genealogies') or Ingui ('RoyalData')
  ((1)) Oesa or Esa
  ((A)) Eoppa
  ((i)) Ida, King of Bernicia (d 559)
  m. Bearnoch
  B. Frithogar (or Freodegerus)
  i. Freawine (or Frithuwald)
  a. Wig (or Wigga)
  (1) Gewis (or Gerisius)
  (A) Elsa
  Some sources indicate that there were 2 generations of Elsa or Esla as well as 1 of Elesa.
  (i) Elesa (or Elesius)
  (a) Cerdic, King of Wessex (d 534)
  Cerdic is generally viewed as the first 'proven' ancestor of the Saxon Kings of England.
  ((1)) Cynric, King of Wessex (d 560)
  ((A)) Ceawlin, King of Wessex (d 593)
  ((i)) Cuthwine
((a)) Chad or Ceadda
  (((1))) Cenbert or Coenbeorht
  (((A))) Cedwalla, King of Wessex (d 688)
  (((B))) Mul, under-king of Kent (d 687)
  ((b)) Cynebald
  (((1))) Ethelbald
  (((A))) Oswald Atheling (d 729)
  ((c)) Cuthwulf (or Cutha)
  (((1))) Ceolwald
  (((A))) Cenred EGHJRSWY
  ((B)) Cutha, King of Wessex (d 584)
  ((i)) Ceolric, King of Wessex (d 597)
  ((a)) Cynegils (d 643)
  (((1))) Cwichelm (d 636)
  (((A))) Cuthred (d 661)
  (((2))) Cenwealth (d 672)
  m1. (div c645) sister of Penda, King of Mercia
  m2. Sexburgh, Queen of Wessex (d 674)
  (((3))) Centwine, King of Wessex (d 685)
  (((4))) Cyneburgh
  m. Oswald, King of Northumbria (d 642)
  ((ii)) Ceolwulf, King of Wessex (d 611)
  ((a)) Cuthgils
  (((1))) Cenferth
  (((A))) Cenfus
  (((i)))Aescwine, King of Wessex (d 676)
  (b) sister of Cerdic
  ((1)) Stuf
  ((2)) Wightgar, King of the Isle of Wight (d 544)

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