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Dardanus provides a connection between the Biblical stories and the ancient Greek mythologies. It would be misleading to say that he provides "the connection" because the link could probably be placed on other people and, in any case, those mythologies are reported differently according to different traditions. The versions we show appear to be widely accepted but are not universally accepted.
Darda or Dardanus - here for one descent from Adam, here for another descent from Adam, and here for a descent from Zeus
m. Batieia (or Arisbe) (dau of Teucer, King of the Troad)
1. Ilus
2. Erichthonius
  m. Astychoe (dau of Simois, a river god)
  A. Tros (Troas)
  m. Callirhoe (dau of Scamander, a river god)
  i. Cleopatra
  ii. Ilus, Founder and First King of Troy
  m. Eurydice (possibly dau of Adrastus)
  a. Laomedon, King of Troy
  m1. Strymo (also called Strymon, Rhoeo, Placia, Thousa, Leucippe and Zeuxippe, dau of Scamander, a river god)
  (1) Priam, originally called Podarces, King of Troy (youngest son)
  m1. Arisbe (dau of Merops)
  (A) Aeacus (Aesacus)
  m. Asterope
  m2. Hecuba (dau of EITHER Dymas, King of Phrygia by the Nymph Eunoe, OR Cisseus, a king of Thrace)
Hecuba's ancestry is unclear even by mythical standards!
  (B) Hector, the Hero
  m. Andromache
  (i) Scamandrius = Astyanax
  (ii) Laodamas
  (C) Paris (Alexander)
  m1. Oenone (a nymph)
  m2. Helen of Troy (dau of Zeus)
  (i) issue - Helena, Bunicus, Corythus, Aganus, Idacus
  (D) Laodice
  m1. Helicaon
  m2. Acamas
  (E) Medicaste possibly by a concubine
  m. Imbrius
(F) Deiphobus
  m. Helen of Troy (dau of Zeus)
  (G) Helenus
  m. Andromache
  (i) Cestrinus
  Not mentioned by 'The Dictionary of Classical Mythology' (unless he was the same person as Cestrinus) but reported by the 'joelines' site (referred to on 'Adam5') is the following connection:
  (ii) Genger
  (H) Creusa
  m. Aeneas, the Hero @1@ below
  (I)+ other issue - Polyxena, Cassandra, Pammon, Polites, Antiphus, Hipponous, Polydorus, Troilus
partners known & unknown
  (J)+ other issue - Melanippus, Gorgythion, Philaemon, Hippothous, Glaucus, Agathon, Chersidamas, Evagoras, Hippodamus, Mestor, Atas, Doryclus, Lycaon, Dryops, Bias, Chromius, Astygonus, Telestas, Evander, Cebrion, Mylius, Archemachus, Laodocus, Echephron, Idomeneus, Hyperion, Ascanius, Democoon, Aretus, Deiopetes, Clonius, Echemmon, Hyperochus, Aegeoneus, Lysithous, Polymedon, Medusa, Medesicasta, Lysimache, Aristodeme, Antiphon, Dius, Axion
  Not mentioned by 'The Dictionary of Classical Mythology' (unless she is included above under another name) but reported by 'RoyalData' was ...
  (K) Troan
  m. Munon, King of Troy ancestor of Kings of the Saxons
  (2) Hesione
  m. Telamon
  (3) Tithonus
  p. Eos, The Dawn (dau of Hyperion)
  (A) Emathion
  (B) Memnon
  (4)+ other issue - Lampus, Clytius, Hicetaon, Cilla, Astyoche
  m2. Calybe
  (9) Boucolion
b. Themiste
  m. Capys @2@ just below
  iii. Assaracus (Ascaracus)
  m. Hieromneme
  a. Capys (Caprus)
  m. Themiste (dau of Ilus, Founder and King of Troy) @2@ just above
(1) Anchises
  m. Aphrodite (dau of Zeus) = Venus (dau of Jupiter)
  (A) Aeneas, the Hero
  m1. Creusa (dau of Priam, King of Troy) @1@ above
  (i) Ascanius (Iulus), King of Alba
Ascanius, also called Iulus, is sometimes claimed as ancestor of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. We follow 'The Dictionary of Classical Mythology' (our Main Source for this page) and show Romulus and Remus as descendants not of Ascanius/Iolus but of his successor as King of Alba, his half-brother Silvius.
  m2. Lavinia (dau of Latinus)
  (ii) Silvius, King of Alba shown by Dwnn as son rather than half-brother of Ascanius
  (a) Aeneas, King of Alba - continued below
  Not mentioned by 'The Dictionary of Classical Mythology' but reported by the 'joelines' site (referred to on 'Adam3') is the following connection:
  (b) Brutus
  (B) Lymus
  (2) Ilus
  iv. Ganymede
3. Zacynthus
4. Idaea
  m. Phineus



Aeneas, King of Alba - continued above
1. Latinus, King of Alba
  A. Alba, King of Alba
  i. Capetus, King of Alba
  a. Capys, King of Alba
  (1) Calpetus, King of Alba
  (A) Tiberinus, King of Alba
(i) Agrippa, King of Alba
  (a) Allades, King of Alba
  ((1)) Aventinus, King of Alba
  ((A)) Procas, King of Alba
  ((i)) Numitor, King of Alba
  ((a)) Aegestes
  ((b)) Rhea Silvia
  p. Mars, a God
  By Mars, Rhea bore the twins, Romulus and Remus, who founded Rome and are claimed as ancestors of various noble Roman families, including the Julius family.
  ((ii)) Amulius, King of Alba

Main source(s): 'The Dictionary of Classical Mythology' by Pierre Grimal (see Main sources on 'Gods01') with some support from various web sites (including 'HOLDT')
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