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Families covered: Whyte of Bennochy, Whyte of Kirkcaldy, Whyte of Lumbenny, Whyte of Maw

Commoners reports that "The Whytes, of Scotland, originally of France, are said to derive from the noble family of Les Blancs, in that kingdom; their armorial bearings being nearly similar."
Matthew Whyte of Maw, Fife (a 1492)
1. Robert Whyte of Maw (a 1504)
  A. David Whyte of Maw & Lumbenny (d 1538)
  i. Robert Whyte of Maw
  ii. John Whyte of Lumbenny
  m. Eupham Balfour (dau of Michael Balfour of Burleigh)
a. John Whyte of Kirkcaldy, 1st of Bennochy (a 1580, 2nd son)
  (1) John Whyte of Bennochy, Provost of Kirkcaldy (d 1667)
  m1. Janet Tennent, heiress of Powran
  (A) John Whyte of Bennochy (d 1695)
  m1. Jane Melvill (dau of Thomas Melvill of Mordocairny, brother of John of Raith, 3rd Lord)
  (i) Robert Whyte of Bennochy (d 1714)
  m. (1697) Jean Murray (dau of Anthony Murray of Woodend)
  (a) George Whyte of Bennoch (d 1728)
  (b) Robert Whyte of Bennoch (d 1766, professor of medicine at Edinburgh, president of the Royal College of Physicians)
  m1. _ Robertson (dau of William Robertson of Newbigging, widow of _ Melville of Cairney)
  ((1))+ 2 sons (d infant)
  m2. Louisa Balfour (dau of James Balfour of Pilrig)
((3)) Robert Whyte of Bennoch (d unm 1776)
  ((4)) John Whyte, later Whyte-Melville of Bennochy & Strathkiness (d 05.1813)
  John inherited Strathkiness from his cousin, General Robert Melville.
  m. (21.04.1781) Elizabeth McGilchrist (dau of Archibald McGilchrist of North Bar)
  ((A)) Robert Whyte-Melville of Bennochy & Strathkiness (b 12.08.1794, d unm 26.02.1818)
  ((B)) John Whyte-Melville of Bennochy & Strathkiness (b 21.06.1797, d 16.07.1883) had issue
  m. (01.06.1819) Catherine Anne Sarah Osborne (dau of Francis Goldolphin Osborne, 3rd Duke of Leeds)
  ((C)) Margaret Whyte-Melville (d 1829)
  m. (04.07.1815) George Holmes Jackson of Glemore
  ((D))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Louisa, Jane
  ((5)) Louisa Whyte
  m. William Rouet of Auchindonan
  ((6)) Jean Whyte
m. John Balfour of Pilrig (cousin)
  ((7)) Martha Whyte
  m. _ Wilson (Major)
  ((8))+ other issue - Melville (d unm), 8 others (d infant)
  (c) Jean Whyte
  m. _ Ramsay of Balmain ## see here?? ##
  ((1)) Jean Ramsay
  m. John Adam of Maryburgh
((A)) William Adam (Lord Chief Commissioner of Scotland)
  (d) Helen Whyte
  m. Andrew Melville (of family of Carnbee)
  (ii) John Whyte of Ballo, Fife
  (a) daughter
  m. _ Adam (minister at Kirkcaldy)
m2. (sp) Catherine Arnot (dau of Sir Michael (probably not David) Arnot of that ilk)
  m2. _ Law (dau of _ Law of Dunnikier)
  (B) Isabel Whyte
  Commoners identifies Isabel's husband as James Whyte but Douglas identifies him as Thomas, grandfather of Robert (collector of customs at Kirkcaldy). The following connection has been kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (CV, 16.08.09) who identified the family bible of Martha Whyt as a source for (part of) the following.
  m. Thomas Whyte
  (i) James Whyte, Provost of Kirkcaldy
  m. (12.03.1697) Isobell Oswald
  (a) Thomas Whyte of London (b 26.03.1700, d 22.11.1746, banker)
  m. (24.11.1730) Martha (d 05.06.1741, widow of James Moffatt of London)
  ((1)) Martha Whyte or Whyt (b 27.05.1741, d 21.06.1810)
  m. (01.06.1759) Charles Bruce, 9th Earl of Kincardine, 5th Earl of Elgin (b 06.07.1732, d 14.05.1771)
  (b) Robert Whyte of Kirkcaldy (uncle of Martha)
  b.+ other issue - Henry, Michael of Kirkcaldy
  B. Henry Whyte (Dean of Brechin, Senator of the College of Justice)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol II, Whyte-Melville of Bennochy and Strathkiness), Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798, Whytt of Bennochy)
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