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Families covered: Goodricke of Bolingbroke, Goodricke of East Kirkby, Goodricke of Ribstone, Goodricke of Stickney

Robert Goodricke of Nortingley, Somerset
1. Henry Goodricke (to Lincolnshire, 3rd son)
  m. _ Strickford
  A. ?? Goodricke
  i. ?? Goodricke
  Not fully certain on number of intervening generations. BEB1841 reports that, from the above Henry, the family "flourished for six subsequent generations" until Henry, son of William and brother of Bishop Thomas).
  a. ?? Goodricke
  (1) John Goodricke of Bolingbroke first mentioned by Maddison & Foster
  m. _ Hutton
  (A) William or Edwar) Goodricke of East Kirkby
m. Jane Williamson of Boston (heir)
  (i) John Goodricke of East Kirkby, Sheriff of Lincoln (a 1535)
  m. _ Dymocke (dau of Sir Lyonel Dymocke)
  (a) Lyon Goodricke of East Kirkby (d 29.08.1559-60)
  m1. _ Jermyn (dau of Sir Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrooke)
  m2. Winifred Sapcotts (dau of Henry Sapcotts of Lincoln)
  ((1)) Edward Goodricke of East Kirkby (d 20.08.1615)
  m. Elizabeth Goodricke (dau of Richard Goodricke of London) @@ below
  ((A)) Lyon Goodricke of Alford then Stickney (d 02.1624-5)
  m. (c09.1600) Audrey Calthorpe of Norfolk (a 09.1625)
  ((i)) John Goodricke of Stickney (b c10.1607, d before 08.03.1653-4)
  m. Matheu Palmer (dau of William Palmer of Fleet)
  ((a)) William Goodricke of Stickney (a 09.1653)
((b)) Elizabeth Goodricke (a 09.1653)
  ((ii)) Thomas Goodricke of Stickney (captain)
  ((iii)) daughter (a 09.1653)
  m. _ West
((iv)) daughter
  m. _ Dighton
  ((B)) Elizabeth Goodricke (a 08.1617)
  m. (01.1602-3) Robert Bewytt
  ((C)) Frances Goodricke (a 08.1617)
  m. (26.05.1608) William Disney
((D))+ other issue - Nataniel, Robert, Dorothy, Anne, Judith, Winifred (a 08.1617), Hester (a 08.1617)
  ((2)) Richard Goodricke of Suffolk
  m. Margaret (a 09.1598)
  ((3)) Anne Goodricke
  m. Benjamin Bolle of Osberton
  (b) Katherine Goodricke
  m. Thomas Palfreyman
  (c) Jane Goodricke
  m. William Bryan of Bolingbrooke
(d)+ other issue - Thomas, William
  (ii) Henry Goodricke of Ribstone (d 1566)
  m1. _ Addy
  (a) William Goodricke
  m. Maude Midelton (dau of Thomas Midleton of Stockeld)
  ((1)) Dorothy Goodricke
  m2. Margaret Rawson (dau of Sir Christopher Rawson)
(b) Richard Goodricke of Ribstone, Sheriff of York (d 1581)
  m. Clare Norton (dau of Richard Norton of Norton Conyers)
  ((1)) Richard Goodricke of Ribstone, Sheriff of York (d 1601) - continued below
  m. Muriel Eure (dau of William, Lord Eure)
  ((2)) Margaret Goodricke
  m. Francis Baildon of Kippax
((3)) Elizabeth Goodricke
  m. Thomas Wentworth of Elmsall (d 1632-3)
  (c) Aldborough Goodricke
  m. Christopher Langholme of Conishome
  (d)+ other issue - Christopher (dsp), John
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  (f) Anne Goodricke
  m. John Moyle of Lymly
  (iii) Thomas Goodricke, Bishop of Ely, Lord Chancellor of England (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
  (iv) Elizabeth Goodricke
  m. ?? Fulnetby
(v) Katherine Goodricke
  m. (Sir) Thomas Mussenden of Healing/Heling
  (B) Richard Goodricke of Bullinbrooke (Bolingbroke)
  m. Alice Etton (dau of John Etton of Firsby, she m2. Thomas Bradley of Louth)
  (i) Richard Goodricke of London
  m. Dorothy Badbye (a 03.1578, dau of William Badbye of Essex, she m1. George Blagge, m3. Sir Ambrose Jermyn of Rushbrooke)
  (a) Richard Goodricke of Toft, Lincolnshire
  m. (mcrt 03.1578) Dorothy Jermyn (dau of John Jermyn of Debden)
  (b) Elizabeth Goodricke
  m. Edward Goodricke of East Kirkby @@ above
  (ii) John Goodricke (dsp)



Richard Goodricke of Ribstone, Sheriff of York (d 1601) - continued above
m. Muriel Eure (dau of William, Lord Eure)
1. Sir Henry (not John) Goodricke of Ribstone (b 1580, d 07.1641)
  m. Jane Savile (dau of Sir John Savile of Methley)
A. Sir John Goodricke, 1st Bart of Ribstone (b 20.04.1617, d 11.1670, 8th son)
  m1. (07.10.1641) Catharine Norcliff (bpt 31.08.1620, dau of Stephen Norcliff)
  i. Sir Henry Goodricke, 2nd Bart of Ribstone (b 24.10.1642, dsp 05.03.1704-5, Lt. General)
  m. Mary Legge (d 1714/5, sister of George, 1st Lord of Dartmouth, dau of Col. William Legge by Elizabeth Washington)
  m2. Elizabeth Smith (d 06.1692, dau of Alexander Smith of Stutton, widow of William Fairfax, 3rd Viscount)
  ii. Sir John Goodricke, 3rd Bart of Ribstone (b 16.10.1654, d 10.12.1705)
  m. Sarah Hopkins (d 1731/2, dau of Sir Richard Hopkins of Coventry, sergeant-at-law)
a. Sir Henry Goodricke, 4th Bart of Ribstone (b 08.09.1677, d 21.07.1738)
  m. (26.04.1704/7) Mary Jenkyns (dau of Tobias Jenkyns of Grimston by Elizabeth (or Mary) Paulet)
  (1) Sir John Goodricke, 5th Bart of Ribstone (b 20.05.1708, d 03.08.1789)
  m. (28.09.1731) Mary Benson (natural dau of Robert Benson, Lord Bingley, by dau of James Sill of Wakefield)
  (A) Henry Goodricke of Groningen (dvp 09.07.1784)
  m. Levina Benjamina Sesster (b 20.10.1767, dau of Peter Sesster)
  (i) Sir Henry Goodricke, 6th Bart of Ribstone (d 20.03.1802)
m. (1796) Charlotte Fortescue (dau of James Fortescue, sister of Viscount Clermont)
  (a) Sir Harry Goodricke, 7th Bart of Ribstone, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 16/26.09.1797, d unm 21.08.1833)
  According to TCB (vol 2, Goodrick or Goddircke of Ribston), Sir Harry left his estates to Francis Lyttelton Holyoake, later Holyoake Goodricke, "one of his sporting friends, who was, however, in no way connected with the family, thereby excluding his three aunts, who were his coheirs, as well as his heir male".
  (ii) Harriet Goodricke
  m. (04.1794) Sir Thomas Goodricke, 8th Bart of Ribstone (dsp 1839) @@ just below
(iii) Mary Goodricke
  m. Charles Gregory Fairfax of Gilling Castle
  (iv) Elizabeth Goodricke (d 08.03.1838)
  (3) Thomas Francis Goodricke (d 1803, Lt. Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Button (dau of James Button of Rochester)
  (A) Sir Thomas Goodricke, 8th Bart of Ribstone (b 24.09.1762, dsp 09.03.1839)
  m. (04.1794) Harriet Goodricke (dau of Henry Goodricke, younger of Ribstone) @@ just above
  (B) Harriott Goodricke
  (3) Harry Goodricke (dsp 1801, prebendary of York)
  m1. Margaret Taylor (dau of John Taylor of Beverley)
  m2. Anne Harland (dau of Philip Harland of Sutton Hall)
(4) Sarah Goodricke
  m. T. Clough of Otley
  (5) Jane Goodricke
  m. Francis Wanley (Dean of Ripon)
  (6)+ other issue - Henry, Elizabeth (d unm 1761)
  b.+ "numerous family"
  B. Sir Francis Goodricke of Manby (dsp 08.1679, Chancellor at Durham)
  m. Hester Warburton (dau of Peter Warburton of the Grange)
  C. Mary Goodricke
  m. Sir Richard Hawkesworth of Hawkesworth (d 11.02.1657)
  D.+ other issue -Richard (d unm by 1612), Henry (a 1612, d unm), Toby (d young), Edward (d young), Thomas (d young), Rouland (d young), Savile (d unm), Jane (d young), Elizabeth (a 1612, d unm)
2. John Goodricke of Eastoft (5th son)
  m. Sarah Hopkins (dau of Sir Richard Hopkins, searjeant-at-law)
3. Margaret Goodricke
  m. Walter Strickland of Byers Hall
4.+ other issue - William, Robert, Raphe, Richard, Francis

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Goodricke, in Addenda), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Goodricke of East Kirkby), Visitation (Foster, Yorshire, 1584/5 + 1612, 'Goodrick of Ribston') with some support from TCB (vol ii, Goodrick or Goodricke of Ribston), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, 'Goodrick of Ribstan') and a (very little) input from Commoners (vol iv, Northey-Hopkins of Oving House)
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