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Families covered: Osborne of Kiveton, Osborne of Leeds, Osborne Godolphin of Farnham Royal

Richard Osborne
m. Elizabeth Fyldene
1. Richard Osborne of Ashford, Kent
  m. Jane Broughton (dau of John Broughton of Broughton)
  A. Sir Edward Osborne, Lord Mayor of London (d 1591)
  m. Anna Hewett (dau of Sir William Hewett, Lord Mayor of London)
i. Sir Hewett Osborne of Kiveton (bpt 13.03.1566-7, d 09.1599)
  m. Joice Fleetwood (dau of Thomas Fleetwood of The Vache)
  a. Sir Edward Osborne, 1st Bart of Kiveton (bpt 12.12.1596, d 09.09.1647)
  m1. (13.10.1618) Margaret Belasyse (d 07.11.1624, dau of Thomas Belasyse, 1st Viscount Fauconberg)
  (1) Edward Osborne (dvpsp 31.10.1638)
  m2. Anne Walmesley (bur 20.08.1666, dau of Thomas Walmesley of Dunkenhalgh)
(2) Sir Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds (b 20.02.1631/2, d 26.07.1712)
  m. (1651/3) Bridget Bertie (bpt 06.06.1629, d 07.01.1703/4, dau of Montagu Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey)
  (A) Edward Osborne, 'Viscount Latimer' (b 1655, dvp 01.1688-9)
  m. (before 03.1676) Elizabeth Bennet (bpt 27.03.1659, d 01.05.1680, dau of Simon Bennet of Beechampton)
  (i)+ 2 sons (d infant)
  (B) Peregrine Osborne, Viscount Dunblane, 2nd Duke of Leeds (b 1659, d 25.06.1729, Vice Admiral)
  m. (25.04.1682) Bridget Hyde (b 1662, d 08.03.1733, dau of Sir Thomas Hyde, 2nd Bart of Aldbury)
(i) William Henry Osborne, 'Earl of Danby' (b 31.07.1690, dvp unm 16.08.1711)
  (ii) Peregrine Hyde Osborne, 3rd Duke of Leeds (b 11.11.1691, d 09.05.1731)
  m1. (16.12.1712) Elizabeth Harley (d 20.11.1713, dau of Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford)
  (a) Thomas Osborne, 4th Duke of Leeds (b 06.11.1713, d 23.03.1789)
  m. (26.06.1740) Mary Godolphin (d 03.08.1764, dau of Francis Godolphin, 2nd Earl of Godolphin)
  ((1)) Thomas Osborne, 'Marquess of Carmarthen' (b 05.10.1747, dvpsp 15.08.1761)
  ((2)) Francis Godolphin Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds (b 29.01.1751, d 31.01.1799)
  m1. (29.11.1773, div 05.1779) Amelia D'Arcy, Baroness Conyers (b 12.10.1754, d 26/7.01.1784, dau of Robert Darcy, 4th Earl of Holderness)
  ((A)) George William Frederick Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds (b 21.01.1775, d 10.07.1838)
  m. (17.08.1797) Charlotte Townshend (b 16.03.1776, d 30.07.1856, dau of George Townshend, 1st Marquess Townshend)
((i)) Francis Godolphin D'Arcy Osborne, 7th Duke of Leeds (b 21.05.1798, dsp 04.05.1859)
  m. (24.04.1828) Louisa Catherine Caton (d 08.04.1874, dau of Richard Caton of Maryland)
  ((ii)) Conyers George Thomas William Osborne (b 06.05.1812, d unm 16.02.1831)
  ((iii)) Charlotte Mary Anne Georgina Osborne (d 17.01.1186)
  m. (22.05.1826) Sackville Lane Fox (d 18.08.1874)
  The barony of Conyers passed to their elder son along with a claim to the barony of Darcy de Knayth.
  ((B)) Francis Godolphin Osborne, 1st Lord Godolphin of Farnham Royal (b 18.10.1777, d 15.02.1850)
  m. (31.03.1800) Elizabeth Charlotte Eden (d 17.04.1847, dau of William Eden, 1st Lord Auckland)
((i)) George Godolphin Osborne, 2nd Lord Godolphin of Farnham Royal, 8th Duke of Leeds (b 16.07.1802, d 08.08.1872) had issue
  m. (21.10.1824) Harriette Emma Arundel Stewart (b c1800, d 28.10.1852, natural dau of Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Granville)
  ((ii)) William Godolphin Osborne of Tuylliallan Castle (b 29.03.1804, dsp 28.12.1888)
  m1. (1832) E. Smith
  m2. (07.06.1843) Caroline Montague (dsp 10.11.1867, dau of Matthew, 4th Lord Rokeby)
  m3. (10.05.1870) Georgina Henrietta Elphinstone (d 21.09.1892, dau of George Elphinstone, Viscount Keith)
  ((iii)) Sydney Godolphin Osborne (b 05.02.1808, d 09.05.1889, rector of Durweston) had issue
m. (29.05.1834) Emily Charlotte Grenfell (d 19.12.1875, dau of Pascoe Grenfell of Taplow House)
  ((iv)) D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne (b 20.10.1814, dsp 12.05.1846)
  m. (07.04.1845) Anne Katharine Douglas (d 04.11.1851, dau of W. Douglas, prebendary of Westminster)
((v)) Charlotte Godolphin Osborne (d 01.12.1838)
  m. (29.08.1829) Sir Theodore Henry Lavington Broadhead, later Brinkman, 1st Bart (b 17.01.1798, d 09.02.1880)
  ((C)) Mary Henrietta Juliana Osborne (d 21.10.1862)
  m. (16.07.1801) Thomas Pelham, 2nd Earl of Chichester (b28.04.1756, d 04.07.1826)
  m2. (11.10.1788) Catherine Anguish (d 08.10.1837, dau of Thomas Anguish)
  ((D)) Sidney Godolphin Osborne (b 16.12.1789, d 15.04.1861)
((E)) Catherine Anne Sarah Osborne (d 23.12.1878)
  m. (1819) John Whyte Melville of Bennochy & Strathkinness (d 16.07.1883)
  m2. (17.09.1719, sps) Anne Seymour (d 27.11.1722, dau of Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset)
  m3. (09.04.1725) Juliana Hele (b c1705, d 20.11.1794, dau of Roger Hele of Holwell or Halewell)
  (iii) Bridget Osborne
  m. _ Williams (Prebendary of Winchester)
  (iv) Mary Osborne (dsp 04.02.1722)
  m1. (14.09.1711) Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of Beaufort (b 02.04.1684, d 24.05.1714)
  m2. (15.10.1715) John Cochrane, 4th Earl of Dundonald (b 04.07.1687, d 05.06.1720)
(C) Anne Osborne
  m1. Robert Coke of Holkham (d 16.01.1678-9)
  m2. Horatio Walpole (dsp 17.10.1717, of family of Houghton)
  (D) Bridget Osborne (d 09.05.1718)
  m1. (12.09.1678) Charles FitzCharles, Earl of Plymouth (b 1657, dsp 1680, natural son of King Charles II)
  m2. (1705) Philip Bisse, Bishop of St. David's
  (E) Catherine Osborne
  m. James Herbert of Kingsey (grandson of Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke)
  (F) Martha Osborne
  m1. Edward Bayntum
  m2. (sp) Charles Granville, 2nd Earl of Bath (d 08/9.1701)
  (G) Sophia Osborne (d 08.12.1746)
  m1. Donough O'Brien, Lord Ibrackan (dsp)
  m2. (05.03.1691/2) Sir William Fermor, 1st Lord Leominster (b 03.08.1648, d 07.12.1711)
  b. Alice Osborne
  m. Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington (d 03.12.1640)
  ii. Edward Osborne
  BP1934 shows this Edward as "d. unm."but Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1582+1634, Osborne of Northill) shows that he (being "of Norrell in com. Bedfford and of the Inner Temple a Bencher") had the following family.
  m1. Alice Butler (dau of William Butler of Bidenham)
  a. Ursula Osborne
m. William Buckby or Buckley
  b. Ann Osborne
  m. Ellis Yong
  c.+ other issue - Edward of Northill (a 1634), William
  m2. Frances Harvey (dau of James Harvey of Dagenham)
  e.+ other issue (d young) - James, Elizabeth, Elizabeth
  iii. Anne Osborne
  m. Robert Offley of London
  iv. Alice Osborne
  m. (09.06.1580) Sir John Peyton, 1st Bart ofIselham (d c1617)
  v. Jane Osborne mentioned by Visitation but not by BP1934
  m. John Welby of Tidd St. Giles

Main source(s): BP1934 (Leeds), TCP (Leeds)
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