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Families covered: Banaster (Banastre) of Altham, Banaster of Preston

Richard Banastre of Altham (a 1383, d by 1419)
m. Joan (probably dau/heir of John de Altham of Altham)
1. Lawrence Banastre of Altham (d 1477 (not 1451))
  A. Thomas Banastre (dvp)
  i. Richard Banastre or Banester of Altham (b c1447?, d 1510)
  m. Isabel (a 1541, m2. Nicholas Tempest) widow of Richard, presumed mother of ...
  a. Nicholas Banastre or Banaster of Altham & Clayton (b c1502, d 1537)
  m1. (mcrt 1510) Elizabeth Langton (dau of Ralph Langton of Newton)
  m2. Anne Preston
VCH reports that Nicholas was contracted in marriage to Elizabeth Langon. We presume that he did marry her. VCH also reports that his widow was Anne Preston. We are not sure who was mother of ...
  (1) Richard Banaster of Altham (b c1519, d 1552)
  m. Anne
  (A) Nicholas Banaster of Altham (b c1542, d 1612)
  Nicholas is the first mentioned by Dugdale who shows that his 2nd wife, Anne Elston of Brochall, was mother of his children. Dugdale does not name his 1st wife. VCH reports that his wife in 1608 was Elizabeth. However, a note in VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, 'Townships: Haslingdon') shows that it was Elizabeth Elston of Brockholes who was his wife before 1580. Elizabeth had had 2 marriages dissolved, to James Anderton of Euxton (a childhood marriage dissolved in 1561) and to Ralph Holden (son of Gilbert), dissolved as a result of his bigamy.
m1. ?? ## possibly Jane Ashton? ##
  m2. (by 1580) Elizabeth (probably not Anne) Elston of Brockholes (a 1608)
  (i) Nathaniel Banaster of Altham (b c1582, d 12.1649)
  m. Elizabeth Kitchin (dau/coheir of Barnaby Kitchin of Pillinghall)
  (a) Richard Banaster of Altham (b c1619, d 28.05.1663, 2nd son)
  m1. Mary Starkie (dau of John Starkie of Huntroyd)
((1))+ issue (dvpsp) - Nicholas, Nathaniel
  m2. Mary Byrom (dau of John Byrom of Byrom)
  ((3)) Nicholas Banaster of Altham (b c1648, dvp, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. Anne Johnson (dau of Alexander Johnson of Prestoni)
  ((A))+ issue - Robert (d young), Anne (b c1660, a 1664), Marie
  ((4)) Nathaniel Banaster of Altham (b c1642, d 1669)
  VCH reports Nathaniel's marriage to Amie but it appears that he also married ...
  m1. (14.10.1665) Mary Nowell (dau of Roger Nowell of Read)
  m2. Amee (a 1671, m2. Thomas Cockshutt)
  ((5)) Henry Banaster of Altham
  ((A)) Nicholas Banaster of Altham (d 1694)
  ((i))+ 2 daughters
  ((B)) Mary Banaster
  m. Ambrose Walton
  ((i)) Henry Walton of Altham
  ((a)) Banastre Walton of Altham (dsp 1748)
  ((ii)) Mary Walton
  m. Rev. Thomas Wroe of Manchester
  ((a)) Richard Wroe, later Walton of Altham (d 1801, rector of Radcliffe)
  (((1))) Robert Thomas Wroe Walton of Altham (d unm 1845)
  (((2))) daughter (d unm)
  (((3))) daughter (dsp)
  m. _ Maw
  ((C)) Isabel Banaster
  m. Charles Halsted
  ((6))+ other issue - John (dvpsp), Byrom (b c1645, d 1675), Isabel, Elizabeth
  m3. Lettice Coope (dau of Henry Coope of Ashton Botham)
  m4. Elizabeth Jackson (dau of Thomas Jackson of Preesall)
  ((10)) Anne Banaster
(b) Elizabeth Banaster
  m1. Thomas Richardson of Merscough
  m2. Hugh Kighley of Whiteleigh
  m3. Thomas Jephson
  (c)+ other isuse - Nicholas (a 1608, dvpsp), Dorothy (d unm)
  (ii) Dorothy Banaster
  m. John Holt of Stubley (b c1577, d 1622)
  (iii)+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Tabitha (d unm)
  (B) Lawrence Banaster
  m. Elizabeth Allen (dau/heir of Robert Allen, widow of William Charlton)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth
  (2) Alice Bannister possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Holden of Holden (a 1587)
  b. Anne Banastre or Banaster (a 1551) probably of this generation
  m. John Talbot of Salebury (b c1501, d 30.08.1551)



William Banaster of Preston
m. _ Singleton (dau/coheir of John Singleton of Shingle Hall in Whittingham)
1. Thomas Banaster of Preston (d c1630)
  m. Alice Hodgkinson (dau of George Hodgkinson of Preston)
  A. William Banaster of Preston (b c1604, a 09.1664)
  m1. Jennet Lemon (dau of William Lemon of Preston)
  i. Mary Banaster
  m. Thomas Rushton of Preston
  ii.+ other issue (a 09.1664) - Thomas (b c1636), William, Roger
  m2. Elizabeth Banaster (dau of Felix Banaster of York)
  v. Elizabeth Banaster
  B. Elizabeth Banaster
  m. Richard Taylor of Preston
  C. Jennet Banaster
  m. Laurence Howorth of Preston
  D. Margerie Banaster
  m. William Patten of Preston
  E.+ other issue - Roger (d young), Henry of London
2. William Banaster of West Houghton, Lancashire
  A. Mary Banaster
  m. Richard Manley of West Houghton
  B. Anne Banaster
  m. _ Browne of Brinshop

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, 'Townships: Altham'), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Banaster of Altham)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Banaster of Preston)
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