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Families covered: Bertie of Ancaster, Bertie of Bersted, Bertie of Kesteven, Bertie of Lindsey, Bertie of Uffington

BE1883 reports that this family first came to England with the Saxons from Bertiland in Prussia. They gave their name to Bersted in Kent. What was probably the senior branch of the family fled England for France at the beginning of the 11th century but returned in the middle of the 12th.
Robert Bertie of Bersted (a 1500)
1. Thomas Bertie of Bersted (d 1555)
  m. Alice Say
  A. Richard Bertie (b c1517, d 09.04.1582, MP)
  m. (1552/3) Katherine Willoughby, Baroness of Eresby (d 19.09.1580, dau of William Willoughby, 10th Lord of Eresby)
i. Peregrine Bertie, 11th Lord Willoughby de Eresby (b 12.10.1555, d 25.06.1601)
  m. (1578) Mary de Vere (dau of John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford)
  a. Robert Bertie, 1st Earl of Lindsey (b 17.12.1583, d Edgehill 23.10.1642)
  m. (1605) Elizabeth Montagu (d 30.11.1654, dau of Edward Montagu, 1st Lord of Boughton)
  (1) Montagu Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey (d 25.07.1666)
m1. Martha Cockain (d 07.1641, dau of Sir William Cockain of Rushton)
  (A) Robert Bertie, 3rd Earl of Lindsey (d 09.05.1701)
  m1. (1654) Mary Massingberd (dau of John Massingberd of London)
  (i) Arabella Bertie (dsp 28.02.1716/7)
  m. (sp) Thomas Savage, 3rd Earl Rivers (d 14.09.1694)
  m2. Elizabeth Wharton (dau of Philip Wharton, 4th Lord)
  (ii) Robert Bertie, 4th Earl of Lindsey, 1st Duke of Ancaster & Kesteven (b 30.10.1660, d 26.07.1723)
  m1. (30.07.1678) Mary Wynn (d 20.09.1689, dau of Sir Richard Wynn, 4th Bart of Gwydir)
  (a) Robert Bertie (b 06.01.1693-4, dvp unm young)
  (b) Peregrine Bertie, 2nd Duke of Ancaster & Kesteven, 5th Earl (b 29.04.1686, d 01.01.1742)
  m. (06.1711) Jane Brownlow (d 25.08.1736, dau of Sir John Brownlow, Bart of Belton)
((1)) Peregrine Bertie, 3rd Duke of Ancaster & Kesteven, 6th Earl (b 1714, d 12.04.1778, Chamberlain)
  m1. (22.05.1735, sp) Elizabeth Blundell (d 17.12.1743, dau/heir of William Blundell of Basingstoke, widow of Sir Charles Gunter Nicoll)
  m2. (27.11.1750) Mary Panton (d 19.10.1793, dau of Thomas Panton of Newmarket by Priscilla)
  ((A)) Robert Bertie, 4th Duke of Ancaster & Kesteven, 7th Earl (b 17.10.1756, d unm 08.07.1779)
  ((B)) Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Bertie, Lady Willoughby de Eresby (d 29.12.1828)
  m. (23.02.1779) Peter Burrell of Beckenham, 1st Lord Gwydyr (b 16.07.1754, d 29.06.1820)
  ((C)) Georgiana Charlotte Bertie (d 23.06.1838)
m. (25.04.1791) George James Cholmondeley, 1st Marquess of Cholmondeley (b 11.05.1749, d 10.04.1827)
  ((2)) Albemarle Bertie (d unm)
  Wikipedia ("Sir Albemarle Bertie") reports that Albemarle had a natural son by ...
  p. Mary Coleback
  ((A)) Sir Albemarle Bertie, (1st Bart) (b 20.01.1755, d 24.02.1824, Admiral)
  The following is supported by 'Baronetage of England' (Debrett,vol II (1824), 'Bertie', p1132).
m. (01.07.1783) Emma Heywood (d 03.1805, dau of James Modiford Heywood of Marristow House)
  ((i)) Lyndsey James Bertie (b 29.10.1795, dvp Waterloo 07.1815)
  Debrett identifies Lyndsey as 2nd Bart but Wikipedia reports that he "appears to have died at Waterloo".
((ii)) Louisa Frances Bertie
  m. (17.02.1817) Philip Zachariah Cox (captain)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Catheirne Brownlow, Emma
  ((B)) Diana Bertie (d 14.05.1829) probably of this generation
  m. (1780) Jonah Cator of Ross & Bromley (b 1733, d 01.1818)
  ((3)) Brownlow Bertie, 5th Duke of Ancaster & Kesteven, 8th Earl (b 01.05.1729, d 08.02.1809)
m1. (06.11.1762) Harriot Pitt (d 23.04.1763, dau of George Morton Pitt of Twickenham)
  m2. (02.01.1769) Mary Anne Layard (d 13.01.1804, dau of Major Layard)
  ((A)) Mary Elizabeth Bertie (b 24.07.1771, d 10.02.1797)
  m. (26.05.1793) Thomas Charles Colyear, 4th Earl of Portmore (b 27.03.1772, d 18.01.1835)
  ((4)) Mary Bertie (d 23.05.1774)
  m. (21.02.1747/8) Samuel Greatheed of Guy's Cliff
((5)) Albinia Bertie (dsp 12.02.1754)
  m. (1744) Francis Beckford of Basing Park
  ((6)) Jane Bertie (d 21.08.1793)
  m. (31.03.1743) Edward Mathew, Governor of Grenada (General)
  ((7)) Caroline Bertie (d 04.06.1774)
  m. (mcrt 12.06.1753) George Dewar of Hurtsbourne Tarrant
  (c) Charles Bertie (b 16-2-3, dsp 03.08.1737) probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (c06.1680) Mary Browne (b 1663, d 1725, widow of Nicholas Newcomen)
(d)+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth, Eleanor, Mary
  m2. Albinia Farington (d 29.07.1745, dau of Maj. Gen William Farington of Chislehurst)
  (g) Vere Bertie (d 13.09.1768, MP)
  m. (1736) Anne Casey of Branston (dau of Sir Cecil Wray)
  ((1))+ 2 sons (d young)
  ((3)) Albinia Bertie (d 11.03.1816)
m. (16/27.05.1757) George Hobart, 3rd Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 1731, d 1804)
  ((4)) Louisa Bertie
  m.(19.04.1778) Sir Charles Stuart (b 01.1753, d 25.05.1801, Lt. Gen)
  (h) Montagu Bertie (d 12.12.1753, Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Piers (d 1782, dau of William Piers, MP)
  ((1)) Augusta Bertie (d 03.01/04.02.1766)
  m. (26.03.1758) John Fane, 9th Earl of Westmorland (b 05.05.1728, d 26.04.1774)
((2)) Frances Bertie (d unm)
  (i) Thomas Bertie (b 24.07.1720, d unm 21.07.1749, Captain)
  (j) Robert Bertie, Governor of Cork (b 14.11.1721, dsp 10.03.1782, Lt. Gen)
  m. (03/5.04.1762) Chetwynd Blundell (dau of Sir Montague Blundell, Viscount Blundell)
  (k) Louisa Bertie
  m. (1736) Thomas Bludworth
  (iii) Philip Bertie (b c1664, dsp 15.04.1728)
  m. Elizabeth Brabazon (d 06.02.1725, dau of William Brabazon, Earl of Meath)
(iv)+ other issue - Peregrine (b c1663, d unm 10.07.1711), Norris (b c1666, d unm 27.08.1691), Albemarle (b c1665, d 23.01.1742)
  m3. Elizabeth Pope (dau of Thomas Pope, Earl of Downe)
  (vii)+ other issue - Charles (b c1683, dsp 13.08.1727), Elizabeth (d unm)
  (B) Peregrine Bertie of Waldershare (d 04.01.1700)
  m. (1673) Susan Monins (dau of Sir Edward Monins, Bart of Waldershare)
(i) Bridget Bertie (d 23.03.1747-8)
  m. (14.04.1702) John Poulett, 1st Earl Poulett (d 28.05.1743)
  (ii) Elizabeth Bertie (d unm)
  (iii) Mary Bertie
  m1. Anthony Henley of The Grange, Hants
  m2. Henry Bertie (d 1735)
  (C) Richard Bertie (b c1635, d unm 1685)
  (D) Vere Bertie (d unm 13.02.1680, judge)
(E) Charles Bertie of Uffington (d 22.03.1710)
  m. Mary Tryon (dau of Peter Tryon (not Tryron) of Harringworth)
  (i) Charles Bertie of Uffington (d 1730)
  m. (1704) Mary Narbonne (dau of John Narbonne of Great Stewkeley)
  (a) Charles Bertie of Uffington (dsp 13.09.1754)
  m. Bathsheba Mead (dau of Richard Mead)
  (b) Peregrine Bertie of Lincoln's Inn (b 1709, d 1779)
  m. (1736) Elizabeth Payne (dau of Edward Payne of Tottenham Wick)
  ((1)) Albemarle Bertie, 9th Earl of Lindsey (b 17.09.1744, d 17.09.1818) had issue
  m1. (07.05.1794) Eliza Maria Clay (dsp 07.1806, dau of William Clay of Burridge Hill, widow of Thomas Scrope of Coleby)
m2. (18.11.1809) Charlotte Susannah Elizabeth Layard (d 28.11.1858, dau of Charles Peter Layard, Dean of Bristol, by Elizabeth, dau of Joseph Ward)
  ((2)) Louisa Bertie
  m. Fletcher Richardson of Cartmel
  ((3)) Henrietta Bertie
  m. George Edmonds of Peterborough
  (b)+ other issue (d unm)
  (ii) Elizabeth Bertie (b 24.07.1675, d 20.12.1738)
  m. (08.06.1693) Charles Mildmay, Lord FitzWalter (b 31.08.1670, dsps 16.02.1728)
(F) Elizabeth Bertie (d 1683)
  m. (06.07.1655) Baptist Noel, 3rd Viscount Campden (b 1612, d 29.10.1682)
  (G) Bridget Bertie (bpt 06.06.1629, d 07.01.1703/4)
  m. (1651/3) Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds (b 20.02.1631/2, d 26.07.1712)
  (H) Catherine Bertie
m. Robert Dormer of Dourton
  m2. Bridget Wray, 4th Baroness Norris (d 03.1656-7, dau of Edward Wray by Elizabeth, Baroness Norris)
  (I) James Bertie of Norreys, 5th Lord Norris, 1st Earl of Abingdon (bpt 16.06.1653, d 22.05.1699)
  m1. (01.02.1671-2) Eleanora Lee (d 31.05.1691, dau of Sir Henry Lee, 3rd Bart of Quarendon)
  m2. (1698) Catherine Chamberlayne (d 09.02.1741-2, dau of Sir Thomas Chamberlayne, Bart of Northbrook)
  (J) Edward Bertie (d young)
  (K) Henry Bertie (d 1734, Captain)
  m. Philadelphia Norris (dau of Sir Edward Norris (Norreys) of Weston)
  (i) Catherine Bertie probably of this generation
  m. Francis Clerke of North Weston (d 1730)
(L) Mary Bertie (dsp 30.06.1709)
  m. Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Caernarvon (b 01.09.1655, d 30.06.1709)
  (2) Sir Roger Bertie (d 15.10.1654)
  m. Ursula Lawley (dau of Sir Edward Lawley)
  (A) Robert Bertie (dsp 08.1699)
  (3) Peregrine Bertie of Eveden or Evedon (bur 13.10.1652, 4th son)
  The following is supported by Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, Bertie of Evedon).
  m. Anne Hardby (bur 15.11.1655, dau/coheir of Daniel Hardby of Eveden, widow of Edward Irby)
  (A) Elizabeth Bertie (d 23.06.1715) not mentioned by Maddison
  m. (12.01.1653/4) William Widdrington, 2nd Lord (d 1675)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 10.11.1631, dsp 1698), Lawley (bpt 21.09.1634)
  (4) Robert Bertie (6th son)
  m1. Alice Barnard (d 1677, dau of Richard Barnard)
m2. Elizabeth Bennet (dau of Sir Thomas Bennet of Baberham)
  m3. Mary Halsey (dau of Robert Halsey of Great Gaddeston)
  (5) Edward Bertie (b 17.10.1624, d 25.12.1686, 9th son)
  m. Jane Rogers (dau of Francis Rogers of Maidencroft)
  (6) Catherine Bertie (d 1636)
  m. Sir William Paston, Bart of Oxnead
  (7) Elizabeth Bertie (d 28.02.1683)
  m. Sir Miles Stapleton of Carlton
  (8) Sophia Bertie (d 20.12.1689)
m. Sir Richard Chaworth
  (9) Mary Bertie
  m1. Rev. John Hewit
  m2. Sir Abraham Shipman
  m3. _ Lee of Newington Butts
(10)+ other issue - Robert (d 1608), Francis (d 1641), Henry (d Newbury), Vere (b 01.01.1619, d unm), Anne (d unm 1660)
  b. Sir Peregrine Bertie of Bellau (bur 13.11.1639)
  m. Margaret Saunderson (dau of Nicholas Saunderson, Viscount Castleton)
  c. Henry Bertie (d 21.11.1655)
  m. Dorothy Corbet (dau of Arthur Corbet of Clipston)
  d. Catherine Bertie
  m. (sps) Sir Lewis Watson of Rockingham Castle, 1st Lord Rockingham (d 1652)
  e.+ other issue - Vere, Roger
  ii. Susan Bertie (b c1533, a 1598)
  m1. Reginald Grey, 5th Earl of Kent (8th Lord) (dsp 17.03.1573)
  m2. (30.09.1581) Sir John Wingfield of Withcoll (d 1596)
  B. Thomas Bertie
2. William Bertie

Main source(s): BE1883 (Bertie of Ancaster, etc), BP1934 (Lindsey), BP1934 (Abingdon)
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