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Families covered: Acton of Bockleton, Acton of Burton, Acton of Elmley, Acton of Ribbesford, Acton of Sutton

John Acton (a 1396)
1. Sir Roger Acton of Sutton, Worcestershire (d c01.1414)
  m. Alice Ludlow (dau of Sir Morris Ludlow)
A. Richard Acton of Sutton
  m. Alice Acton (dau of Richard Acton of Ambersley (Ombersley) & Acton)
  i. William Acton of Sutton
  a. Richard Acton of Sutton
  m. Anne or Isold Salway (dau of Humfrey Salway of Stanford)
(1) Sir Thomas Acton of Sutton
  m. Mary Lacon (dau of Sir Thomas Lacon of Willey)
  (A) Joyce Acton
  m. Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecott (d by 1600)
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - Humfry, William, Richard, George
  (2) Sir Robert Acton of Ribesford, Worcestershire
  m. Margery Mager (dau/heir of Nicholas Mager of Suffolk)
(A) Henry Acton of Ribsford or Ribbesford
  m1. Bridget Townsend (dau of Sir Robert Townsend)
  (i) Robert Acton of Ribsford
  m. Catherine Throgmorton (dau of Anthony Throgmorton of Chastelton, sister of Elizabeth)
  (a) Anthony Acton
  (b) Robert Acton
  m. Margaret Croftes (sister of Sir Herbert Croftes)
  ((1))+ issue - Fortune, Margaret, Catherine
  (ii) Richard Acton
  m. Elizabeth Throgmorton (dau of Anthony Throgmorton of Chastelton, sister of Catherine)
  (a) Elizabeth Acton
  (iii) Charles Acton
m2. Constance Knightley (dau of Sir Valentyne Knightley of Northamptonshire)
  (iv) Valentyne Acton of West Haddon, Northamptonshire
  m. Mary Shukborough (dau of John Shukborough of Navesby)
  (a)+ issue - Nathaniell, Richard, Vallentyne, John, Elizabeh (dsp), Mary (dsp), Anne, Mary, Jane, Judith, Elizabeth, Sara, Susanna
  (B) Charles Acton of Elmeley Lovett, Worcestershire
  m1/2. (sp) Elizabeth Talbot (dau of Sir John Talbot)
  m2/1. Elizabeth Davis (dau of Hugh Davis of Salwarp)
  (i) Sir Richard Acton (dsp 01.11.1591)
  (ii) Edwin Acton 'of Elmley'
  m. Jane Denton (dau/coheir of Edward Denton of Hampton Poyle)
  (a) daughter
  (iii) Sir John Acton
  m. _ Clare (dau of Francis Clare of Colwell, sister of Sir Raffe)
(a) daughter
  (b) Penelope Acton
  m. John Lynch of Shelvey
  (c) Elizabeth Acton
  m. Henry Townsend of Elmeley
  (d) Anne Acton
  m. Walter Coles of Holffleet
(e) Hellen Acton
  m. Sir Thomas Thornborough of Elmeley
  (iv) Fortune Acton
  (C) Fortune Acton
  m1. Thomas Hacklut or Hackluit of Yetton
  m2. _ Croftes
  (3)+ other issue - Humfry, William, Richard, John, George, Ellenor, Anne, Katharen, Elizabeth
  ii. Sir Roger Acton of Bokilton (Bockleton), Worcestershire (3rd son)
m. Anne Fawkes (dau/heir of Nicholas Fawkes of Hereford)
  a. Edward Acton of Bockleton
  m. Elizabeth Gwyn
  (1) Roger Acton of Bockleton
  m. Isolt Monmouth (dau/heir of Richard Monmouth of Texbury)
  (A) Thomas Acton of Bockleton
  m. Anne Leighton (dau of Ralph Leighton of Cote)
(i) Nicholas Acton of Bockleton (a 03.1634)
  m1. Dorothy Walsh (dau of Francis Walsh of Shelsley)
  (a) Thomas Acton of Bockleton (b c1590, a 1634)
  m. Anne Fleete (dau of John Fleete alias Walsgrove of Hatton Parks (Hallow Park))
  ((1)) Nicholas Acton (b c1620)
  Visitation ends with this generation. We presume that this was the Nicholas of Bockleton who was father of Elizabeth by ...
  m. Mary Skrymshire (dau of Gerard Skrymshire of Aqualate)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Acton
  m. Charles Baldwyn of Elsich & Stokesay Castle (b c1650, d 04.01.1706)
  ((2))+ other issue (a 1634) - John, Anne, Catherin, Mary, Jane, Dorothy
  (b) Anne Acton
  m. William Parry of Grafton
  (c) Frances Acton
  m. Thomas Hamond of Kinlett
  (d)+ other issue - John, Henry
  m2. Margery Powell (dau of John Powell of Radnor)
(f) Bryan Acton of Lyde, Herefordshire
  m. Magdalen Harford (dau/coheir of Richard Harford of Bosbury)
  ((1))+ issue - Mary, Anne, Magdalen
  (g) Mary Acton
  m. Humphrey Berington of Bishopston
  (h) Catherine Acton
  (ii) Mary Acton
  m. Thomas Richardson of Wem
  (iii) Joyce or Joane Acton
  m. Humffrey Hyde of Hopton
  (iv) Anne Acton
  m. John Hunt (or Husee) of Brampton
  (v) Jane Acton
  m. James Brace of Noke
(vi) Thomasin Acton
  m. Thomas Bruggs of Lyonshall
  (vii)+ other issue - Francis, Fortune
  (B) Anthony Acton
  m. Alice Barrow of Bullingham
  (C) Sibell Acton
  m. Richard Pearle of Dewsall
  (D) Margery Acton
  m. Alexander (or Albert of Aldred) Monington of Shellwick
  iii. Richard Acton of Burton, Worcestershire (5th son)
  m. Margaret (b c1464, a 1500, dau/heir of John Maeb or Mabbe (alias Dore) of Burton by Elizabeth (Isabel) dau/heir of Robert Browne by Alyson, dau/heir of Roger Mortymer son of Sir John Mortymer & brother of John & Sir Hugh)
  a. John Acton of Burton (b 1485, d 1580)
  m. Joan Rufford (dau of John Rufford)
  iv.+ other issue - John, Thomas

Main source(s): Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569 & 1634, Acton)
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