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Families covered: Wroth of Durance, Wroth (Wrothe) of Enfield, Wrothe of London, Wroth of Loughton, Wroth of Yongs

The part of the upper section of this page that is in italics was sourced from web sites which, insofar as they identify a source, indicate that it was the IGI. Those early generations should therefore be viewed with caution.
Richard de Wrotham
m. Gladys (dau of Berenger le Romeyn)
1. Richard de Wrotham
  A. John Wroth or Wrothe, Sheriff of London (a 1331)
  m. Margaret de Enfield
  i. John Wroth or Wrothe, Mayor of London (a 1361)
  Visitation (Middlesex) and Visitation (Essex) start with this John but the latter then misses out the next 2 generations. The next few generations are supported by Visitation (Rutland, 1618-9, Durant).
m. Maud Durant (dau of Thomas Durant of Enfield)
  a. William Wroth or Wrothe of Enfield (d 1407-8)
  (1) William Wroth or Wrothe of Enfield (b c1385)
  m. Avery or Avecia
  (A) John or Robert Wroth or Wrothe of Enfield
  Visitation (Middlesex) & Visitation (Rutland) identify him as John and his wife as Elizabeth, dau of Roger Lewknor. Visitation (Essex) identifies him as Robert and his wife as a daughter of Sir Thomas Lewknor. The latter is consistent with Visitation (Sussex, Lewknor). We suspect that there is some confusion here given that Visitation (Rutland) shows the next generations somewhat differently, perhaps indicating that John & Robert were different people. We will review this in due course.
  m. ?? Lewknor (dau of Sir Thomas Lewknor)
  (i) Thomas Wroth of Durance, Enfield - continued below
  m. Margaret Newdigate



Thomas Wroth of Durance, Enfield - continued above
m. Margaret Newdigate
1. Robert Wroth of Durance
  m. Jane Hawte (dau of Sir Thomas Hawte or Haut of Kent, widow of Thomas Goodere)
A. Sir Thomas Wroth of Durance
  m. Mary Rich (dau of Richard Rich, 1st Lord)
  i. Sir Robert Wroth of Durance (d 1606-7)
  m. Susan Stonard (dau of John (probably not Francis or Jacob) Stonard or Stoner of Loughton)
  a. Sir Robert Wroth of Durance and Loughton, Sheriff of Essex (d 1614)
Although Commoners (vol i, Lane of King's Bromley) identifies Sir Henry of Durance (who married a Maynard) as great-grandson of this Robert, we disregard that as, whilst Visitation (Middlesex) suggests that Robert dsp (sb. dsps?), Visitation (Essex) shows him as having just one child, James (dsp), and various web sites (including some which focus on the history of Loughton) confirm that Sir Robert had only one child who died in infancy. We follow Visitation (Kent) in showing Sir Henry as Sir Robert's nephew.
  m. (1604) Mary Sydney (dau of Robert Syndey, 1st Earl of Leicester)
  (1) James Wroth (d infant)
b. John Wroth of Durants, later of Loughton (Captain)
  m. Maud (dau of Richard Flewellen of Wales, widow of Gregory Lennard, brother of Henry, Lord Dacre)
  c. Henry Wroth of Woodberry Hill
  m. Jane Harris (dau of Sir Thomas Harris of Maldon)
  (1) Sir Henry Wroth of Durance
  m. Anne Maynard (dau of William Maynard, 1st Lord)
  (A) Mary Wroth
  m. Humphrey Wyrley of Hampstead
  (B) Jane Wroth (bpt 29.03.1659)
  m. William Henry Van Nassau Van Zuylesteyn, 1st Earl of Rochford (bpt 07.10.1649, d 02.07.1708)
(2) Robert Wroth (dsp)
  A web site on the history of Loughton reports that Loughton passed from the above Sir Robert to his brother John and then to John, son of the former John's brother Henry (and then on for another two generations of Johns).
  (3) John Wroth of Loughton
  (A) John Wroth of Loughton (d 1662?) presumably the John, father of Anne, who married ...
  m. Anne Huxley (dau of Thomas Huxley, widow of Joshua Gollard or Golliard) mother of Anne, presumed also mother of ...
  (i) John Wroth of Loughton (d (sp?) 1708)
  m. Elizabeth (d 1738, a cousin?)
  (ii) Anne Wroth (dsp 02.07.1710)
  m1. James Cowper (bur 08.08.1683, son of Sir William, 1st Bart)
  m2. (by 1686) George Howard, 4th Earl of Suffolk (b 1625, d 21.04.1691)
  d. Thomas Wroth (dsp)
  e. Mabel Wroth
  m. Edward Aucher (son of Anthony)
  ii. John Wroth of London
  a. John Wroth
iii. Thomas Wroth of London (d 1610)
  Visitation (Essex) identifies this Thomas as married to Margaret, dau of Richard Rich of Loehall (shown by Visitation (London) as wife of his son Thomas), but Visitation (Kent) identifies him as married to a daughter of Bulman of London whilst Visitation (London) identifies her as Joane, dau of Thomas Bulman of London. The following is supported by "Abstract of Somersetshire Wills, Etc" which starts with this Thomas, describing him as "of Blenden Hall, in Bexley, Kent", and identifes his wife as ...
  m. Joanna Bulmer (dau/heir of Thomas Bulmer of London)
  a. Sir Thomas Wroth of Newton Placey & North Petherton (dsp 1672)
m. Margaret Rich (dau of Richard Rich of Lee)
  b. Sir Peter Wroth of Blenden Hall
  The pedigree shown by "Abstract of Somersetshire Wills, Etc" is confusing, showing a Sir John as brother of Sir Thomas & Sir Peter with an indication that it was Sir John who was father of the 1st Bart. However, TCB specifically refers to this, infers that the mention of a Sir John was an error, and makes it clear that it was Sir Peter who was father of the 1st Bart by the following Margaret. BEB1841 (Wroth of Blenden Hall) supports the following but starts with the 1st Bart.
  m. Margaret Dering (dau of Sir Anthony Dering of Pluckley)
  (1) Sir John Wroth, 1st Bart of Blenden Hall (b 1626, d c1672)
  m. (by 1651) Anne Caulfeild (d 1682, dau by Mary King of William (not Toby), Lord Caulfeild, widow of Sir Ralph (not William) Gore & Sir Paul Harris)
  (A) Sir John Wroth, 2nd Bart of Blenden Hall (bpt 16.11.1653, d c1674/7)
  m. Elizabeth Palmer (dau of Col. Peregrine Palmer of Fairfield by Anne, dau of Nathaniel Stephens of Gloucestershire)
(i) John Wroth
  BEB1841 identifies the successor to the 2nd Bart as his son John and does not mention a Thomas. TCB reports "An elder brother, John, is sometimes said to have succeeded as the 3d Baronet, and to have d. unm. shortly afterwards, but there seems to be no authentic record of such fact."
  (ii) Sir Thomas Wrothe of South Petherton, Sheriff of Somerset, 3rd Bart (b c1674, d 27.06.1721)
m. Mary Osbaldeston (dau of Francis Osbaldeston of Aldersbrook by Cicely, dau of Sir John Morley of Halnaker)
  (a) Cicely Wrothe
  m1. (05.1721) Sir Hugh Acland, 6th Bart (bpt 26.01.1696-7, d 29.07.1728)
  m2. (13.08.1729) Rev. Thomas Troyte
  (b) Elizabeth Wrothe (dsp 1737)
  m. Thomas Palmer (d 1734, antiquary, cousin)
  (iii) Elizabeth Wroth
  m. William Long of Newhouse, Devon (d 1728)
(a) Ann Long
  m1. William Oxenham of South Tawton, Devon
  ((1)) Elizabeth Oxenham
  m. Arthur Acland of Farifield (b 1726, d 1771)
  m2. Wadham Wyndham
  (B) Sophia Wroth
  m. Charles Mattock
  (2)+ other issue - Anthony, Peter, Jane, Frances, daughter
  c. Elizabeth Wroth
  m. Sir Francis Cleare (son of Sir Edward Cleare or Cleere of Blickling, Norfolk)
iv. Margery Wroth
  m1. Isaac Hill
  m2. Thomas Wyatt of Barking
  v. (Judith) Wroth
  m. Robert Burgoin of Warwickshire
  vi. daughter
  m. (Thomas) Goddard
  vii. Elizabeth Wroth probably of this generation
  m. George Mynne of Hertingfordbury
  a. Anne Mynne (d 08.08.1622)
  m. (22.11.1604) George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore (b 1578/9, d 15.04.1632)
  viii. Mary Wroth probably of this generation
  m. Richard Hardres of Hardres
  ix.+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Richard, Gersona (dsp)
  B. John Wroth of Kentishe
  i. William Wroth of Kentishe
  m. Mary (dau of John)
  C. William Wroth of Standon
  m. _ Wetherall
  i. Richard Wroth of Yongs
  The following comes from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, Wroth of Youngs).
  m. Kymborough Halley of Middlesex
  a. William Wroth of Yongs (a 1634)
  m. Margaret Eedes (dau of Francis Eedes of Southill)
  (1)+ issue - John, Matilda
  b. Gertrude Wroth
  m. Samuel Attin
c. Anne Wroth
  m. Nicholas Higmore
  d. Kymborough Wroth
  m. _ Willis
  e. Mary Wroth
  ii. Jane Wroth
  m. John Thorowgood of the Temple
  iii. Mabell Wroth
  m. _ Shelbury
  iv.+ other issue - Robert, John of London (a 1633)
  D. Dorothy Wroth
  m. Edward Lewknor of Kingston
2. Elizabeth Wroth
  m. Sir John Jermy of Metfield (a 1467)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : various web sites with some support from Visitation (Essex, 1558, Wroth), Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Wroth of Enfield)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Essex, 1558+1612, Wroth), Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Wroth of Enfield) with some input from Visitation (Kent, 1619 (additional), De Haut) and some support/input from Visitation (London, 163-4, Wrothe), "Abstract of Somersetshire Wills, Etc: Copied from the Manuscript Collections of the Late Rev. Frederick Brown" by Frederick Arthur Crisp (with thanks to a contributor (CV, 11.08.10) for drawing that to our attention), and TCB (vol iii, Wroth of Blendenhall)
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