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This page shows two alternative ancestries offered for Woden (aka Odin or Wotan or Bodo).

This ancestry is given by 'RoyalData' which reports the Icelandic 'Prose Edda'. It can be found in several records although many, not wishing to push the mythical nature of this ancestry too far, prefer to start with Sceaf (example: 'The Royal Line of Succession', published by Pitkin Guides Ltd in 1996, ISBN 0-85372-404-0) or later.
Munon, King of Troy
m. Troan (dau of Priam, King of Troy)
1. Thor or Tror
  m. Sibil or Sif
  A. Loridi
  i. Einridi
  a. Vingethor
  (1) Vingener
  (A) Moda
  (i) Magi
  (a) Sceaf (or Seskef)
  ((1)) Bedwig
  'RoyalData' reports: "The Anglo Saxon Chronicles shows Bedwig as a Grandson of the biblical Noah at this point, whereas the Prose Edda shows the lineage from Thor to Odin."
  ((A)) Hwala (or Hathra)
  ((i)) Itermon
  ((a)) Heremond (or Heremod) - continued just below
A. Heremond (or Heremod) - continued just above
  i. Sceldwa (Skjold)
  a. Beaw (Bjaf)
  (1) Taetwa
  (A) Geata
  (i) Godwulf
  (a) Finn
  ((1)) Frithuwulf
  ((A)) Frealaf
  ((i)) Frithuwald
  ((a)) Woden (or Odin) - continued @@ below
  m. Frigg



The following comes from 'Royal Genealogies'. It is taken from transcribed notes and probably contains spelling errors.
Hardwick, King of Saxons (d 90BC)
1. Anserich, King of Saxons (d 4AD)
  A. Wilke I, Prince of Saxons (d 30AD)
  i. Svarticke I, Prince of Saxons (d 76)
  a. Svartich II, Prince of Saxons (d 80)
  (1) Sigward, Prince of Saxons (d 100)
  (A) Witekind I, King of Saxons (d 106)
  (i) Wilke II, Prince of Saxons (d 190)
  (a) Harbod, King of Saxons (d 256)
  ((1)) Woden (or Odin or Bodo), King of Saxons (b 215, d 300) - continued just below
  m. Frea



  a. Woden (or Odin or Bodo or Wotan), King of Saxons (b 215, d 300) or here§A
  m. Frigg or Frea
  (1) Witte (or Wecta) I, King of Saxons (d 350) ancestor of Dukes of Saxony and of Kings of Kent EGHJRSWY
  (2) Bealdeagus (or Baeldeg) (b 243) ancestor of Kings of Wessex, Bernicia and Northumbria EGHJRSWY
  (3) Cacer (or Casere) ancestor of Kings of East Anglia EGHJRSWY
  (4) Saxonets (or Seasus or Saxnext) ancestor of Kings of Essex
  (5) Witelgeltis (or Watholgo) ancestor of Kings of Mercia EGHJRSWY
  (6) Webden (or Wecta or Wedaeg) ancestor of Kings of Deira and Northumbria
  The following son has so far been found only in 'RoyalData'.
  (7) Winta had issue ending with Ealdfrith (d 796), no connections yet found with another in this database
  According to 'RoyalData', the Icelandic Prose Edda shows also Skjoldr of Denmark, Seminger of Norway and Yngvi of Sweden who have not been found in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. We have so far found (in various web sites) ...
  (8) Skjold, King of Danes (b c237) EGHJRSWY
  p. Skadi
  (9) Saeming, King of the Norse (b c239)

Main source(s): as reported above ('RoyalData', etc.)
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