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Families covered: Arnot of Abbotshall, Arnot of Arnot, Arnot of Dalginch

Walter Arnot 'of that ilk' of Arnot (a 1610)
m. Marie Balfour (dau of Sir James Balfour of Pittendreich & Burleigh, sister of 1st Lord Balfour of Burleigh)
1. James Balfour (d unm)
2. Sir Michael Arnot 'of that ilk', 1st Bart of Arnot (a 1670, d before 1684)
  m. (04.1612) Anne Broun (dau of Robert Broun (Browne) of Balquharne and Auchingownie)
  A. Charles Arnot (dvp 01.1652/3, Colonel)
  m. (1642) Helen Reid (d 04.1671, dau/heir of James Reid (Reed) of Pitlethie (Pittlehill or Pittleshill) (by Margaret Bruce), m2. Andrew Bruce of Earlshall
  i. Sir David Arnot 'of that ilk', last of Arnot, 2nd Bart t (dsp 01.01.1711)
  'The House of Arnot' reports that "Subsequent to the death of Sir David Arnot of Arnot, Baronet, there seems to have been considerable confusion about the succession to the baronetcy, even down to the last Baronet, and various authorities have given different statements." BEB1841 ('Arnot') and, according to TCB, Playfair's Baronetage, both report that the 3rd Bart, Lt. Gen. Sir John, was Sir David's son. However, TCB reports that Sir David dsp and that Sir John "whose relationship to the grantee is unknown; assumed the Baronetcy". 'The House of Arnot' supports Riddell's 'Baronetage of Scotland' in identifying the 3rd Bart as David's cousin, as shown below.
  ii. Helen Arnot
  m. John Livingston of Balrouine
  iii. Marie Arnot
  m. John Dundas of Bald
  B. William Arnot (Lt. Colonel in Holland)
  m. _ Bane (dau of Sir Marshall Bane)
  i. Sir John Arnot of Abbotshall, later of York, 3rd Bart (b c1666, d 04.06.1750, Lt. General)
  m. Mary (bur 11.10.1745)
  a. Sir John Arnot, 4th Bart (d c1762, Captain)
  After Sir John, 4th Bart, TCB reports that Sir John of Jersey, 5th Bart, "whose relationship to the grantee is unknown ... assumed the Baronetcy". TCB reports that he dsp as a widower, with his spinster sister Mary being his "only next of kin". 'The House of Arnot' (p54) wonders "Could these last two Baronets be the same person" and thenafter, whilst noting that TCB numbers the baronetcies differenty, gives precedence to numbering them as if that Sir John of Jersey was indeed the 4th Bart. [BEB1841 ('Arnot') and, according to TCB, Playfair's Baronetage, appear to miss out the 5th, 6th & 8th Barts reported by TCB, showing Lt. Col. Sir William (who d 1752), son of Sir John, 4th Bart, as the 5th Bart followed by Sir William (a 1811) as the 6th and last Bart.]
  m. Eleanor
  (1) Anne Arnot
  b. Ann Arnot
  m. (12.09.1750) William Knype of Talconeston
c.+ other issue - William of Abbotshall ("now called Arnot") (dsp before 1762, Colonel), Mary, Harriet, Isabella (d young)
  ii. William Arnot of Auchmuir, later of Dalginch, Fife (d 19.05.1730, Major)
  We follow what is supported by 'The House of Arnot' (p55). Sir Robert (5th/6th Bart) is shown by TCB as being succeeded his father 06.10.1735, "being served his heir special, 1736". That date of succession appears to be contradicted by 'The House of Arnot' which, whilst confirming that Sir Robert "was, 8 May 1736, served heir of line and heir of Major William", reports that William died on the date shown.
  m. Ann Balfour (dau of ?? Balfour of Balbirnie)
a. Sir Robert Arnot of Dalginch, 5th (or 6th) Bart (dsp 03/12.06.1767)
  b. Sir William Arnot of Dalginch, 6th (or 7th) Bart (dsp 19.07.1782, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Mary Nash (b 19.02.1716/7, d 06.03.1783, dau of Richard Nash of Droitwich by Elizabeth, dau of George Treadaway)
  c. Elizabeth Arnot
  m. _ Glass
  (1) William Glass (a 1785)
  d. Ann (Agnes) Arnot
  m. Thomas Arnot of Chapel
  iii. Helen Arnot (a 1729) mentioned by TCB
  m. James Livingstone
  C. (George?) Arnot in England
  'The House of Arnot' mentions that Riddell's "Baronetcy of Scotland" mentions this third son, "probably his name was George (who) is sait to have settled in England, and to have had a large family", and identifies his eldest son as vicar George ("who married and had issue"), and that "if this account be true, and any male descendants exist, they would be entitled to the baronetcy." TCB identifies the father of the 8th Bart as vicar George whose "relationship with the grantee is unknown".
  i. George Arnot (a 1728, vicar of Wakefield)
  a. Sir Matthew Robert Arnot, 8th Bart (dsp 1801)
  b. daughter
  m. _ Robinson
  (1) George Robinson (Captain, RN)
  ii. ?? Arnot
Of the 9th and last Baronet, TCB reports that he "is given in Playfair's Baronetage [S.], 1811, and in Burke's Baronetage, 1837 to 1840, as the then existing Baronet of this creation, but of him (if, indeed, he ever existed) nothing is known." We presume that he was a nephew of vicar George.
  a. Sir William Arnot, 9th Bart (a 1811, 1840)
  iii.+ other issue
  D. daughter ("Lady Pitilloch of that ilk")
  E. Anna Arnot
  m. George Balfour, 1st of Balbirnie (d 1655, son of Martin of Laletham)
F. Elizabeth Arnot
  m. William Balfour of Ballo
  G. Margaret Arnot (d 08.05.1698)
  m. John Malcolm of Balbeadie (b c1611, d 08.02.1692)
  H. Isobel Arnot
  m. George (probably not John) Lundy of Drums
  I. Janet Arnot
  m. Alexander Arnot of Lochrig (d 1714)
  J. Catherine Arnot
  m. John Whyte of Bennochy (d 1695, m1. Jean, dau of Thomas Melville of Mordocairney)
  K. daughter shown by 'Fife (P&H)' a generation earlier
  m. John Alexander in Edinburgh (son of Laird of Skeddoway)
  L. Marie Arnot (d 1700)

Main source(s): 'The House of Arnot and some of its branches' by James Arnott (1918) with some input/support from TCB (vol 2, 'Arnot or Arnott', p365+)
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