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Webden (or Wecta or Wedaeg)
1. Vitgils not shown by 'Royal Genealogies'
  A. Vitta
  i. Heingistr
  B. Siggar
  i. Swebdaeg
  a. Sigegeat or Sigarth
  (1) Saebald
  (A) Saefugl or Sefagelus
  (i) Suartha not shown by 'RoyalData'
  (a) Westerfalca
  ((1)) Wilgisl
  ((A)) Uxfrea
  ((i)) Yffi
((a)) Aellie, King of Deira (d c590)
  (((1))) Edwin, King of Northumbria (d 633)
  m1. Cwenburga (dau of Ceorl, King of Mercia)
  (((A))) Osfrith (d 633)
  (((B))) Eadfrith
  m2. Ethelburga (d 647, dau of Aethelbert, King of Kent)
  (((C))) Eanfled of Deira
  m. Oswy, King of Northumbria (d 670)
  (((D)))+ other issue - Ethelhun, Wuscfrea, Ethelthryth
  (((2))) Acha of Deira
  m. Aethelfrith, King of Northumbria (d 617)
  ((b)) Aelfric, King of Deira (d 604)
  (((1))) Osric, King of Northumbria (d 634)
  (((A))) St. Oswine, King of Northumbria (d 651)

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