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Families covered: Anderton of Anderton, Anderton of Bardsea, Anderson of Clayton, Anderton of Euxton

William de Anderton of Anderton (a 1241)
m1. Ellen or Isabel
m2. Margery
Not sure which wife was mother of ...
1. ?? de Anderton
  A. ?? de Anderton
  i. ?? de Anderton
a. Thurstan de Anderton of Anderton (b by 09.1365, d before 09.03.1446)
  m. Annes (a 04.1420)
  (1) Oliver de Anderton of Anderton (b by 04.1399)
  m. (11.02.1431-2) Ellen de Kenyon (dau of Matthew de Kenyon of Culceth)
  (A) William Anderton (dvp)
  m. _ Bradshaw (dau of _ Bradshaw of Bradshaw)
  (i) Thurstan Anderton of Anderton (d 06.05.1516)
  m1. (1469) Anne Fulthorpe (dau of John Fulthorpe of Yorkshire)
  (a) Oliver Anderton of Anderton had issue
(b) John Anderton (d 06.1561, probably a rector)
  m2. Laura
  (ii) William Anderton of Anderton
  (B) Christopher Anderton of Whittle-le-Woods (dspm 27.10.1485)
  (C) Hugh Anderton of Euxton (d after 03.1516)
  m. Joan (a 03.1504)
  (i) James Anderton of Euxton (d 29.12.1551)
  m. (c1513) Agnes Banastre (dau of Henry Banastre of Bank Hall in Bretherton)
  (a) Hugh Anderton of Euxton (b 1516, d 18.01.1566)
  m1. (c1538) Grace Butler (b 1513/4, d 10.02.1554-5, dau of John Butler of Middle Rawcliffe Hall)
((1)) James Anderton of Clayton-le-Woods and Bardsea (b 1542)
  m(1). (18.06.1554!, annulled) Elizabeth Elston (bpt 01.01.1542-3, bur 07.12.1611, dau of Richard Elston, son of Ralph of High Brockholes)
  m(2). (by 1573) Dorothy Bardsey (d 05.05.1627, dau of Nicholas Bardsey of Bardsea)
  ((A)) James Anderton of Clayton and Bardsea (b 1576, bur 31.53.1658)
  m1. (by 1602) Dorothy Assheton (d before 25.03.1603, dau of Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton)
  ((i)) James Anderton of Clayton and Bardsea (b 1602/3, dsp 07.1676)
  m. (before 1664) Jane (a 07.1684, Mrs Polwele)
  m2. (29.07.1610) Anne Shuttleworth (b c1592, bur 24.12.1660, dau of Thomas Shuttleworth of Forcett Hall)
  ((ii)) Thurstan Anderton of Clayton and Bardsea (bpt 11.1619, bur 29.08.1683, priest, 4th son)
((iii)) Chistopher Anderton of Bardsea (b 1626, d unm bur 14.12.1694, 6th son)
  ((iv)) Dorothy Anderton (bpt 25.07.1615, d by 07.1697)
  m. (1635) Thomas Singleton of Staining (d Newbury 20.09.1643)
  ((v)) Anne Anderton (b 1622, dsp bur 07.12.1701)
  m. (after 1669) John Hoghton of Park Hall (bur 21.11.1676)
  ((vi)) Mary Anderton of Aldcliffe, later of Barsea (b 1629, d unm bur 22.02.1708-9)
  ((vii))+ other issue - Nicolas (d 1645, Governor of Greenhalgh Castle), Thomas (bpt 17.02.1617-8, d 1646), Matthew (b 1621, d 1642), others (d unm or d infant)
  ((B)) Matthew Anderton (b 1585, dsp, bur 29.04.1640, 5th son)
  m. Eleanor Gamull (d 22.08.1639, dau of Edmund Gamull, Mayor of Chester)
((C)) Anne Anderton (d before 1616)
  m. (by 1599) Henry Banaster of Bank Hall in Bretherton (d 25.05.1617)
  ((D)) Dorothy Anderton (a 08.1639)
  m. (c01.12.1630) William Parker of Malton
  ((E))+ other issue - Hugh (b 1578, d 09.1603), Thurstan (b c1582, a 07.1641), William (d 11.1600), Thomas (d c11.1600)
((2)) Dorothy Anderton
  m. (mcrt 1555) Adam Banaster (dvpsp, son of Henry of Bank Hall in Bretherton)
  ((3)) Anne Anderton
  m2. (c17.08.1556) Alice Standish (a 02.1594-5, dau of Alexander Standish of Standish)
  ((4)) William Anderton of Euxton (bpt 16.01.1564-5, d 02.04.1618)
  m. (1598/9) Isabel Hancock (b 05.03.1578-9, d 14.05.1652, dau of William Hancock of Pendle Hall)
((5)) Dorothy Anderton (bur 24.02.1636-7)
  m. (26.07.1581) Edward Rigby of Burgh Hall (d 16.05.1627)
  ((6)) Jane Anderton (d unm bur 1621)
  ((7)) Alice Anderton (dsp bur 1624)
  m. (before 09.1578) Cuthbert Clifton of Westby (d 12.03.1579-80)
  ((8)) Anne Anderton (a 01.1623)
  m. (c05.1576) William Hesketh of Little Poulton Hall & Mains Hall (d 11.07.1623)
  (b) Isabel Anderton (bur 12.10.1573)
  m. (mcrt 24.12.1520) Piers Worthington of Blainscough in Coppull (d 19.09.1577)
  (c) Alice Anderton (a 12.1585)
  m. (by 1523) William Chorley of Chorley (d 20.01.1585-6)
(d) Mary Anderton (bur 06.03.1603-4)
  m1. Thomas Asshaw of Heath Carnock (d 24.09.1578)
  m2. (06/7.1580) Robert Langton of Low (d 28.08.1594, MP)
  (ii) Margaret Anderton (d 08.1535)
  m. (mcrt 01.07.1508) Nicholas Rigby of Harrock (d 16.05.1557)
  (iii)+ other issue - William (a 03.1504-5), Thomas (a 01.07.1508)
  (D) Thurstan Anderton of Chorley (d 1504, 5th son) probably father of ...
  (i) ?? Anderton father (or grandfather) of ...
  (a) Lawrence Anderton of Lostock
  (E) Margaret Anderton
  m. James Urmston (brother of Gilbert Urmston of Westleigh)
  (F)+ other issue - James (a 03.1468-9), Matthew (a 03.1468-9), Ralph (a 07.1466)
  b. Robert de Anderton
2. Ellen de Anderton
  m. (mcrt 25.11.1288) Richard de Pilkington of Rivington
3. Marjory de Anderton
  m. (mcrt 25.11.1288) John de Pilkington (brother of Richard)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Anderton of Euxton)
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