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Families covered: Banaster of the Bank, Banastre of Bretherton, Banister of Heckfield, Banastre of Passenham

VCH reports that one moiety of the manor of Bretherton passed into the line of Bank (shown below) whilst the other passed through the following line.
Adam Banastre
1. Richard Banastre
2. Thomas Banastre of Bretherton, Lancashire
  A. Thomas Banastre of Bretherton (d by 1303)
m. Joan Singleton (dau of Alan de Singleton, sister/heir of Thomas)
  i. Sir William Banastre (d by 1323)
  m. Philippa
  a. Sir Adam Banastre (b c1307, d by 1344)
  m. Pernell (d 1388, m2. John Trussel of Cublesden)
  (1) Sir Thomas Banastre (d 16.12.1379, KG)
  m. Agnes Hoghton (dau of Sir Adam de Hoghton)
  (A) Edward Banaster of Bretherton (d 1382)
  (i) Constance Banaster (b c1379)
  m. William Balderston (son of Sir Richard)
  ii. Sir Adam Banastre (d 1315?)



VCH reports that "The early history of the Banastres of Bank, though apparently they were lords of the manor of Bretherton, is very obscure, much of the obscurity resulting from the co-existence of several families of the same surname in this townsthip and neighbourhood." VCH starts this line with the following Henry.
Henry Banaster of Bank in Bretherton (d 1526)
1. Richard Banaster of Bank in Bretherton (b c1482, d 1548)
  A. William Banaster of Bank (b c1500, d 1555)
  m. Helen Halsall (dau of Sir Henry Halsall of Halsall) wife of William, possibly mother of ...
  i. Henry Banaster of Bank (b c1525)
  a. Adam Banaster (dvpsp)
m. Dorothy Anderton (dau of Hugh Anderton)
  b. William Banaster of the Bank the first mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Christian Ashton (dau of Raphe Ashton of Leaver)
  (1) Henry Banaster of the Bank (d 1617)
  m1. Alice Kuerden (dau/coheir of John Kuerdon of Kuerdon (Cuerdon of Cuerdon))
  (A) Alice Banaster
m. Sir Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston (d 1673)
  m2. Anne Anderton (dau of James Anderton of Clayton)
  (B) Julia(n) Banaster
  m. John Crosse of Liverpool
  m3. Ellen Standish (dau of Raphe Standish of Stanish)
(C) Henry Banaster of the Bank (b c1616, d 13.06.1641)
  m. Elizabeth Farington (dau of William Farington of Werden)
  (i) Henry Banaster of the Bank (b c1636, a 09.1644, dsp)
  m. Dorothy Nowell (dau of Roger Nowell of Rede)
  (ii) Christopher Banaster of the Bank, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1690)
  m. Mary Ashton (dau of Raphe Ashton of Middleton)
  (a) Anne Banaster (b c03.1664)
  m. Thomas Fleetwood of Bank
(b) Elizabeth Banaster
  m. Robert Parker of Extwistle (d 1718)
  (iii) Margaret Banaster (d young)
  (2) Richard Banaster of Bolton, Lancashire
  (A)+ issue - Henry, William, Alexander
  (3)+ other issue - Christopher (vice chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster), Nicholas of Aughton
  b. Ellen Banaster probably of this generation
  m. William Butler of Hackensall (d 15.02.1612)
  c. Anne Banaster (d 03.1620) probably of this generation
  m. Henry Butler of Rawcliffe
2. Agnes Banaster probably of this generation
  m. (c1513) James Anderton of Euxton (d 29.12.1551)
3. (Joan?) Banaster probably of this generation
  m. (before 19.02.1524/5) William Crosse (dsp)



Lawrence Banaster
m. Elizabeth Allen (dau/heir of Robert Allen, widow of William Charlton)
1. Sir Richard Banaster of Wem, Shropshire
  m. Winifred Norris (dau of Edward Norris of Speek)
2. Sir Robert Banaster or Bannester or Banastre of Passenham, Northamptonshire
  Other than to identify him as "Mr of ye houshold to K. James", Visitation (Shropshire) provides no more information about Sir Robert. A Sir Robert is the first mentioned by Visitation (Buckinghamshire) which shows all his children by Mary Peyton. VCH (Northamptonshire, vol 5: The Hundred of Cleley, Passenham) confirms that they were the same person. He is the first person mentioned by Baker who shows that he married 3 times but, of his children, mentions only Laurence & Dorothy.
  m1. Elizabeth (not Mary) Peyton (dau of Sir Thomas Peyton (not Paxton) of Knolton)
  A. Laurence Banaster or Bannester or Banastre of Passenham, Buckinghamshire (d 1638)
  m. Mary Dinham (dau/coheir of Sir John Dinham or Dynham, m2. Stephen Soame)
  i. Margaret Banaster or Banester (b c1636, bur 06.01.1666/7)
  m1. (c1648!) William Lewis of the Van (Glamorganshire) & Bletchington (Oxfordshire) (d 1661)
  m2. (30.03.1662) Charles Stuart, Duke of Richmond & Lennox (dsps 12.12.1672)
  ii.+ other issue - Dynham (b 1634, dvp 16.02.1636-7), Elizabeth (b c1637, d unm)
  m2. ??
  m3. Margaret (a 1662)
  B. Dorothy (not Anne) Banaster (d 30.10.1649)
  m. (c1641) (William) Maynard, 2nd Lord (b 1623, d 03.02.1698/9)
  C. Mary Banaster presumed of this marriage
  m. Richard Eaton of Brockhold
  D. Elizabeth Banaster (d unm 16.04.1657) presumed of this marriage
3.+ other issue (dsp) - William, Margaret



John Banister
m. Hannah
1. John Banister (b 1685, d 1748)
  m. Mary
  A. Richard Hawthorn Banister of Heckfield & Finchampstead (b 1723, d 1783)
  m. Martha Banister of London (d 1782)
  i. John Banister (b 1750, d 1792)
  m. (06.04.1784) Mary Soane
  a. John Banister (b 1789, dsp 1821)
  m. Elizabeth Lovelock (d 1869-70, m2. P.C. Clacy)
  a. Mary Banister (b 1784)
  m. James Smith of Dummer, Basingstoke
  ii. Thomas Banister of Heckfield (b 1754, d 1824)
  m. Sarah Banister of London & Hazeley Heath (b c1768, d 1856, cousin)
  a. George Banister of Eversley Green (b c1787, d 1862) had issue
  m. Mary Hawkins
  iii. Anne Banister (b 1752, d 01.1789)
  m. Ellis St. John (b 1739, d 1809, Rector of Finchampstead)
  iv.+ 3 other children

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