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Families covered: Saltmarshe of Saltmarshe, Saltmarshe of Strubby, Saltmarshe of Thorganby, Saltmarshe of Wragby

BLG1952 reports that "The family name was derived from the manor of Saltmarshe in E.R. Yorks, and in ancient days was spelt in many different ways, of which the most usual were Saltemersc (Domesday), Saumareis, Saute Marays and de Salso Marisco, the latter form being most common in the 12th and 13th centuries."
Geoffrey de Saltmerse (a 1195) presumed father of ...
1. Elnard de Saltmerse (a 1230)
  A. Sir Peter de Saltmerse (b before 1226, d before 1248)
  i. Sir Elnard de Saltmerse, 1st of Saltmarshe, Yorkshire (a 1314)
  a. Sir Peter de Saltmershe, 2nd of Saltmarshe, Constable of York Castle (d 1338-9)
m. Margaret de Worteley (dau of Sir Nicholas de Worteley by Isabel, dau of William Heron of Ford, widow of Sir John de Lungeville)
  (1) Sir Edward de Saltmarshe, 3rd of Saltmarshe (d 1349-50)
  m. (c1336) Elena de Maunby (dau of Sir Thomas de Maunby of Maunby, Appleby Sedbury & Newton Morrell)
(A) Peter de Saltmarshe, 4th of Saltmarshe (d young)
  (B) Thomas Saltmarshe, 5th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby (b 1340)
  m. (1368) Mary Mowbray (dau of Sir John de Mowbray of Kirklington by Margaret, dau of William Percy of Kildale)
  (i) Thomas Saltmarshe, 6th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby
  m. Margaret Dawnay (dau of Thomas Dawnay of Escrick)
  (a) Thomas Saltmarshe, 7th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby
  m. (c1429) Margaret Newland (dau of William Newland of Newland by Joan)
  ((1)) Edward Saltmarshe, 8th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby (d 29.10.1481)
  m1. Elena Portington (dau of John Portington, son of Sir John by dau of Armine of Armine)
  ((A)) John Saltmarshe, 9th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby (b c 1456, d 18.08.1513) - continued below
  m. (1483) Margaret Borough (dau of William Borough of Borough)
  m2. (c09.1471) Elizabeth Girlington (dsp, dau of Nicholas Girlington of Sandhall)
  ((2)) Robert Saltmarshe had issue in York, etc.
  B. Marjory de Saltmerse
  m. Robert de Baliol



John Saltmarshe, 9th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby (b c 1456, d 18.08.1513) - continued above
m. (1483) Margaret Borough (dau of William Borough of Borough by Maude, dau of Lassells of Sowerby)
1. Edward Saltmarshe, 10th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby (b 1485, d 02.03.1548)
  m1. (1509) Elizabeth Stapylton (dau of Sir Bryan Stapylton of Wighill by Jane, dau of Sir Lancelot Thirkeld)
A. Thomas Saltmarshe (b 1510, dvp bur 24.10.1545)
  m. (c1532) Elizabeth Metham (dau of Sir Thomas Metham of Metham by Maude, dau of Sir John Hotham)
  i. Thomas Saltmarshe, 11th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby (d 05.03.1605)
  m. (1548) Margaret Constable (dau of Sir Robert Constable of Everingham by Catherine Manners)
  a. Robert Saltmarshe, 12th of Saltmarshe & Thorganby (d 19.03.1605)
  m1. (1584) Cecilia Grimston (d 1590, dau of Thomas Grimston of Grimston Garth by dau of Marmaduke Tthwaites)
  (1) Philip Saltmarshe, 13th of Saltmarshe (b 1585, d 1659)
  m. Mary Stanley (d 1640, dau of William Stanley of Womersleigh (son of Sir Piers) by Jane, dau of Thomas Yonge, Archbishop of York)
  (A) Philip Saltmarshe, 14th of Saltmarshe (b 1619, d 1693)
  m. (10.01.1657) Mary Harrison (d 1691, dau of George Harrison of Thorne)
  (i) Philip Saltmarshe, 15th of Saltmarshe (b 1660, d 1714)
  m. (1704) Sarah (widow of Dionyisius Jewit Skelton, m3. Thomas Andus)
(a) Philip Saltmarshe, 16th of Saltmarshe (b 27.01.1707, d unm 1796)
  (b) Arthur Saltmarshe (b 1710, d 1776)
  m. (17.12.1751) Anne Mawson (dau of Robert Mawson of Cotnesse)
  ((1)) Philip Saltmarshe (b 1753, d 19.04.1791)
  m. (10.05.1779) Elizabeth Rawson (d 1834, dau of Christopher Rawson of Stony Royd by Jane, dau of John Rawson of Beckfoot)
  ((A)) Philip Saltmarshe, 17th of Saltmarshe (b 15.03.1780, d 28.11.1846) had issue
  m. (10.05.1824) Harriet Denison (dau of Robert Denison of Kilnwick Percy by Frances, dau of Sir Richard Brooke, 4th Bart of Norton)
  ((B)) Christopher Saltmarshe 'of Saltmarshe' (d 14.10.1852) possibly of this generation, had issue
  m. (03.06.1817) Emma Rawson (d 1834, dau of John Rawson of Stonyroyd)
  ((C))+ other issue
(ii)+ 2 sons and1 daughter
  (B) Edward Saltmarshe of North Killington had issue
  m. Gerard Ireland (dau of William Ireland of Nostell)
  (C)+ 2 daughters
  (2)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  m2. (1593) Margaret Calverley (widow)
  (5) Ellen Saltmarshe
  m. Henry Hedon of Marton
  (6)+ 3 others (d infant)
b.+ other issue - Thomas, Michael, John, William, Mary, daughter
  ii. Grace Saltmarshe
  m. Ralph Crake of Partrenton
  iii. Anne Saltmarshe
  m. George Wenteseley of Bransberton
  iv.+ other issue - John, Edward, Isabell, Katherine
B. Elizabeth Saltmarshe
  m. _ Abbot of Bellaasells by Houlden
  C. Anne Saltmarshe
  m. _ Vavasor of Accaster
  m2. ?? Pilkington (dau of Roger Pilkington of Pilkington)
  D. Mary Saltmarshe
  m. John Hammerton of Monkrode
2. Anthony Saltmarshe of Strubby, Lincolnshire (d 1550)
Maddison reports that Margaret (dau of William Barkwith of Langton) was Anthony's 1st wife and that his 2nd wife was Anne (m. 12.11.1525, dau of William, Dacres of Gillesland, and widow of Sir William Conyers, Lord of Hornby), showing John as his only son. BLG1952 does not suggest who was mother of John but shows the marriages as follows. The subsquent descent is as reported by Maddison.
  m1. (1525) Anne Neville (dau of Ralp Neville, 3rd Earl of Westmorland, widow of William, 1st Lord Conyers of Hornby Castle)
  m2. Margaret Backworth (dau of William Backworth of Laughton)
  A. John Saltmarshe of Strubby (d 22.10.1554)
  m. Cassandra Parke (dau of James Parke of Bratoft)
i. Edward Saltmarshe of Strubby (b c1550, d 1617)
  m1. Elizabeth Smith (dau of William Smith of Honington)
  a. William Saltmarshe 'of Strubby' (b 1577, d 04.10.1657)
  m1. (08.06.1613) Barbara Meeres (bur 09.03.1644-5, dau of Sir John Meeres of Auborn, widow of Sir Peter Eure)
  (1) Barbara Saltmarshe (bpt 19.11.1620)
  m. William Godfrey of Thonock
(2)+ other issue - Edward (bpt/bur 27.03.1614), Thomas (bpt 25.03.1616, dvp), William (b c1619, a 1634, d young), Anthony (d young), Elizabeth (bpt 09.02.1616-7), Anne (bpt 19.02.1617-8)
  m2. (06.10.1642) Martha Eyre (bur 24.06.1671, dau of Anthony Eyre of Rampton, m2. William Marwood of Laughton)
  (8)+ other issue - child (d young), Jane
  b. Anthony Saltmarshe of Wragby (bur 01.01.1635-6)
  m. Priscilla Fairfax (dau of Sir William Fairfax of Steeton)
  (1) William Saltmarshe of Wragby (bpt 30.07.1615, 2nd son)
  m. (21.02.1637-8) Mary Wolley (dau of William Wolley of Cumberworth)
  (A) Anthony or Philip Saltmarshe of Strubby (b 1643-4, dsp bur 21.06.1675)
  m1. (20.10.1666) Jane Blythe (dau of William Blythe of Stroxton)
  m2. (1672) Elizabeth Anne (d 28.03.1672, dau of Michael Anne of Burghwallis)
(B) Priscilla Saltmarshe (bpt 14.10.1645, a 07.1675)
  m. _ Urry
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 17.06.1643, bur 09.12.1644), Edward (bur 14.04.1646), Michael (bpt 17.10.1646, a 09.1657), George (bpt 08.1653, bur 01.05.1656), Mary
  (2)+ other issue - John (bpt/bur 04.1612), Francis (bpt 20.11.1617), Anthony (bpt 11.11.1618)
  c. Casssandra Saltmarshe
  m. (c07.1599) Robert Lownde of Winterton
  d.+ other issue - Edmund, Edward, John (dsp), Francis (dsp), Joane (dsp)
  m2. (c05.1604) Eleanor or Helen Sherard (a 1617, dau of Rowland Sherard of Lobthorpe)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Thomas (d infant), Anthony
3. Margaret Saltmarshe
  m. (William) Kateryke of Standwycke
4. Awdrey Saltmarshe
  m. William Hungate of Saxton
5. Anne Saltmarshe (nun)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Saltmarshe of Saltmarshe) with some input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Saltmarshe), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Saltmarshe of Strubbyand Wragby)
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