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Families covered: Brooke of Norton
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Richard Brooke of Norton, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 1569)
m. Christian Carew (dau of John Carew of Hackam, m2. Raffe Donne of Flaxyard)
1. Thomas Brooke of Norton, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 03.11.1622)
  m1. Anne Touchet (dau of Henry Touchet, Lord Audley)
  A. Sir Richard Brooke of Norton (d 10.04.1632)
  m1. Jane Chaderton (dau of William Chaderton or Chatterton, Bishop of Chester then Lincoln)
  i. Elizabeth Brooke
  Visitation shows that Elizabeth m. Turrell Jossleyn (sic) of Turrell, Essex. A note to Visitation (John Clay (1897), Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, 'Chatterton') reports that she had a daughter/heir, Theodora, by ...
m. Terrell (or Edmond) Josselyn of Essex
  m2. Catherine Nevill (dau of Sir Henry Nevill of Billingbere)
  ii. Sir Henry Brooke, Sheriff of Cheshire, 1st Bart of Norton (b 1611, d 1664)
  m. Mary Pusey (dau of Timothy Pusey of Selston)
  a. Sir Richard Brooke, Sheriff of Cheshire, 2nd Bart of Norton (d 02.1709-10) the first shown by Ormerod
m. (04.1656) Frances Posthuma Legh (dau of Rev. Thomas Legh)
  (1) Sir Thomas Brooke, Governor of Chester Castle, 3rd Bart of Norton (d 1739)
  m. (12.07.1688) Grace Wilbraham (dau of Roger Wilbraham of Townsend, Natnwich)
  (A) Richard Brooke (dvp 1720)
  m. Margaret Hill (dau of John Hill of Hawkstone)
(i) Sir Richard Brooke, 4th Bart of Norton, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1717-8, d 06.07.1781)
  m. (1752) Frances Patton (b 1730-1, d 12.04.1778, dau of Thomas Patton of Bank)
  (a) Sir Richard Brooke, 5th Bart of Norton (d 06.03.1795)
  m. (04.05.1780) Mary Cunliffe (b 04.08.1761, d 13.04.1825, dau of Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart of Acton Park)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Brooke, 6th Bart of Norton (b 18.08.1785, d 11.11.1865) had issue
m. (04.12.1809) Harriot Cunliffe (d 13.04.1825, dau of Sir Foster Cunliffe, Bart)
  ((2)) Mary Brooke (d 30.01.1866)
  m. (27.03.1822) Sir James M. Riddell, Bart
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas (d 15.05.1870, Colonel), Robert, Louisa, Mary (d young), Charlotte Frances (d 13.05.1868), Harriot
(b) Thomas Brooke of Church Minshull, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1760, d 16.12.1826)
  m. (31.12.1787) Margaret Cunliffe (b 16.02.1763, d 16.12.1826, dau of Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart)
  ((1)) Henry Brooke of Ashbrook Hall, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1798, dsp 1884)
  ((2)) Frances Brooke
  m. (22.02.1822) Rev. Charles Luxmoore (d 15.02.1863)
  ((3)) Emily Brooke (d 09.03.1878)
  m. (09.07.1825) Sir Henry Shiffner, Bart (dsp 18.03.1859, Vice Admiral)
((4)) Harriet Brooke
  m. (21.12.1816) Robert Townley-Parker of Cuerden Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 27.08.1793, d 11.08.1879)
  (c) Margaret Brooke
  m. (1782) Rev. Thomas Blackburne
(d) Letitia Brooke
  m. (1787) William Assheton of Downham (b 1758, d 1833)
  (e) Frances Brooke
  m. (1783) Robert Denison of Kilnwick Percy
  (B) John Brooke (6th son)
  m. Eleanor Cave (dau of Sir Roger Cave of Stanford, relict of Sir Holland Egerton of Heaton)
  (C) Elizabeth Brooke (dsps 10.10.1737)
m. (31.12.1731) Roger Wilbraham of Nantwich/Townshend (d 1745)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1693, d 1757, rector of Walton & St. Mary's), Henry (professor in Oxford), Roger of Liverpool, Pusey in Portsmouth (surveyor), Frances (dsp), Alice (dsp)
  (2) Henry Brooke (dsp)
  m. (Jane) Hesketh (dau of (Thomas) Hesketh)
  (3) Mary Brooke
  m. Randle Wilbraham of Nantwich, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 1732)
  (4) Letitia Brooke (d 1758)
m. (17.10.1701) Henry Legh of High Legh (bpt 06.01.1680, d 11.1737)
  (5) Frances Brooke
  m. Silvester Richmond of Acton Grange
  (6)+ other issue - Richard (Captain), George, Legh (a 1715, rector of Tarporley), Sarah (d unm)
  iii. Ann Brooke
  m. Edward Hyde
  iv Mary Brooke probably the Mary who married ...
m. Thomas Marbury of Marbury (bpt 25.08.1611, d 27.01.1667)
  iv Katherine Brooke probably the Catherine who married ...
  m. Rev. Richard Gerard (bur 17.05.1614)
  v. Christian Brooke apparently the Christian who married ...
  m. (14.08.1642) Huntingdon Plumptre of Nottingham (bpt 05.02.1601, d 06.1660)
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, George, John, Elizabeth (d young), Dorothy, Martha
  One of the daughters m. _ Sandes.
  B. Christian Brooke
m. Richard Starkey (dvp 1621-2)
  C. Margaret Brooke
  m. William Warberton of Shelton
  D. Elianor or Alice Brooke
  m. John Brooke
  E.+ other issue (dsp) - George, Thomas
  m2. Elizabeth Merbury (d 1604, sister of Thomas Merbury (Marbury) of Merbury)
G. Townsend or Thomasyn Brooke
  m. (06.12.1596) Thomas Legh of High Legh (bur 04.02.1628)
  H. Anne Brooke
  m. Richard Marbury of Walton (d 1625)
  I. Elizabeth Brooke
  m. George Spurstow of Spurstow
  J. Frances Brooke
  m. George Legh of Barton
K. Dorothy Brooke
  m. William Barnston of Churton
  L. Clare Brooke
  m. Theophilus Leigh of Standish
  M.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Valentine, Basil
One of these sons was possibly father or grandfather of ...
  i. William Brooke of Dromavana (a 1685)
  m3. (c01.1607-8) Elinore Gerard (dau of John Gerard of London) father named in Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Brooke of Norton)
  Q. Sir Peter Brooke of Mere, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1660)
  m1. Alice Hulse (dau of Richard Hulse of Richardscote)
  m2. Frances Trott (dau of Sir Nicholas Trott of Quickswood, widow of William Marbury of Marbury)
  m3. Mabel Farrington (dau of William Farrington of Warden)
2. John Brooke probably the John of Coerdley who married ...
  m. Amy or Emme Merbury (sister of Thomas Merbury (Marbury) of Merbury)
3. Mary Brooke
m. Richard Brereton
4. Elizabeth Brooke
  m1. Lancelot Bartlet or Bilott
  m2. Kinch or Kendrick Eaton of Eaton
5. Christian Brooke
  m. Richard Grosvenor of Eaton, Sheriff of Chester (d 18.09.1619)
6. Prudence Brooke probably not Martha
  m. Hugh Starkey
7. Martha Brooke
  m1. Henry Bowles
  m2. Lawrance Dichfeild of Chester
8.+ other issue - Poynes, Richard

Main source(s): BP1934 (Brooke of Norton Priory) with input/support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Brooke of Norton), Ormerod (Cheshire, vol I, 'Continuation of the Pedigree of Brooke of Norton')
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