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Families covered: Arnot of Barcaple, Arnot of Chapple (Arnott of Chapel), Arnot of Lochrig , Arnot of Tongland

David Arnot of Tongland (d by 03.1597, Abbot?)
1. Andrew Arnot of Tongland
  A. David Arnot of Barcapell & Chappell
  m1. ??
  i. David Arnot of Barcapil (Barcaple) (a 1674)
  ii. Samuel Arnot (b c1629, d 31.03.1688, minister of Tongland)
  m. Katherine Cant (niece/heir of Walter Cant)
  a. David Arnot of Chapel
  b . Margaret Arnot
  m. Thomas Orr
  c. Mary Arnot
  m. (17.12.1684) James Campbell (minister of Campbeltown?, son of Lt. Colonel)
  iii.+ other issue - William, Marion, Rachel
  m2. Janet Baillie
  vi. John Arnot
  b. Andrew Arnot



John Arnot of Lochrig in Cunningham
'The House of Arnot' reports Riddell saying "We can say nothing of the immediate descendants of John Arnot of Lochrig" but conjectures as shown below. Paterson reports that, after John, "The next, in all likelihood, was" Edward succeeded by Andrew (a 1497) probably succeeded by Henry ("of whom nothing is know save that his name occurs in a precept of sasine of his son) Andrew (a 1505) probably father of Robert brother of Andrew who m. Elizabeth Craufurd as below.
1. ?? Arnot
  A. Henry Arnot of Lochrig (a 1454)
  i. Edward Arnot of Lochrig (a 1475, 1502)
  a. Andrew Arnot of Lochrig (a 1502)
  (1) Robert Arnot of Lochrig (a 1556)
(A) Robert Arnot (dvp)
  (B) Andrew Arnot of Lochrig
  m. Elizabeth Crawfurd (dau of John Crawfurd of Crawfurdland by Margaret, dau of John Blair of that ilk)
  (i) Andrew Arnot of Lochrig (a 1616)
m. Mary or Margaret Cunyngham (a 1616, "of the Corsehill family")
  (a) Alexander Arnot of Lochrig (d 11.1623)
  m. Jonet Ros
  ((1)) Alexander Arnot of Lochrig (d before 1647 or 07.1649)
  m(2?). (mcrt 02/07.1639) Jean Sempill (dau of William Sempill of Fulwood by Jean, dau of Sir Patrick Houstoun)
  ((A)) Alexander Arnot of Lochrig (d 1714)
m. Janet Arnot (dau of Sir Michael Arnot of that ilk, Bart)
  ((i)) Alexander Arnot of Lochrig generation omitted by Paterson
  m. (by 1696) Janet
  ((a)) James Arnot of Lochrig (d unm 1728, 2nd son)
  ((b)) Anna Arnot of Lochrig (d unm 1745)
  ((c)) Isabella Arnot
  m. (1723) John Galt
  (((1))) Jean Galt or Arnot
  m. (1741) Matthew Stewart of Newton (d 1764, cadet of Newhall)
  ((d))+ other issue - Alexander (d c1714), Catherine (d unm 1745)
  ((ii)) Andrew Arnot (d 07.12.1666, Captain)
  m. Janet Davidson
  ((iii)+) 3 daughters
  ((B)) Andrew Arnot
  ((2))+ other issue - John, Elizabeth
  (b) Janet Arnot
  m. John Montgomerie
  (c)+ other issue - William, David, Robert
  (ii) David Arnot (d 1604)



Possibly descended from John Arnot of Arnot by Euphame Scott, or from his brother David, was ...
John Arnot of Chapple (d by 1595)
m. Helen Balvaird
1. James Arnot of Chapple (d c1600)
2. John Arnot of Chapple
m. Begis Ness
  A. Thomas Arnot of Chapple
  m1. Grizel Thomson (dsp)
  m2. (c08.1634) Margaret Heriott (dau of (Walter) Heriott of Ramornie)
  i. John Arnot of Chapple (d by 1698?)
m. Isobel Daniell mother of Isobel, presumed also of ...
  a. Thomas Arnot of Chapple (b 1663, bur 25.06.1751)
  m. (1698-9) Eupham Beveridge
  (1) Thomas Arnot of Chapple (b 05.11.1699, medic)
  m. Agnes (Ann) Arnot (dau of Major (William) Arnot of Dalginch, sister of Sir William of Dalginch, Bart)
  (A) Thomas Arnot of Chapple & Dalginch (b 1737-8, d (unm?) 05.2.1797, Major)
  (B) Robert Arnott of Chapel (b 1742, d 02.08.1820, medic)
  m1. (sp) ??
  m2. Jean Moncrieff (b c1757, d 09.12.1831)
  (i) William Arnott (d infant)
  (ii) Thomas Arnott of Chapel (b 1793, dsp 27.03.1865, WS)
  m. Jean Arnott Grant (b c1813, d 05.10.1846, dau of Rev. Andrew Grant of Edinburgh, cousin)
  (iii) James Moncrieff Arnott of London & Chapel (b 1794, d 27.05.1885, President of the College of Surgeons) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Georgina Elizabeth ** (b 1790-1, d 11.09.1840)
  (iv) Marjory Cleland Arnott (b 1797, d 01.09.1886)
  m. Lt. Col. Sir Peter Barclay (b 1786-7, d 27.04.1872)
  (C) Anna Arnot (b 1735)
  m. Rev. George Miller of Leslie
  (i) Thomas Miller had issue in America
  (ii) Agnes Miller
  m. Andrew Grant of Limepotts (minister in Edinburgh)
  (D) Margaret Arnot
  m. _ Pym of Edinburgh ("an Englishman)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 05.11.1699), James (bpt 12.05.1706, d 1751), John (bpt 02.12.1711, d infant?), John (bpt 08.03.1713), Robert (bpt 03.10.1715), Isobel (bpt 04.10.1701), Margaret (bpt 13.06.1708), Janet (bpt 08.09.1717), Euphan (bpt 16.12.1720)
  b.+ other issue - Andrew (in Ramornie?), Isobel
  ii.+ other issue - George (bpt 27.0.1641), Thomas (bpt 1644), Margaret (bpt 16.04.1648)

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