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Families covered: Haydock of Haysandforth (Hesandford or Pheasantford), Hogg of Lisburn, Holyoake of Morton Bagot, Holyoake of Studley Castle, Holyoake of Tettenhall, Hopegood of Hadley, Hopegood of London

Simon Haydock 'of Hesandforth' (d 1568)
m. Johanna Stanfield (b c1498, d 1562, dau of Giles Stanfield or Stansfield son of Geoffrey of Haysandforth)
1. Simon Haydock 'of Hesandforth or Fessantford or Heysandforth'
  m. Anne Grimshaw (dau of John Grimshaw of Clayton)
  A. Evan Haydock 'of Fezantford'
  m1/2. Elyn or Elmira Towneley (dau (sb granddau) of Sir John Towneley)
  m2/1. Margaret Woodroof of Banktop (d 1587)
  i. Simon Haydock 'of Pheasantford'
  m. Anne Halsted (dau of John Halsted of Rowley)
a. Evan Haydock (b 1596)
  (1) Simon Haydock
  m. Mary Townley (dau of Robert Townley son of Edmund of Royle)
  (A) Robert Haydock (b 1655, d 1698)
  (i)+ issue - Robert (b 1686, d 1690), John (d 09.1745)
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 1660, d infant), Margaret (b 1650), Anne (b 1658)
  (2) Mary Haydock (b 1630)
  b. Mary Haydock possibly of this generation
  m. John Hesketh
  c. Anne Haydock possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Hesketh of Poolton & Maynes (d 1652)
  ii.+ other issue - Evan (b 1576), Robert (b 1582), John (b 1584)
  B. Gilbert Haydock
  C. Elenor Haydock
  m. John Townley of Hurstwood
  D. Mary Haydock
  m. Peter Ormerod of Ormerod (bur 1578)
2. Jean Haydock
  m. Robert Parker of Extwisle (dvp 1560)



William Hogg (to Ireland from Scotland)
m. Abigail Hamilton
1. William Hogg
2. Edward Hogg of Lisburn
  m. Rose O'Neill (dau of John O'Neill of Largy)
  A. William Hogg (b 1754, d 1824)
  m. (31.12.1783) Mary Dickey (dau of James Dickey of Dunmore)
  i. Sir James Weir Hogg, 1st Bart (b 07.09.1790, d 27.05.1876, Chairman of East India Company) had issue
  m. (26.07.1822) Mary Claudine Swinton (d 26.06.1874, dau of Samuel Swinton of Swinton)
  ii.+ other issue
  B.+ 1 son and 3 daughters
3. James Hogg of Lisburn (d 23.08.1781)
  m. (01.02.1764) Mary Greer (dau of Jonathan Greer of Redford)
  A. Sarah Hogg (b 1773-4, d 21.03.1856) apparently of this generation
  m. (17.09.1797) John Barcroft of Lisburn (b 30.11.1758, d 30.07.1815)



John Holyoake of Morton Bagot & Nethersteed, Warwickshire (a 1640)
m. Jane
1. Thomas Holyoake of Morton Bagot
  A. John Holyoake of Morton Bagot, Mayor of Warwick (a 1706)
  m1. Susannah Green
  i. Elizabeth Holyoake (dsp)
  ii. Susannah Holyoake
  m. _ Hopkins
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Hopkins (sister of son-in-law, brother of Thomas, later of Morton Bagot)
  B. William Holyoake
  i. John Holyoake (b 1689-90, d 24.02.1765)
  m. (29.11.1720) Elizabeth Dewes (b c1694, d 1774, dau of Court Dewes of Mappleboroiugh Green)
a. Thomas Holyoake of Morton Bagot (b 17.03.1726, d 01.08.1800)
  m. (13.08.1760) Elizabeth Pettipher (dau of James Pettipher of Great Alne)
  (1) Francis Holyoake of Tettenhall (Staffordshire) & Studley Castle (Warwickshire) (b 14.03.1766, a 1840?)
  m. (17.04.1795) Dorothy Elizabeth Lyttelton (dau of Robert Lyttelton, niece/heir of Phillips Lyttelton of Studley Castle)
(A) Sir Francis Lyttelton Holyoake of Tettenhall & Studley Castle, later Holyoake Goodricke of Ribsone, Bart (b 13.11.1797, d 29.12.1865) had issue
  According to TCB (vol 2, Goodrick or Goddircke of Ribston), Francis was left the estates of Sir Harry Goodricke, 7th Bart of Ribstone, apparently because they were "sporting friends".
  m. (02.08.1827) Elizabeth Martha Payne (dau of George Payne of Sulby Hall)
  (B) George Holyoake of Neachey, Salop (b 26.11.1801, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (29.10.1835) Laura Millicent Pigot (dau of Sir George Pigot, Bart)
  (C) Frances Elizabeth Holyoake
  m. Henry Hordern of Dunstall Hall
  (D) Emma Holyoake
  m. Benjamin Lucas Cubitt (rector of Catfield, of the Norfolk family)
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas (b 29.06.1800, Captain), Henry (b 05.07.1804, Captain), Caroline (bur 04.10.1804)
  (2) Charlotte Holyoake
m. William Rumney (rector of Swinden)
  (3) Letitia Holyoake (d infant)
  b. Francis Holyoake of Tettenhall, Staffordshire (b 20.07.1727, dsps 01.11.1796)
  m. Elizabeth Pearson (dau of Edward Pearson)
  c. Esther Holyoake (married twice)
  C. Thomas Holyoake (dsp)
2. John Holyoake 'of Morton Bagot'
  A. Elizabeth Holyoake of Sparnal (aka St. Giles's)
  m. Thomas Berkeley of Spetchley (b 1652, d 1719)
3. William Holyoake of Lincoln's Inn (dsp)



Edward Hopegood of London (bur 02.04.1646, clothworker)
m. (24.06.1616) Mary Cade (bur 24.03.1662/3, dau of Walter Cade of Reigate)
1. Edward Hopegood of London (bur 03.10.1679)
  m. (1656) Jane Burdett (bur 15.07.1707)
A. Andrew Hopegood of Hadley (b c1663, d 01.12.1742, Director of the Royal Africna Company, 3rd son)
  m. Sarah Floyer (b c1683, d 11.01.1774, dau of Sir Peter Floyer (alderman of London))
  i. Andrew Hopegood of Hadley (b 1712-3, d 16.08.1781)
  m. Elizabeth (b 1745-6, d 18.06.1812)
  a. Andrew Hopegood of Hadley (b 31.05.1772, d 16.01.1843) had issue
  m. Catherine (b 1783-4, d 05.03.1849)
  b. Sarah Jane Hopegood (b 1769-70, d 22.03.1842)
  m. (08.06.1797) Thomas Munro (b 1764, d 1815, rector of Little Easton)
  c. Martha Floyer Hopegood (b 04.06.1771, d 16.12.1811)
  ii.+ other issue - Francis (bpt 20.01.1717/8, d 03.06.1753), Edward (bpt 22.06.1720, d 01.1793), Sarah (bpt 09.10.1712, bur 09.04.1713), jane (bpt 17.02.1715/6, d 17.09.1809)
  B.+ other issue - Francis of Loindon (d unm bur 13.02.1718/9), Edward, Elizabeth (bur 21.06.1665), Jane (bur 11.11.1740), Lettice of Ashtead (bpt 19.12.1666, d before 26.07.1709)
2. Anne Hopegood (a 1653)
  m. Humphrey Hill of London (d before 23.05.1653, "of the Hills of Soulton, Hawkestone and Adderly, co. Salop")
A.+ issue - Edward, Mary
3. Mary Hopegood
  m. (19.04.1642) Peter Caulier
4. Elizabeth Hopegood (a 05.1662)
  m. Abraham Caulier (d by 04.1662)
  A. Anne Hopegood Caulier (d 1721)
  Various sources, possibly following CountyGen (Berry, Hampshire, p290), indicate that Anne was a Hopegood (or Goodhope), apparently confused by the fact that (according to Cass) Hopegood was her middle name rather than her family name.
  m1. Sir William Beeston, Governor of Jamaica (d before 17.11.1702)
  m2. Sir Charles Orby, Bart (dsp before 11.05.1716)
  B.+ other issue - Bartholomew, Abraham, Edward
5.+ other issue (d unm) - Andre of London (bur 23.12.1717), Abraham of London (d before 22.03.1659)

Main source(s):
(1) For Haydock (uploaded 24.08.09) : 'Pedigree of Haydock' within vol II of 'An History of the Original Parish of Whalley and Honor of Clitheroe', originally by Thomas Dunham Whitaker (1818), continued & completed by Rev. Ponsonby A. Lyons (1876)
(2) For Hogg (uploaded 31.03.10) : BP1934 ('Magheramorne')
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(4) For Hopegood (uploaded 18.03.24) : 'Monken Hadley' (Frederick Charles Cass, 1880, 'Pedigree of Hopegood', p187)
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