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Families covered: Maynard of Estaines Parva (Little Easton), Maynard of St. Albans, Maynard of Turrim, Maynard of Waltamstow, Maynard of Wicklow

We have a disagreement between our sources on the early generations of this family. Collins reports that the Nicholas who m1. Margaret Ellys m2. Dorothy Mundy was son of Nicholas (d 1498-9) son of John (d 1461-2) son of Nicholas (1420-1) son of John (b 1400-1) son of John Mainard of Axminster (a 07.1352, Governor of Brest Castle, Brittany) who was descended from Mainard or Maignard who accompanied William of Normandy into England. Provisionally we follow Mundy in starting with ...
John Maynard of Stoke Damarell, Devon
1. John Maynard of Stoke Damarell
  m. Agnes Filley of Devon (heir)
  A. John Maynard of Stoke Damarell
  m. Margery Hewis of Devon (heir)
  i. Henry Maynard of Stoke Damarell
  m. Dorothy Lyons (dau/heir of Robert Lyons of Devon)
  a. John Maynard of Stoke Damarell
  (1) Thomas Maynard of London
(A) John Maynard of Poplar (Middlesex), Sheriff of London (d 06.11.1557)
  m. Margaret
  (i) Susan Maynard
  m1. _ Davers
  m2. _ Cole (Archdeacon of Middlesex)
  m3/4. Thomas Bentley of Holborne, Middlesex
  (a) Anne Bentley
  m. Sir George Fulwood of Holborne
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - Samwell, Nathaniell
  m4/3. Richard Marple of Endsore, Derbyshire
  (ii) Frances Maynard
  m1. Walter Roberts of Glastenbury (d 1579-80)
  m2. William Bird of Denston
  b. Henry Maynard in Devon
  Berry starts with the father of Nicholas, naming him John, showing him as possibly of Staverton in Devonshire. It is noted that Collins also names Nicholas's father as John. Nevertheless, provisionally, we keep following Mundy in naming him Henry.
  (1) Nicholas Maynard of St. Alban's, Hertfordshire
  m1. Margaret Ellis (dau of John Ellis or Ellys of Ellys)
  (A) John Mainard (d 21.10.1556-7, steward of St. Alban's) the first mentioned by Baker
  m1. Margaret Rowlet (d 1547, dau/sister of Sir Ralph Rowlet of St. Alban's & Sandridge)
(i) Ralph Mainard of St. Alban's (b c1536)
  m1. Elizabeth Bridges (dau of John Bridges of London)
  (a) Robert Mainard of St. Alban's (dvp?)
  m2. Margery Seley (dau of Robert Seley of St. Albans)
  (b) Raphe Mainard
  (ii) Elizabeth Maynard
  m. Henry Barnes of London
  (iii) Dorothy Maynard
  m. Sir Robert Clarke (baron of the Exchequer)
  m2. Dorothy Perrot (dau of Robert Perrot or Parratt (by Margaret Ireland), widow of John Bridge)
  (iv) Henry Mainard, Sheriff of Essex (d 11.05.1610) - continued below
  m. Susan Pearson (dau of Thomas Pearson or Peirson)
  (v) Robert Maynard of London
  m1. Elizabeth Rogers of London
  m2. _ Weldon (sister of Sir Rafe Weldon of Kent)
  (a) Thomas Maynard (dsp)
  (b) Ellen Maynard
  m. _ Lynton of Cambridgeshire
  (vi) Dorothy Maynard shown by Baker as married to ...
  m. Sir Robert Clarke of Good Estre
  (vi)+ other issue - Mary, Audry
  m2. Dorothy Mundy (dau of Edward Mundy of Derbyshire)
  (B) John Mainard (d after 03.12.1546-7, 2nd John)
  m. _ Bradmore (dau of John Bradmore)
  (i)+ issue - John, Richard



Sir Henry Mainard of Estaines (Little Easton), Sheriff of Essex (d 11.05.1610, MP, Secretary to William Cecil, Lord Burleigh) - continued above
m. Susan Pearson (a 1621, dau of Thomas Pearson or Peirson)
1. Sir William Maynard of Estaines Parva, Bart, 1st Lord of Wicklow, 1st Lord of Estaines and Turrim (b before 1589, d 17.12.1640)
m1. (by 12.07.1608) Frances Cavendish (b c1593, d 01.09.1613, dau of William Cavendish, 1st Earl of Devonshire)
  A.+ issue (d young) - son, Francis, Anne (a 1613)
  m2. Anne Everard (d 05.10.1647, dau of Sir Anthony Everard of Langleys and Much Waltham)
  D. Sir William Maynard, 2nd Lord of Estaines Parva or Little Easton (b 1623, d 03.02.1698/9)
  m1. (c1641) Dorothy Banaster (d 30.10.1649, dau of Sir Robert Banaster of Passingham or Passenham)
i. Sir Banaster Maynard, 3rd Lord (b 1642, d 03.03.1717/8)
  m. (09.11.1665) Elizabeth Grey (24.09.1714, dau of Henry Grey, 10th Earl of Kent)
  a. Henry Maynard, 4th Lord (b c1673, d unm 07.12.1742, 3rd son)
  b. Grey Maynard, 5th Lord (bpt 18.12.1679, d unm 27.04.1742, 7th son)
  c. Charles Maynard, 6th Lord, 1st Viscount of Easton Lodge (b c1690, d unm 30.06.1775)
  d. Annabella Maynard (d 08.08.1734)
  m. (1691) Sir William Lowther, 1st Bart of Swillington (d 06.03.1728-9)
  e. Dorothy Maynard (d 11.09.1748)
  m. (29.07.1696) Sir Robert Hesilrige, Bart of Noseley (d 19.05.1721)
f.+ other issue - William (b c1666, dvp unm 08.03.1716/7), Banaster (bpt 18.09.1671, d infant), Banaster (d young), Anthony (d young), Robert (d young), Elizabeth (b c1677, d unm 04.10.1720)
  ii. William Maynard
  m1. Jane Prescot (dsp 01.03.1675, dau of Sir John Prescot)
  m2. Susan Evans (dau of Thomas Evans or Egans or Eyans of Bow)
  a. Thomas Maynard of Hoxne Hall & Passsenham (d unm 08.09.1742)
  b.+ other issue - Prescot (d unm), William (d 09.04.1688), Mary (d 15.02.1687), Anne
m2. (before 30.05.1662) Margaret Murray (d 04.06.1682, dau of James Murray, 1st Earl of Dysart)
  iii. Henry Maynard (dvp)
  iv. Elizabeth Maynard
  m. Sir Thomas Brograve, Bart of Hamils
  E. Susan Maynard (d unm)
  F. Jane Maynard ## see possible confusion/duplication below ##
  m. Edward Eyre of Galway
i. Margaret Eyre
  m. Francis Annesley of Ballysax (dsp 05.03.1750)
  G. Anne Maynard
  m. Sir Henry Wrothe of Durance
  H. Elizabeth Maynard
  m. John Wrothe of Loughton
I. Mary Maynard (dps 1679)
  m. Sir Ralph Bovey of Caxton & Longstone
2. Sir John Maynard of Walthamstow & Tooting (b c1592, d 29.07.1658, MP)
  m. Mary Middleton (dau of Sir Thomas Middleton of Chirk Castle, Lord Mayor of London)
  A. Sir John Maynard 'of Tooting Graveney & Iselham' (d 1665)
  m. Katherine Rushout (dau of John Rushout of London) identified by Visitation (Surrey, 1662-8, Maynard) & TCB (vol 3, Cullen)
  i. John Maynard (dvp unm)
  ii. Mary Maynard (d by 1694)
  m1. Francis Buller of Shillingham
m2. William Adams 'of Sprowston' (d 1683-5)
  m3. Sir Rushout Cullen, Bart
  B. Elizabeth Maynard (bur 26.10.1680) apparently of this generation
  m1. (by 1654) Sir Edward Honywood, 1st Bart of Evington (b c1628, d 1670)
m2. Charles Melvin
3. Charles Maynard (bpt 04.09.1599, d 11.1665/6, Auditor of the Exchequer)
  m. (07.1633) Mary Corsellis (dau of Zeager Corsellis of London)
  A. Sir William Maynard, 1st Bart of Walthamstow (b c1640, d 07.11.1685, MP, 3rd son)
  m. (c05.1667) Mary Baynbrigg (dau of William Baynbrigg of London)
  i. Sir William Maynard, 2nd Bart of Walthamstow (b c1676, d unm 15.12.1715, 3rd son)
  ii. Sir Henry Maynard, 3rd Bart of Walthamstow (d 16.11.1738)
  m. (22.03.1719/20) Catherine Gunter (d 06.11.1744, dau of George Gunter of Racton, sister of Sir Charles)
  a. Sir William Maynard, 4th Bart of Walthamstow (b 19.04.1721, d 18.01.1772, MP)
  m. (13.08.1751) Charlotte Bisshopp (d 16.05.1762, dau of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, 6th Bart, by Anne Boscawen)
  (1) Sir Charles Maynard, 5th Bart, 2nd Viscount Maynard (b 09.08.1752, dsp 10.03.1824)
  m. (12.06/7.1776) Anne Parsons (d 1814-5, Mrs. Horton)
  (2) Henry Maynard (b 30.10.1758, d 05.1806, rector of Radwinter & vicar of Thaxted, 3rd son)
m. Susan Barnard (d 08.1787,dau of Rev. Francis Barnard of Caxton)
  (A) Henry Maynard, 3rd Viscount Maynard (b 13.03.1786, d 19.05.1865) had issue
  m. (27/8.12.1810) Mary Rabett (b 14.12.1794, d 22.10.1857, dau of Reginald Rabett of Bramfield Hall)
  (B)+ other issue - Harriet (d 1851), Susan (d 1850), Mary Anne (a 1838)
  (3)+ other issue (s unm) - William (b 14.02.1756, d 05.1806, vicar of Thaxted), Anne (b 06.12.1753, d 27.07.1777)
  iii. Mary Maynard (b 1666-7, d 30.08.1700)
  m. Sir William Scawen of Carshalton (b c1647, dsp 10.1722)
  iv. Jane Maynard ## see possible confusion/duplication above ##
  m. Edward Eyres of Eyres Court
  a. Mary Eyre possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Hedges of Macroom Castle (d 1740)
  v. Elizabeth Maynard
  m. Edward Stafford
  vii.+ other issue (d infant) - William, Charles
  B.+ other issue (d unm) - Charles (b 1633-4, d vp 05.06.1665), Henry (d infant), Henry (b c1646, d 27.11.1686), Mary (b c1642, d 20.01.1663), Anne
4. Elizabeth Mainard (d 30.03.1635)
  m. (1613) Sir Edward Bainton of Brumham
5.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Edward (dsp), Francis (dsp), Henry, Robert, Mary (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 23.02.06) : Collins (vol iv, Maynard) with a little input from Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Fulwood of Holborne), Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Maynard), Visitation (Essex, 1558, Maynard) (for references to 'Baker' see below)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 27.01.05) : BE1883 (Maynard), BEB1841 (Maynard of Estaines Parva), TCP (Maynard) with some support/input from Collins (vol iv, Maynard), Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Maynard), TCB (vol 4, Maynard of Walthamstow), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 2, 1841, 'Banastre of Passenham and Maynard, Viscount Maynard', p190)
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