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Families covered: Parker of Cuerden Hall, Parker of Extwistle, Parker of Monk Hall

William de Parker of Monk Hall, Extwistle (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
1. Lawrence Parker of Monk Hall, Extwistle
  A. John Parker of Monk Hall, Extwistle (d 14.09.1507)
  i. John Parker of Monk Hall, Extwistle (b 1481, d 1565)
  m. Isabella Brockholes (dau of John Brockholes)
a. Robert Parker of Brierclyffe and Extwistle (dvp 1560)
  m. Joan Haydock (dau of Simon Haydock of Hesandforth)
  (1) John Parker of Extwistle (d 1634)
  m. Margaret Townley (dau of Lawrence Townley of Burnside)
  (A) John Parker of Extwistle, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1578, d 1655)
m. Elizabeth Holdsworth (dau of Cuthbert Holdsworth of Sowerby)
  (i) Robert Parker (b 1604, dvp 1636)
  m. Mary Scarborough (dau of Nicholas Scarborough)
  (a) John Parker of Extwistle
  m. Jane Foster (dau of Henry Foster of Southampton)
((1)) Robert Parker of Extwistle, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1718)
  m. Elizabeth Banastre (dau of Christopher Banastre of Bank)
  ((A)) Banastre Parker of Cuerden Hall (d 1738)
BLG1952 identifies Banastre's wife as Anne, dau of William Clayton of Fulwood. She is identified in more detail on FMG (vol 1, MS58, 'Tarleton', p132) as ...
  m. Anne Clayton (dau/coheir of William Clayton of Fullwood (son of Robert of Fullwood by Eleanor, dau of John Atherton of Atherton) by Elizabeth, dau of George Leigh of Oughtrington)
  ((i)) Robert Parker of Cuerden Hall (b 1727, d 1779)
  m. Anne Townley (dau of Thomas Townley of Royle)
((a)) Banastre Parker of Cuerden Hall (dsp 1788)
  m. Anne Hulton (d 24.12.1830, dau of William Hulton of Hulton Park)
  ((b)) Thomas Townley Parker of Cuerden Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 08.01.1794)
  m. (16.10.1787) Susannah Brooke (d 02.12.1852, dau/heir of Peter Brooke of Astley)
(((1))) Robert Townley-Parker of Cuerden Hall and of Astley, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 27.08.1793, d 11.08.1879) had issue
  m. (21.12.1816) Harriet Brooke (d 20.05.1878, dau of Thomas Brooke of Church Minshull)
  (((2))) Anne Townley-Parker apparently of this generation
  m. (04.05.1811) John Baskervyle Glegg of Old Withington &Gayton
(((3))) daughter possibly Susan who married ...
  m. Francis Richard Price of Bryn-y-pys (a 1845, sps)
  ((c)) Anne Parker (d 17.12.1807)
  m. (09.1787) Richard Crosse, later Legh of Adlington, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1754, d 11.08.1822)
  ((ii)) Jane Parker probably of this generation
  m. (1751) John Tarleton, Mayor of Liverpool (b 1719, d 09.1773)
  ((2)) Mary Parker
  m1. Benjamin Waddington of Ellerton Gledow
  m2. Richard Assheton of Allerton Gladow
  ((3)) Elizabeth Parker (d 16.04.1709)
  m. Thomas Lister of Arnoldsbigging (bpt 05.12.1665, d 03.09.1706)
  ((4)) Jane Parker
  m. Edward Parker of Browsholme (b 01.01.1658, d 11.07.1721)
  b. Alice Parker possibly fits here
  m. Geoffrey Rushton of Antley
2.+ 3 sons

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Tatton (formerly Townley-Parker) of Cuerden)
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