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Families covered: Abernethy of Abernethy, Abernethy of Pitgrunzie, Abernethy of Saltoun

Orm de Abernethy (a 1172/3)
1. Laurence de Abernethy, Abbot of Abernethy (a 1216, lived v. old)
  m. Devorgulle
  A. Patrick de Abernethy (d by 1254)
  B. Hugh Abernethy of that ilk (d after 1291)
  m. (by 05.04.1281) Mary de Ergadia (Mary MacDougall of Lorn) (d 1304, dau of Ewen MacDougall, 3rd of Dunollie and of Lorn)
  i. Alexander Abernethy of that ilk, Governor of Dundee (d c1316)
a. Margaret Abernethy (d c1370) --
  m. John Stewart, 1st Earl of Angus (d 09.12.1331) --
  b. Mary Abernethy --
  m1. (1313) Sir Andrew Leslie --
  m2. (1324) Sir David de Lindsay --
  C. William Abernethy, 1st of Saltoun (d by 1296)
  m. Margaret
  i. William Abernethy, 2nd of Saltoun (a 1320)§D
  a. Sir William Abernethy, 3rd of Saltoun (d after 1346)
  (1) William Abernethy (dvpsp)
  (2) George Abernethy, 4th of Saltoun
m. Alicia Wishart (dau of George Wishart of Plenderleith)
  (A) George Abernethy, 5th of Saltoun (d Otterburn 1388)
  (i) William Abernethy, 6th of Saltoun (b by1365, d 1420)
  m. Mary Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany)
  (a) Sir William Abernethy (dvp Harlaw 24.07.1411)
  m. Margaret Borthwick (dau of Sir William Borthwick)
  ((1)) William Abernethy, 7th of Saltoun (dsp before 1428)
  ((2)) Laurence Abernethy, 8th of Saltoun, 1st Lord Saltoun (b c1400, d before 13.03.1460-1)
  m. (by 1448) Margaret
((A)) William Abernethy, 2nd Lord Saltoun (d 06.1488 Sauchieburn ?)
  m1. ??
  m2. Isabella Borthwick
  Not certain which wife was the mother of which child.
  ((i)) daughter --
TSP suggests that the elder daughter married Walter Ogston of that ilk. The Ogston source suggests that she was Walter's mother, having married ...
  m. John Ogston of that ilk --
  ((ii)) Christian Abernethy --
  m. (1468) Sir John Wemyss of Wemyss (d by 05.1508) --
  ((B)) James Abernethy, 3rd Lord Saltoun (d 1504-5) --
  ((C)) Elisabeth Abernethy
  m. John Gordon, younger of Scardargue, 1st of Auchleuchries
  ((D)) daughter --
  m. Alexander Irvine, younger of Drum (dvp) --
  ((E))+ other issue - George, Archibald
  ((3)) Oswald Abernethy of Teinside and Harwood (a 1446)
  ((A)) John Abernethy
  (b) James Abernethy of Theynside & Harwood (a 1393, dsp ?)
  (c) Patrick Abernethy (a 11.1413)
  (d) John Abernethy of Kinnaltie
  (B) John Abernethy (a 1381)
  ii. Laurence Abernethy of Lamberton (a 1338)
  a. Hugh Abernethy (a 1358)
  D. Henry Abernethy (a 1260)
  E. Marjory Abernethy
  m. (mcrt 1259) Hugh Douglas
2. Michael de Abernethy (a 1204)
  A. Orm de Abernethy of Pitgrunzie and Aberargie
  i. Hugh Abernethy of Pitgrunzie and Aberargie
  a. Margaret Abernethy
  m. John de Lundors of Pitgrunzie whose descendants are thought to have taken the name Pitgrunzie then Orme
3. Margaret de Abernethy
  m. Henry Revel

Main source(s): TSP (Saltoun), BP1934 (Saltoun), BP1999 (Saltoun)
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