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Families covered: Monins (Monynges or Monyns) of Dover, Monins of Swanton, Monins of Waldershare

BEB1841 identifies the progenitor of this family as Sir Simon de Monyn of Mayon Castle in Normandy "who attended William the Conqueror in his expedition to England". Visitation starts with ...
John Monynges of Waldershere
1. John Monynges of Waldershere
  A. Stephen Monynges of Waldershere
  i. Robert Monynges of Waldershere
  a. John Monynges of Waldershere
  m. _ Grenforde (dau/heir of _ Grenforde of Swanton who m. dau/heir of _ Swanton of Swanton)
  (1) Edward Monynges of Waldershere
  m. _ Leveroke (heir)
2. Symonde Monynge
However, BEB1841 shows the pedigree differently, starting with the following John who is identified as the first of Waldershare, acquired partly by marriage and partly by purchase.
John Monins or Monyn of Waldershare, Kent (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461)
m. _ Colby (dau/heir of _ Colby by the heiress of Thomas Malmaines)
1. Robert Monins of Waldershare (a temp Richard III who r. 1483-1485)
  m. _ Greenford (coheir)
  A. Richard Monins of Waldershare (dsp)
  m. (1509) _ Petyt (dau/coheir of _ Petyt, Mayor of Dover)
  B. John Monins of Swanton, Kent (a 1504) the first mentioned by Berry
  m. Battel Austyne (probably not Anstyve) of Cambridge
  i. Edward Monins of Waldershare (a temp Edward VI who r. 1547-1553)
  m. Parnel Laverick (dau/heir of Anthony Laverick of Herne)
a. Richard Monins of Saltwood Castle (d 1560-1)
  m. Katherine Alefe (dau of Thomas Alefe or Ayliffe of Colshill by dau/coheir of Allyn Chiche of Chicheley by Elizabeth Apulderfeilde)
  (1) John Monins of Swanton (dsp 1568)
  (2) Sir Edward Monins of Waldershare (d 1602)
  m. Elizabeth Lovelace (dau of Thomas Lovelace)
(A) Sir William Monins, 1st Bart of Waldershare (d 24.02.1643)
  m1. (sp) ??
  m2. Jane Twisden (dau of Roger Twisden of Roydon)
  (i) Sir Edward Monins, 2nd Bart of Waldershare (d 1663)
  m. Elizabeth Style (d 1703, dau of Sir Thomas Style of Wateringbury)
  (a) Susan Monins
  m. (1673) Peregrine Bertie (son of Montague, Earl of Lindsey)
  (b) Jane Monins
  m. (1659) Sir John Knatchbull, Bart
  (c) Elizabeth Monins
  m. John Perceval (son of Sir Anthony)
  (d) Anne Monins
  m1. Sir Roger Pratt of Norfolk
  m2. Sigismund Trafford
  (e) Frances Monins
  (ii) Sir Thomas Monins, 3rd Bart of Waldershare (b c1605, dsp 1678)
m. Elizabeth Darell (dau of James Darell of Calehill, relict of Robert Bromfield of Tilmanstone)
  (iii) John Monins
  m. Mary Hamon (dau/heir of William Hamon)
  (a)+ issue - Edward (bur 1647), William of Shepperdswell, Jane
  (iv) William Monins (d unm)
  (v) Anne Monins
m. Sir Richard Betenson, Bart
  (vi) Jane Monins (b c1611)
  m1. (1628) Sir Timothy Thornhill
  m2. _ Mathews
  m3. _ Swift
  m4. Sir Thomas Peyton of Knowlton
  (B) Elizabeth Monins
  m. Sir Henry Crispe
  (C) Priscella Monins
  m. John Chamberlaine
  (D) Frances Monins
  m. (Arthur) Darcy
  (E) Mary Monins
  m1/2. Robert Hart
  It appears that Mary (also) married ...
  m2/1. Robert Hewett of Ampthill (a 1634)
  (3) Chiche Monins
  (4) Afreye Monins
  m. Thomas Taylor
  (5) Dorothy Monins
m. John Baker of Canterbury
  (6) Jane Monins
  m. Alexander Horden
b. daughter probably Christian
  m. _ Brook
  c. daughter probably Elsabeth or Elizabeth
  m. (Thomas) Engeham
d. daughter probably Margaret
  m. _ Lane
  e. Alice Monins
  m. Thomas Hammond of St. Alban's Court
  f.+ other issue - Wiliam, George, Thomas mentioned in Visitation (Kent, 1530-1, Monynges)
  ii. John Monins (Lieutenant of Dover Castle) this line followed by Berry
  m1/2. Margery or Margaret (or Jane) Aldry (dau/heir of Thomas Aldry or Alde of Chequer)
a. Thomas Monins or Monynges of Barton near Dover
  Visitation (1619) shows only one wife, Alice Crispe, BLG1952, Berry & Visitation (1592) show 2 wives as follows:
  m1. Elizabeth Peyton (dau of John Peyton of Knowlton)
  (1) Edward Monins
  (2) Peyton Monins
  m. George Toke of Bere
  m2. Alice Crispe (dau of William Crispe of Dover)
  (3) Stephen Monins of Dover
  m. Mary Hales (dau of Sir Charles or Thomas Hales of Thannington)
  (A) Thomas Monins of Fordwich (b c1598, a 1639)
  m. Anne Shrubsole (dau of Richard Shrubsole of Canterbury)
  (i) Stephen Monins (bpt 24.10.1627, dsp)
  (B) William Monins or Monyns of Dover (b 1614, d before 26.07.1686, 4th son)
  m. (10.10.1664) Margaret Toke (dau of Thomas Toke of Bere)
  (i) Thomas Monins or Monyns of Dover (bur 12.04.1730)
  m1. Mary Eaton (bur 26.06.1705, dau of Nicholas Eaton, sister of Sir Peter)
  (a) Thomas Monins of London (dsp 17185, 2nd son)
  m. Mary
  (b) Richard Monins (bpt 08.02.1692, bur 16.07.1750, prebendary of Bristol, master of King's School, Canterbury)
m. (09.1727) Mary Daulinge (bur 15.05.1762, dau of Rev. John Daulinge of Alkham)
  ((1)) Richard Monins, later Eaton (d unm, 2nd son)
  ((2)) John Monins of Woodford, later of the Palace, Canterbury (b 15.07.1741, d 11.05.1806, youngest son)
  m. (15.09.1788) Sarah Trice (d 28.01.1845, dau of John Trice of Ashford)
  ((A)) William Monins (b 20.02.1792, Colonel) had issue
  m. (07.10.1812) Elizabeth Anne Jull (dau of John Jull of Wingham)
  ((B)) John Monins of Ringwould, Kent (d 08.10.1853, rector of Ringwould) had issue
  m. (18.10.1808) Mary Lee Carter (d 05.06.1818, dau of William Carter of Kennington Hall)
  ((C))+ other issue including Eaton (Colonel), Richard (b c1787, d unm 09.10.1848)
  ((3)) Catherine Monins
  m. (1758) John Woodward (Captain)
  ((4)) Anne Monins
  m. (05.1771) John Hollingbery Mann of Dover
  ((5))+ other issue - Thomas (bur 12.01.1731), Grace (d unm 1764), Maria (d unm 1769), Frances (d 1739)
  (c) Peter Monins of Dover (bur 15.12.1738)
  m. Ann Coulston (dau of Robert Coulston of Dover)
  ((1)) Mary Monins (bpt 10.03.1724, dsps)
  m. William Battesley (clerk)
  ((2))+ other issue (d infant) - Thomas, Thomas
  (d) Catherine Monins (bpt 08.02.1692)
  m. (06.1713) John Hollingberry
  (e)+ other issue - William (bpt 05.08.1687, dsp), Mary (bpt 13.07.1683, dsp), Frances (bpt 13.12.1688, dsp), Margaret (bpt 29.09.1691)
  m2. Antonia Frances _ of Bishopsbourne (widow)
  (ii) William Monins (a 1699)
  (a) William Monins (a 1720)
  (iii) Joan Monins (bpt 12.04.1648)
  (iv) Mary Monins (d 10.1735)
  m. Stephen Knowler of Canterbury (surgeon, son of Stephen of Herne)
  (C) Richard Monins of Canterbury (b 1618, d before 30.04.1701)
  m1. Elizabeth
  m2. (1658) Ann Sprecklyn
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (i) Elizabeth Monins
  m. Richard Glover
  (a) Daniel Glover (a 1720)
  (D) Mary Monins (b 1602)
  m. (21.09.1623) John Rygate
  (E) Anne Monins (b 1603)
  m. Edward Ward of Dover (clerk)
  (F) Jane Monins (b 1605)
m. Thomas Fineux of Elms, Hougham
  (G) Dorothy Monins
  m. Simon Dale of Hollinbourne
  (H)+ other issue (a 1619) - Charles (b c1600), Thomas/Stephen (b c1611)
  (4) Mary Monins
  m. (Sir) Cavilero or Cavalero Maycott of Reculver
  (5) Mary Monins 2nd Mary, mentioned by Visitation (1619)
  m1. Goldwell Rogers
  m2. (Sir) Christoper Mann of Canterbury
  (6) Frances Monins
  m. Leonard Sprakling or Sprecklyn of St. Dunstans
  (7)+ other issue - William (dsp), John (dsp), Ryce (dsp), Stephen, Thomas, John of London, Anne
  b. Battell Monins
  m. William Hannyngton of Dover
  c. Parnell Monins
m. Edmonde Stockwithe of Stockwith
  d. Katherine Monins
  m. Thomas Paynter of Dover
  e.+ other issue - William, Mary (dsp), Jane (dsp)
  John appears also to have married ...
  m2/1. Jane Cranmer (sister of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  iii. daughter
  m. (Peter) Bedingfield
  iv. daughter
  C. Alice Monins
m1. William Parker of Norwicxh (d c1516)
  i. Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 06.08.1504, d 17.05.1575)
  Some details on Matthew and his family come from Wikipedia & 'Tudor'.
  m. Margaret Harlstone (dau of Robert Harlstone of Suffolk)
  a. Matthew Parker (youngest son?)
  m. Frances Barlow (dau of William Barlow, Bishop of Chichester)
  Reputedly descended from the Archbishop, possibly through this Matthew, was Rear Admiral Christopher Parker.
  b.+ other issue - Matthew (d infant?), Joseph, John, Martha
  ii. Thomas Parker of Norwich brother of Archbishop Matthew
  a. Margaret Parker
  m. John Bungey (d 20.11.1596)
  m2. John Baker
  D.+ 2 daughters
2. daughter
  m. _ Finneys
3. daughter
  m. _ Crayford
4. (Elizabeth?) Monins
  m. ?? Evering ## see here ##
5.+ 2 sons

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Monins of Waldeshare), BLG1952 (Monins of Ringwould), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p179+), Visitation (Kent, 1592, Monynges), Visitation (Kent, 1619, Monins)
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