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Families covered: Denison of Burmantofts Hall, Denison (Dennison) of Leeds, Denison of Ossington, Wilkinson of Potterton

?? Dennison of Rawden
1. Thomas Dennison or Denison of Leeds
  An article on 'The Denison Family', kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (CV, 25.10.14) and found on pp104-5 of Volume 26 Part 1 (1919) of 'The Publications of the Thoresby Society', contains a report that starts with the following Jonathan, reporting that he "is said to have been a son of Thomas Denison, of Leeds". Commoners (vol 1, 'Denison of Rusholme Park', p383+) (also) starts with ...
  A. Jonathan Denison of Leeds (bur 06.01.1720-1)
  m. Anne Man or Mason
  i. Samuel Denison (dsp before 15.09.1733)
  ii. Joseph Denison of Leeds, later of Burmantofts Hall (b 1691-2, d 27.08.1760) this line followed by the Thoresby report
FMG identifies Joseph's wife, and mother of Joseph & Samuel, was Grace, dau of Matthew Bingley. The Thoresby report shows that he married ...
  m1. (23.02.1718) Rebecca Wainman
  a. Joseph Denison of London, Denbies (Surrey) & Seamer (Yorkshire) (b c1720, d 12.12.1806, banker)
  m1. (sp) Sarah Sykes (dau of William Sykes of Salford)
  m2. Elizabeth Butler (b c1739, d 28.11.1771, dau of William Butler)
  (1) William Joseph Denison, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 05.1770, d unm 02.08.1849, banker, MP)
  (2) Elizabeth Denison (b c1770, d 11.10.1861)
  m. (05.07.1794) Henry (Burton, later Conyngham), 1st Marquess Conyngham (b 1766, d 28.12.1832, General)
  (3) Anna Maria Denison (dsp 20.08.1850)
  m. (16.09.1793) Sir Robert Lawley of Canwell Priory, 6th Bart, Lord Wenlock of Wenlock (b 1768, dsp 10.04.1834)
  b. Samuel Denison of Burmantofts Hall, later of Kirkgate (b 1733-4, d 28.07.1771)
  m. (28.04.1755) Betty Lister (probably m2. Ralph Haire of Ipswich)
  m2. (13.12.1745) Mary Hardcastle
  c. Mary Denison
  m. William Robinson of Leeds (cloth merchant)
  iii. Jonathan Denison of Leeds
  m. (10.07.1727) Mary Ryder (dau of Robert Ryder)
  This line, supported by FMG, is followed by Commoners which shows that Jonathan & Mary were parents of the following William. However, the above-mentioned Thoresby report that, whilst Joseph "is said to have had a son", the William who married Hannah Harrison, "apparently (William) was the son of Abraham Denison (1670-1731)".
  a. William Denison of Leeds (bpt 28.11.1728, d 1779)
  m. (20.11.152) Hannah Harrison
  (1) William Denison (b 1755, d 1796)
  m. (1780) Jane Worsley (dau of John Worsley of London)
  (A) William Brereton Denison (b 07.1781, d 1809)
  (B) Jonathan Denison of Rusholme Park, Lancashire (b 1784) had issue
  m. (31.08.1812) Sarah Hanson (dau of William Hanson of Manchester)
  iv. Hannah Denison
  m. (26.05.1724) Joseph Walker of Leeds



The coat of arms shown by BLG1952 is similar to the arms shown in Commoners for the family above. Accordingly, we presume that the two families were connected.
John Wilkinson of Potterton, Yorkshire (d 05.1789)
m. (Anne) Denison (sister of William Denison of Leeds then Ossington (d 1782, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire) and of Robert Denison, later of Ossington (d 1785))
1. Edward Wilkinson of Potterton Hall (d 16.07.1836)
  The following comes from BLG1886 ('Wilkinson of Potterton Hall')
  m. (1787) Ann Pearse (d 1846, dau of Nicholas Pearse of Woodford)
  A. John Edward Wilkinson of Potterton Hall (d 14.08.1850) had issue
  m. (1813) Catherine Bathurst (d 28.12.1856, dau of Robet Bathurst, niece of Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich)
2. John Wilkinson, later Denison of Ossington (b c1758, d 06.05.1820, MP)
  m1. _ Horlock (dau of J. Horlock of Ashwick)
A. Charlotte Denison (d 07.12.1815)
  m. (08.07.1811) Charles Manners-Sutton, 1st Viscount Canterbury (b 1780, d 21.07.1845, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  B.+ 2 sons (d young)
  m2. (12.1796) Charlotte Eastwick (d 01.01.1839, dau of Samuel Eastwick, MP)
  D. John Evelyn Denison, Viscount Ossington of Ossington (b 27.01.1800, dsp 07.3.1873, MP, Lord of the Admiralty, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m. (14.07.1827) Charlotte Cavendish Bentinck (d 30.09.1889, dau of 4th Duke of Portland)
  E. Edward Denison, Bishop of Salisbury (b 13.05.1801, d 06.03.1854) had issue
  m1. (27.06.1839) Louisa Maria Seymer (d 22.09.1841, dau of Henry Ker Seymer of Hanford House)
  m2. (10.07.1845) Clementina Baillie-Hamilton (dsp 12.05.1894, dau of Ven. Charles Baillie-Hamilton)
  F. Sir William Thomas Denison, Governor-General of Australia (b 1804, d 1871) had issue
m. (29.11.1838) Caroline Lucy Hornby (d 24.07.1899, dau of Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby)
  G. George Anthony Denison (b 11.12.1805, Archdeacon of Taunton)
  m. (04.09.1838) Georgiana Henley (dau of Joseph Warner Henley of Waterperry)
  H. Stephen Charles Denison (b 20.07.1811, d 1871, 6th surviving son) had issue
  m. (25.05.1845) Susan Anne Frances Fellowes (d 24.06.1878, dau of Rev. John Fellowes of Shotesham)
  I. Julia Grace Denison
  m. Rev. (Henry) Desvoeux
  J. Henrietta Sophia Denison
  m. (1840) J.H. Jacob
  K. Charlotte Anne Denison (d 19.01.1892)
  m. (1844) Sir Robert Joseph Phillimore, 1st Bart (d 04.02.1885)
  L.+ other issue - Henry (b 02.06.1810, d 30.11.1858), Frank (b 1813, d 1843, RN), Alfred Robert (b 08.1816, d 1887, in New South Wales), Charles Albert (b 18819, d 1878, Lt. Colonel)



Possibly connected to the above was ...
George Wilkinson of Woodhouse (near Leeds) (bpt 03.09.1626?, a 04.1683, brother of John)
m. (08.05.1655) Elizabeth Kilburn of Hunslet
1. Thomas Denison of Leeds (a 1683)
  m. _ Bell of Thirske
A. George Denison (b 05.03.1682, d young)
  B. Thomas Denison
  m. Elizabeth Sawer (dau of Thomas Sawer of Leeds)
  i. Thomas Denison of Leeds
m. Elizabeth Sunderland (b 16.01.1735, dau of John Sunderland of Whittington)
  a. Thomas Denison (d young)
  b. Robert Denison of Kilnwick Percy (b 15.09.1760)
  m. (24.07.1783) Frances Brook (b 18.11.1765, dau of Sir Robert Brook of Norton, Bart)
  (1) Frances Denison (b 23.08.1785, d 1840)
  m. (14.11.1807) Ralph Creyke of Marton
  (2) Harriet Denison who married...
  m. (10.05.1824) Philip Saltmarshe, 17th of Saltmarshe (b 15.03.1780, d 28.11.1846)
  (3) Mary Denison (d 29.08.1830) probably of this generation
  m. (13.01.1829) Sir James Walker of Sand Hutton & Beachampton, 1st Bart (b 1803, d 1883)
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas (b 02.01.1792, d 12.01.1802), Robert (b 21.11.1795), Richard (b 17.12.1801, d 02.1802), Harriet (b 12.02.21789), Elizabeth (b 12.01.1794, d 26.01.1794), Mary (b 18.11.1797, d c02.12.1797), Elizabeth (bpt 21.09.1799)
  C. Robert Denison
  m. _ Hey of Leeds
  D. Elizabeth Denison
  m. John Cookson of Leeds
2.+ other issue - Joseph, Grace, Debora, Hannah, Beatrice

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 29.10.14) : FMG (vol 2, MS315, 'Dennison', p773+) with input/support as reported above
(2) For middle section (uploaded 29.10.14, originally shown speculatedly connected to the upper section) : BLG1952 ('Denison of Ossington') with input/support as reported above
(3) For lower section (uploaded 27.04.16) : FMG (vol 2, MS315, 'Denison'), p772+)
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